Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

The popular Favorite Food Diet shows you how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.

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The Beta Switch Review – Flip the Switch to Lose Weight?

The Beta Switch Review

Site: www.thebetaswitch.com
Price: $19 (plus upsells)


the beta switch reviewIt’s hard losing weight, and if you’re like most people who try to shed those unwanted pounds, you’ve likely been trying to do that for years. You go on a diet, see some results, notice that you’re not losing weight anymore, quit the diet, and gain the weight back.

Sue Heintze, the author of The Beta Switch weight loss program, says that you’re going about it the wrong way. Starvation diets don’t work. What you need to do, she says, is eat the right foods at the right time, and that, combined with proper exercise, will help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Is this program worthwhile? Read on for the full The Beta Switch review.


The Beta Switch Overview

The Beta Switch is sold as a downloadable series of ebooks in PDF format. You can read PDF books on just about any computer device, and even on smartphones and tablets. You can also download The Beta Switch immediately after purchase.

Click here to visit the Beta Switch Website. (opens in a new window)

For a relatively inexpensive product, you receive a surprising amount of material when you purchase The Beta Switch:

  • The Beta Switch main manual (117 pages)
  • The Beta Switch Quick Start Guide (31 pages)
  • Diet Tracker sheets for Splurge Day, Sculpt and Burn Day and Cleanse, Detox and Balance Day
  • Pre-Program Checklist
  • Real-Life Beta Switch Success Stories (166 pages)
  • The Beta Switch Supplement Guide (13 pages)
  • Workout System Manual (51 pages)
  • Exercise Execution Guide (88 pages)
  • Workout Tracker Sheets for 12 weeks
  • The Beta Switch Success Tracker
  • Workout videos (24 videos)
  • Bonus: 5 Day Tummy Tuck (30 pages)
  • Bonus: 5 Day Tummy Tuck Workout Videos (13 videos)

the beta switch packageThe entire program is outlined in the main The Beta Switch ebook, which runs 117 pages. There, Sue Heintze explains how she went from being an average housewife with the usual weight and cellulite issues to someone who is fit and who can keep it that way.

Here system is based on eating certain kinds of foods at certain times of day to “activate” certain receptors in the body known as beta receptors, which she says can cause your body to burn fat more efficiently.

The program runs 12 weeks, though you can continue for longer. The program is divided into three phases:

  • Cleanse, Detox, and Balance
  • Sculpt and Burn
  • Splurge

The first week is a Cleanse, Detox and Balance week; after that you’ll alternate between weeks that are mostly Sculpt and Burn, and weeks that are a mixture of Sculpt and Burn and Cleanse, Detox and Balance. Every week has a Splurge Day, where you get two meals where you can eat pretty much anything you like, within reason, of course.

The primary difference between the Cleanse, Detox and Balance weeks and the Sculpt and Burn weeks is what you’ll be eating on any given day. Each day of the entire program gives you a suggested menu, and each day you will be permitted a small indulgence.

Sue has learned that most people won’t stick with starvation diets if they are never permitted to eat “forbidden” foods, so you get a small indulgence each day, combined with a Splurge Day each week.

the beta switch scamThe program includes a long list of foods that are suitable for eating during your Cleanse weeks as well as foods that are acceptable to eat during your Sculpt weeks. As is typical with these programs, you’ll also find a list of foods to avoid, but if you’ve been on any diet program before, you’ll likely know which foods those are by now.

As an indulgence, however, you are permitted a small amount of wine (either red or white) each day, if you like. This is a change from many diet programs that emphasize no alcohol at all.

Of course, you cannot have an effective health and fitness program without exercise, and exercise is necessary with The Beta Switch program.

Two of the books that come with the program cover the exercise regimen, with a plan that gives you something to do each day for the 12 weeks of the program. The first book gives an overview of the exercise program, while the second book gives you detailed explanations for each of the exercises described in the book.

You will need some special equipment to make the most use out of the program. If you have access to a gym, you’ll have all you need. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy, or borrow, a weight bench, a small weight set, some dumbbells and a stability ball.

The workout videos will also show you how to perform the exercises. Each video is relatively brief, at anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. There are 24 in all, and you can view them on the Beta Switch download page.

Unfortunately, the videos do not seem to be downloadable, nor are they optimized for mobile. You will have to watch them through your Web browser.

As the main book is rather lengthy and detailed, the 31 page Quick Start Guide will help you get yourself organized. The Pre Check list will help you make sure that you have acquired all of the food an exercise equipment that you need for the program, and the tracking guides will help you keep track of what you’re doing at any given time.

The tracking guides are a big help, as the program, with its two different kinds of days (Cleanse and Sculpt) can be difficult to keep track of.

The one thing that I’d have liked to have seen in the program is a few more recipes. A couple are included, but for the most part, you’re simply given suggestions as to the type of foods you should be eating. That’s fine for most people, but a lot of people prefer a program that gives you a complete meal plan. That is not included in the basic The Beta Switch purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-written book
  • Lots of material
  • Exercise program is thorough
  • Affordably priced


  • Upsells within the main book
  • Program is somewhat complex

The Beta Switch Summary

the beta switch- thumbs upFor the price, this a very thorough and comprehensive weight loss program. It’s easy to see why it’s been a best-seller for quite a while. The program explains what you’ll be doing and how you should do it, and gives a good balance of healthy meals with the occasional cheat to keep you motivated.

You’ll also find a comprehensive exercise program, complete with photos and videos to help you along. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and you want something that will help you over the long haul, I think The Beta Switch is a good choice, especially for the price.

The Beta Switch is highly recommended.


Click here to visit The Beta Switch Website.

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