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Trouble Spot Nutrition Review – Is It the Hormones?

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review


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trouble spot nutritionLosing weight is hard, and even if you do succeed in getting rid of that body fat, it’s often hard to lose it where you want to lose it. You might lose it in your thighs but not in your buttocks, or you might lose it in your buttocks but still have belly fat, and that’s true even if you work out.

Janet Hradil says that her Trouble Spot Nutrition program has the solution for that, and that the problem is your hormones. She says that her program will show you how to figure out which hormones are not properly balanced and then her program will give you a tailored diet program to help you target the specific areas that need work. That sounds promising, if a bit far-fetched, so I thought I’d check it out and see what the program is about. Is Trouble Spot Nutrition a scam?

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