Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Super Sexy Weight Loss Review – The No-Diet Diet?

Super Sexy Weight Loss Review


Site: www.supersexyweightloss.com

Price: $37


super sexy weight loss reviewI’ve written a lot about weight loss on this site, and I’ve reviewed the better part of 100 different weight loss products.  Why are there so many of them?  Because it’s hard to lose weight, even with a good plan.  Many, if not most weight loss plans can work, but not every plan is suited to every person.

Not everyone wants to cut out foods they like, or eat a lot of foods they don’t like, or work out more than they already do.  So people go from one plan to another.

That’s where Super Sexy Weight Loss is different.  This plan claims to let you lose weight without forcing you to starve yourself, eat foods you hate, or avoid foods you like.  With the Super Sexy Weight Loss system, author Melissa West says, you can eat the foods you like every day, within reason, of course.

Is Super Sexy Weight Loss a scam, or is it a worthwhile purchase?

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Read on for the full Super Sexy Weight Loss review.

Super Sexy Weight Loss Overview

Super Sexy Weight Loss program is sold as a series of downloadable books in PDF format.  PDF books can be read on nearly any device that you can call a computer, from a smartphone to a full sized desktop.  You can download the books immediately after purchase, making it easy to get started losing weight.

When you purchase the Super Sexy Weight Loss system, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Super Sexy Weight Loss main book (91 pages)
  • 3 Day Sugar Detox Secrets (7 page bonus book)
  • Cellulite Destroyer (131 page bonus book)
  • Living G Free (49 page bonus book)

The Sugar Detox secrets book offers some tips to help you wean yourself from sweets, if that’s your weakness.  The Cellulite Destroyer book offers some diet and exercise guidelines to helping you get rid of those “cottage cheese” thighs.  The Living G Free book introduces the gluten-free diet, offering suggestions and recipes to help you learn to live without gluten, which many people believe may be harmful (and to which many people are allergic.)

The main Super Sexy Weight Loss book is 91 pages, and it’s divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction: Welcome to SuperSexy WeightLoss!
  • Part One: Deception, Greed and Power: Big Food & Pharma’s War on America
  • Part Two: The Brief History & Science of (Intermittent) Fasting
  • Part Three: SuperSexy WeightLoss
  • Part Four: Conclusion and Sample Meal Plan

The author is like many authors of weight loss books; Melissa West says she used to be fat, found a method that worked, decided she wanted to share, and wrote a book about it.

super sexy weight loss bonusesThe first part of Super Sexy Weight Loss is devoted to explaining why so many people are overweight today.  It’s largely a rant against large food corporations, with a bit of a rant against the pharmaceutical industry, as well.  It doesn’t matter if you agree or not; the fact is that a lot of people are overweight today.

The second part of the book covers the science and mechanics behind the Super Sexy Weight Loss program, which has less to do with what you eat as it does with when you eat it.  Melissa says that the body behaves in a certain way when you eat on a regular basis, a different way when you starve yourself, and yet a different way when you mix eating and fasting.

The Super Sexy Weight Loss system makes use of the third item above – you’ll mostly be able to eat foods of your choosing, though the system does impose a schedule on you regarding when you get to do the eating.  Even then there’s a bit of flexibility, but you’ll be eating on somewhat of a schedule, rather than eating throughout the day, as most people do.

super sexy weight loss scamThere are a few admonitions about cutting down on certain foods, and those are the usual suspects, with carbs and refined sugars topping the list.  At this point, if you’ve purchased any weight loss program in the past, you already know what foods you shouldn’t be eating.  After all, the “nothing but cream pie” diet doesn’t work for anyone.

Here’s an even better part – you’ll have two days a week when you don’t have any restrictions on your diet.  That’s sort of like having two “cheat days” per week.

While the Super Sexy Weight Loss gives you a lot of latitude regarding what you eat, the author does include a sample meal plan to give you an idea as to what she things you should be eating.   That way, you won’t have a misunderstanding about the process.

On the other hand, the process is a very simple one, and I found that the program has fewer restrictions on it than most weight loss plans.  While Super Sexy Weight Loss does mention exercise and offers some suggestions in that regard, the book doesn’t push it too heavily.  If you’re already exercising, you’ll want go keep doing that, but this program is more about eating in a way that will help you lose weight than it is about burning the calories off through hours of grueling exercise.

On the whole, I found Super Sexy Weight Loss to be a pretty good read, and I recommend the book for people who have tried other methods and found that they didn’t work for them, as the Super Sexy Weight Loss program is less restrictive than many others.

I did find the first section about big food corporations a bit long-winded and largely unnecessary, but you can skip that section and go right to the plan in Part Three if you’re in a hurry.

Pros and Cons of Super Sexy Weight Loss


  • Affordably priced
  • Well written
  • Easy plan to follow


  • First part of the book isn’t too helpful
  • Bonus books are largely just throw-ins

Super Sexy Weight Loss Summary

super sexy weight loss - thumbs upIf you’ve struggled to lose weight and you’ve had trouble with overly restrictive diets or are worn out from excessive exercise, you may find the Super Sexy Weight Loss plan to be worthwhile.  It comes with fewer restrictions on what you eat than most other weight loss plans and it won’t burden you with a lot of exercise.

The Super Sexy Weight Loss program is easy to follow and you can go back to it over and over if you need to.  The book is well written and affordably priced, so if you’ve struggled with other programs, this one may be a worthwhile purchase.

Super Sexy Weight Loss is recommended.

Click here to visit the Super Sexy Weight Loss Website.

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