Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Sugar Freedom Diet Review – Losing Weight Made Simple?

Sugar Freedom Diet Review


Price: $19


sugar freedom diet reviewThere are a number of reasons that people often try and fail to lose weight.  Some diets require people to eat weird foods or the same food over and over.  Others require them to exercise more than they’d like.  Still others simply take too long or require extensive calculations of calories and such.

The Sugar Freedom Diet, by Catherine Gordon, takes a different approach to weight loss.  She’s had problems with keeping pounds off herself over the years and discovered a method that works really well for her.  The Sugar Freedom Diet offers a relatively fast way to lose weight, and that’s good, but it also offers a simple, easy to follow plan, or so she says.

Is the Sugar Freedom Diet a scam, or will it really work? Is it as easy as the author says it is?

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Read on for the full Sugar Freedom Diet review.

Sugar Freedom Diet Overview

Sugar Freedom Diet is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  PDF books are portable and can be read on any computer device, including a smartphone or even a tablet.  The benefit of downloadable books is that you can download them immediately after purchase, regardless of the time of day.

When you buy Sugar Freedom Diet, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Sugar Freedom Diet book (33 pages)
  • Sugar Freedom Diet XP book (24 pages)
  • Sugar Strike Shopping list book (4 pages)
  • One Page Eating Out Guide (2 pages, though one is just the title page)

The Sugar Freedom Diet XP book is an addition to the main book that offers a more stripped-down diet that the author says will produce even faster results.

sugar freedom diet bonusesThe Sugar Strike Shopping List book is a brief overview of what you should (and should not) be buying at the grocery store.

The One Page Eating Out Guide is a straightforward list of what to eat and what to avoid when you’re in a restaurant.  As the Sugar Freedom Diet plan itself is fairly simple, so is the dining guide.

Compared to many of the other diet books I’ve reviewed here, the Sugar Freedom Diet book is relatively brief.  Of course, there’s not necessarily a correlation between the length of a diet book and how good the weight loss program might be.

Weight loss programs either work or they don’t, and the length of the book has little to do with it.  A lot of the books I’ve reviewed are padded out for length with a lot of arcane information about nutrition and digestion that the average person doesn’t care about.

What most people who buy weight loss books do care about is whether or not the plan works.  If a plan works and the book is a brief one, that’s likely a good thing for most buyers.  They just want results.

sugar freedom diet scam xp bookCatherine Gordon, the author of Sugar Freedom Diet, says that her problem with eating is that there are certain “trigger foods” that cause her to eat and not stop, or which do not cause her to feel full, even after she’s eaten quite a bit.

In her opinion, such “triggers” are often related to certain groups of foods, which include, but are not limited to, sugar.  Grains, certain types of fats, and even fruit are included in these groups.

What she means is that when you eat a diet that includes some of these foods, instead of becoming full, you’ll become even hungrier.

Obviously, that’s not a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight.

That’s what makes the Sugar Freedom Diet such a simple process.  You’ll start with the 3 Day Sugar Strike, where you’ll eat plenty, including snacks and eat until you’re full.  But your diet will avoid sugar and several other types of foods during these three days.

After the three days, you can add certain foods back into your diet, if you like, or you can continue to do without them.

What are you eating?  Fortunately, the Sugar Freedom Diet book includes a series of meal plans.  This is good, as I’ve been reviewing a lot of weight loss products lately that either leave the diet plans up to you or which force you to buy the meal plans as a secondary, or upsell, product.

Not here.  The Sugar Freedom Diet includes the meal plans, and they’re quite simple to prepare and tasty.  What you will be eating is a fair amount of protein, a moderate amount of fat, and lots and lots of vegetables.

By avoiding sugars, the author says you’ll still feel full, but you won’t have the cravings to keep eating.

You’ll be eating meals like:

  • Poached eggs with spinach, avocado and Canadian bacon
  • Baked Quiche cups
  • Grass-fed ground beef stir-fry
  • Rib eye steak with green salad and chopped vegetables
  • Baked salmon with crushed macadamia nuts and salad with raspberry vinaigrette

The Sugar Freedom Diet is truly one of the more simple, easy to follow weight loss books I’ve seen, and the author says you’ll see results fairly quickly – likely in a matter of days.

The bonus book Sugar Freedom Diet XP takes the diet a bit farther, and eliminates some additional items that you were allowed to eat in the main book’s meal plan.  While the author admits that the XP diet is a bit more difficult to follow for some people, it also produces better results.

All in all, the Sugar Freedom Diet is a well-written book and it outlines a plan that the author says she’s used herself for years.  The meals are tasty, super-easy to prepare, and include very simple ingredient lists.

If you’re looking for a weight loss plan that offers fast results and isn’t complicated, Sugar Freedom Diet is likely a good choice.

Pros and Cons of Sugar Freedom Diet


  • Well-written book
  • Short and to the point
  • Recipes are tasty and easy to prepare
  • Affordable


  • Including more recipes would have been nice

Sugar Freedom Diet Summary

sugar freedom diet- thumbs upThere’s a lot to be said for simplicity, and if you’re looking for a short weight loss book that has the potential to offer some rapid results without causing you to suffer from eating dull, boring foods, then Sugar Freedom Diet is likely a good choice.

It’s well written, easy to follow and gets straight to the point.

Sugar Freedom Diet is recommended.

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