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Favorite Food Diet

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Slim Belly Fix Review – Results in 7 Days?

Slim Belly Fix Review


Site: www.slimbellyfix.com

Price: $37 (plus upsells)


slim belly fix reviewIt’s hard losing weight, and people who have created products that promise fast weight loss with little effort rarely go broke.  Most people are somewhat overweight, and everyone wants to shed a few pounds, but no one want to work at it.

The only difference between most of these products is the approach the authors take to the “lose weight without doing anything” method.

In the case of Slim Belly Fix, author Keri Wahler says that she has a simple solution that only takes 60 seconds per day. In fact, the headline on the Website says “One cup of this each morning burns female belly fat like crazy.”

Well, that sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the Slim Belly Fix is about.  Is Slim Belly Fix a scam, or can it help you?

Read on for the full Slim Belly Fix review.

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Slim Belly Fix Overview

The product is sold as a series of ebooks in PDF format.  PDF books are portable and can be read on desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and other computer devices.

You can also download the books immediately after purchase, without having to wait for mail delivery.

When you make your purchase, you’ll receive the following products:

  • Slim Belly Fix Main Manual – 166 pages
  • Ultimate guide to Slim Belly Herbs & Spices – 60 pages
  • 3 Minute Slim Belly Fix Sequences – 17 pages
  • Slim Belly Fix Sequence Videos – 8 videos

Bonus Books

  • Thyroid Boosting Smoothies – 28 pages, 25 recipes
  • Thyroid Factor – 101 Thyroid Boosting Foods – 54 pages

These two books are offered as an unadvertised bonus; you’ll see them on the download page after you complete your purchase.

Both are relatively no-frills books.  The Thyroid Boosting Smoothies book contains 25 recipes for high-protein, tasty smoothies.  The book is short and to the point, but there is a color photo of each of the finished smoothies.

The second bonus book, Thyroid Factor – is a list of 101 foods that will supposedly be good for your thyroid, with a paragraph or so about each.

Main Product

slim belly fix packageThe main product consists of three books – the main manual, the herbs and spices book and the sequencing guide.

The Slim Belly Fix main book is 166 pages, with about the first third of it devoted to the three steps in the weight loss plan.

Chapters in the main book are:

  • What You Should Know About Hormones and Female Belly Fat
  • 5 Ways To Tell If You Have A Hormonal Imbalance
  • 5 Causes of Hormonal Imbalances That Trigger Belly Fat
  • Mindset
  • The 10 Day Slim Belly Fix Diet – Common Questions Answered
  • Action Plans
  • Steps to Take Before Starting
  • Power It Up With Slim Meals
  • Recipes to Your Slim Belly Forever Plan
  • Conclusion

The plan consists of three steps:

  • Intermittent fasting – a common feature in many weight loss plans these days.  You’ll eat meals at specific times of day while avoiding foods for certain periods of time.
  • Consuming the “secret” beverage that the sales page teases about.
  • Eating meals consisting of recommended “gut-healing herbs and superfoods.”

Since the sales does not describe the “secret beverage” at all, I’m not at liberty to say much about it here.  You’ll drink several cups of it per day, and about ten pages of the book are devoted to questions and answers about this mysterious beverage.

I can say this about it – it’s something you’ll make using ingredients you likely have in your kitchen already or can easily obtain.

Oddly enough, while the weight loss plan makes extensive use of this secret beverage and requires you to consume quite a bit of it, there’s no actual recipe for it.

The book tells you what it is, and more or less how it’s prepared, but there’s no list of ingredients for it or a specific set of instructions to follow.  You’ll have to “read between the lines” to figure out how to prepare it.

slim belly fix scamThat said, many of the recipes in the last two thirds of the book do call for this “secret beverage” as an ingredient, so learning how to prepare it will be important if you’re going to follow this program.

The book also provides a bit of information about having a proper mindset for losing weight, and there is an exercise component.

The good news about the exercises is that they’re all bodyweight exercises that will not require anything special in the way of equipment.  You won’t need a set of weights or a gym membership.

Each exercise takes only a minute or so to do, and the regimen offers a day-by-day list of the particular exercises that you should do each day.

The 3 Minute Slim Belly Fix Sequences book describes each of the exercises in detail and provides color photos showing how they’re done.

You’ll also have access to eight online videos that show you how to perform each of the exercises.  The videos appear to be only viewable online; there’s no option to download them.

Each video runs about five minutes and they look to have been professionally shot.  The sound quality is a bit muffled, however, but you can still understand the instruction.


The product is priced at $37, which is a typical price for weight loss programs sold online as ebooks.  There are several upsells (not reviewed) that could put the price well above $100 if you choose to buy them all.

The upsells are not necessary purchases and are completely optional.

About the Author

The author of the book is said to be Keri Wahler, a 35 year old mother.  That may or may not be true; there’s little information on the Website about her.  The videos feature someone named Derek Wahler, and the contact address for the site is at a domain called “dwahlerfitness.com.”

Customer Support and Guarantee

Slim Belly Fix is sold through Clickbank, a large online publisher of books in the self-help market.  Clickbank uses secure servers (https:) for their transactions, so your personal data will be safe when you make your purchase.

Clickbank also offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of recipes
  • Exercises are easy to do and require no special equipment
  • Affordably priced


  • Recipe for “secret beverage” not explicitly stated
  • Program not suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Videos not downloadable nor optimized for mobile

Slim Belly Fix Summary

slim belly fix - mehSlim Belly Fix offers a quick and easy way to lose weight, using a combination of eating certain foods, timing when you eat, and consuming a “secret beverage” described in the book.

While the emphasis on this program is on the “secret beverage,” the most important component of the program is likely the timing of when you eat your meals.

Many weight loss programs utilize intermittent fasting, and there is some scientific evidence that this can help you lose weight.

While the methods described in Slim Belly Fix may work, I found the overall plan to be a bit hard to follow, as the details were spread out over several sections of the book.

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