Health, Weight Loss and Fitness Reviews

Here is a list of products we have reviewed.

Weight Loss Reviews

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review – Cheat 3 times per week and lose weight?

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Review – Keep the carbs and lose weight?

14 Day Rapid Soup Diet Review – Lose 14 pounds in 14 days?

21 Day Metabolic Reset Review – 20 pounds in a month?

3 Week Diet Review – Can you lose 20 pounds in 21 days?

4 Cycle Fat Loss – Eat more carbs and lose weight?

5 Minutes Belly Burner Review – A 5 minute “trick” to losing weight?

6 Minutes to Skinny Review – Lose weight in just 6 minutes a day?

6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Review – Lose 20 pounds and 6 inches in 6 weeks?

50 Raw Desserts Review – Lose weight with gluten-free, sugar free, fat free, no cooking desserts

80/20 Fat Loss Review – Can small diet changes produce big weight loss?

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible Review – Gain muscle and lose weight in just a few weeks?

The Algorithm Diet Review – Is your brain the key to losing weight?

The Alkaline Diet Review – Lose weight and get fit by changing what you eat?

Anti Diet Solution Review – Can you lose 16 pounds in 10 days?

Belly Fat Shrinker Review – A simple 2 step solution to weight loss?

Belly Melt for Women Review – Eat your way to fat loss?

The Beta Switch Review – Can you turn on your body’s “fat loss switch?”

Bikini Body Detox Review – Results in just three days?

Bikini Body Recipes Review – Thinner with 10 minute recipes?

Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint – Lose 50 pounds or more without dieting?

Bodyweight Burn Review – 21 minutes a day to weight loss?

Bodyweight Flow Review – Burn 53% more calories in 2 minutes?

Cake Weight Loss Review – Lose weight by eating cake every day?

Change Your Life Diet Review – Eat whatever you want and lose weight?

The Cinderella Solution Review – An easy, two-step solution to weight loss?

Delicious Detox Review – Lose weight and feel healthier in 7 Days?

Do This, Burn Fat Review – 101 “sneaky” tips for losing weight

Eat Drink Shrink Review – Melt away fat with a cookbook?

Eating for Energy Review – Lose weight with easy, tasty recipes?

Eat Stop Eat Review – Weight loss made as simple as possible?

E-Factor Diet Review – 4 simple steps to weight loss?

The Faith Diet Review – A Bible-based weight loss system?

Fat Burning Bible Review – Are gut bacteria the secret to weight loss?

Fat Burning Brain Review – Is your brain responsible for failure to lose weight?

The Fat Burning Kitchen Review – Eat the right foods and lose weight?

Fat Burning Fingerprint Review – Start losing weight in 3 weeks

Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review – Lose weight by eating soup?

Fat Diminisher Review – An average loss of 22 pounds the first month?

Fat Obliterator Review – Lose 35 pounds in 33 days?

Fat Shrinking Signal Review – 7 Pounds in 7 Days?

Favorite Food Diet Review – Eat anything you like and lose weight?

Flat Belly Detox Review – Lose a pound a day?

Flat Belly Fix Review – 23 pounds in 21 days?

Flat Belly Reboot Review – Are Superfoods preventing you from losing weight?

Green Smoothie 7 Day Detox Diet Plan – Lose a dress size in a week?

Half Day Diet Review – Lose weight while dieting only half the time?

Heartburn No More Review – Cure your acid reflux in 2 months?

Ketosis Bundle Review – 7 books and a 30 day meal plan. Keto made easy?

Keto VIP Club Review – Keto made fast, easy and fun?

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – 2 minute secret to losing weight?

Lean Belly Detox Review – Lose 1.2 pounds per day?

Lean Belly Secret Review – Can one “secret ingredient” be the key to weight loss with no exercise?

Leanfast Rapid Fat Loss Review – Lose weight in 12 weeks without going hungry?

Lean in 19 Review – Lose 17 pounds in 19 days?

Metcon 6 Review – Fat loss in 6 minutes?

My Bikini Belly Review – Flat and Firm belly in just three weeks?

Organic Total Body Reboot Review – Lose weight in 7 days?

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review – Effortless weight loss?

Paleohacks Cookbook Review – A Paleo diet book that will help you stick to the plan

Paleo Reboot Free Book Review – Paleo Beginners Guide  – Yep, it’s free (you pay for shipping)

Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review – Lose 15 pounds in 14 days?

Red Tea Detox Review – Lose weight with a cup of tea?

Renegade Diet Review – Lose weight and get fit in 60 days?

Simple Superfoods Review – Lose weight, get more energy just from eating these foods?

Skinny Asian Diet Review – Lose weight with no workouts?

Slim Belly Fix Review – Can a “secret beverage” help you lose weight?

Slim Down in 21 Days Review – Lose weight in just three weeks?

Sugar Cravings Smackdown Review – Lose the craving for sugar and lose weight?

Sugar Freedom Diet Review – Start losing weight in 3 days?

Super Power Paleo Cookbook Review – 99 fat burning recipes

Super Sexy Weight Loss Review – It’s not what you eat; it’s when

Pro Thinspiration Diet Review – 12 Pounds in 14 days?

Toned in Ten Review – Lose weight in ten minutes a day?

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – Are your colon and liver the key to weight loss?

Total Wellness Cleanse – Detox and lose weight in 30 days?

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review – Are hormones the key to fat loss?

Ultimate Keto Meal Plan Review – Lose weight in 21 days?

Venus Factor Review – Does it live up to the hype?

Wake Up Lean Review – Lose weight in just 24 hours?

Weight Loss Motivation Bible Review – When having a plan isn’t enough

Weightnosis Review – Lose weight through hypnosis?

Whole Body Fat Loss Review – Lose 30 pounds in a month?

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Lose 25 pounds in 25 days?

Your Plate Your Fate Review – Lose weight effortlessly?

The Youth Method Review – Flat belly in 14 days?

Health Reviews

5 Inch Height Gain Review – Gain 5 inches in 12 weeks?

7 Day Blood Pressure Solution – Treat your blood pressure at home?

7 Steps to Health The Big Diabetes Lie Review  –  A plan to reverse Type 2 Diabetes

14 Day Perfect Booty Review – A tight butt in two weeks?

60 Second Panic Solution Review – Eliminate panic and anxiety in a minute?

All Natural Kidney Health Review – Can you reverse your chronic kidney disease at home?

Back Pain Breakthrough – Relieve your chronic pain at home in just ten minutes?

Beat Arthritis Strategy Review – Cure it at home in 21 days?

The Beauty of Food Review – Can you fight aging with natural ingredients?

Blood Pressure Miracle Review – Can you lower your high blood pressure naturally?

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed Review – Change your diet, lose weight and fix Type 2 diabetes?

Boost Your Bust Review – Increase your bust by two cup sizes?

Defeating Diabetes Review – Can a “super starch” make the difference?

Destroy Depression Review – Can you treat depression yourself?

Diabetes Destroyer Review – Can you reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes Freedom Review – Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes Forever?

Diabetes Loophole Review – Reverse Type 2 Diabetes at home?

Eczema Free Forever Review – Cure your eczema at home in three days?

Eye Floaters No More Review – Cure eye floaters at home?

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure Review – Fix it at home yourself?

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review – Treat the disease at home?

Fibroids Miracle Review – Treat uterine fibroids holistically at home?

Fungus Key Pro Review – Eliminate foot and toe fungus at home?

Get Taller 4 Idiots Review – Can you make yourself get taller?

The Gout Code Review – Symptom-free in just 7 days?

Gout Diet Guide Review – Treat gout yourself at home?

Gout and You Review – Results in 60 days?

Hair Loss Black Book Review – Restore Your Hair Naturally?

Hair Loss Protocol Review – Not reviewed and not recommended

Hemorrhod No More – Treat hemorrhoids at home in just 48 hours?

Joint Pain Relief Codes Review – Cure your joint pain at home?

Kidney Diet Secrets Review – Treat Chronic Kidney Disease with diet?

Kidney Disease Solution Review – Treat your kidney disease at home?

My Back Pain Coach Review – Relief in 16 minutes?

Nasal Polyps Treatment Review – Treat your polyps at home?

Natural Thyroid Diet Review – Results in 4 weeks?

Outsmart Insomnia Review – Cure your insomnia tonight?

Ovarian Cyst Miracle Review – Treat them yourself at home in 30 days?

Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days Review – Do your own physical therapy?

The Power of Hormones Review – Get healthier and lose weight naturally?

Psoriasis Revolution – Treat psoriasis at home?

Pure Natural Healing Review – Cure common ailments naturally?

Reverse Diabetes Today Review – Type 2 diabetes gone in 3 weeks?

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Review – Lose weight and treat fatty liver disease at home?

Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment Review – Cure it at home in two weeks?

Sciatica SOS Review – Cure it at home in 7 days?

Skin Whitening Forever Review – Lighten your skin naturally at home?

Sleep Apnea Exercise Review – Cure your apnea in 20 minutes a day?

Sweat Miracle Review – Relief for excessive sweating in 48 hours?

Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed – Cure your tennis elbow at home?

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Review – Can you fix your thyroid yourself?

Thyroid Factor Review – Is your thyroid the key to weight loss?

TMJ No More Review – Cure yourself in 30-60 days?

Total Hair Regrowth Review – Can you get your hair back?

Treat Sciatica Now Review – Cure it yourself in 7 days?

The Truth About Food Ingredients – Can your food harm you?

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol – Can you cure your vertigo in 14 days?

Fitness Reviews

4 Minute Fighter Abs Review – Tight tummy in four minutes a day?

Amazing Abs Solution Review – Tight abs with no situps?

Anabolic Running Review – Get fit, lose weight, and do it in 16 minutes?

Awaken the Abs Within Review – Lose belly fat and get six pack abs?

Badass Body Blueprint Review – Fit and lean in 66 days?

Bikini Body Workouts Review – Get a bikini body in 60 days?

Body Weight Pilates Review – Fit in just 21 days?

Cellulite Disappear Review – Results in 21 Days?

Critical Bench Review – Add 50 pounds to your bench press in 10 weeks?

How Do I Get Great Legs Review – Great legs and a firm butt in 28 days?

The Jump Manual Review – Add 10 inches to your vertical leap in 12 weeks?

The Man Diet Review – Increase your testosterone naturally?

Muscle Gaining Secrets Review – Weight training for skinny guys

My Cellulite Solution Review – Treat it at home?

Never Grow Old Review – Feel 20 years younger?

No Hassle Sexy Stomach Review – Tight midsection in 12 minutes?

Old School New Body Review –  Get fit and lose weight in 90 minutes a week?

Spec Force Abs Review – 6 Weeks to Six Pack Abs?

Truth About Cellulite Review (also known as Naked Beauty and Symulast) – Lose cellulite in 28 days?