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Never Grow Old Fitness Program Review – Feel 20 Years Younger?

Never Grow Old Fitness Program Review


Site: www.functionalfitnesssolution.com
Price: $20 ($45 with DVD option)
Rating: stars4b

never grow old fitness program reviewI write a lot about weight loss here, and one of the sad truths about losing weight is that it gets harder to do as you grow old. That’s not unique to losing weight; it gets harder to do anything as you grow older. That includes getting fit and engaging in ordinary activities like walking around and climbing stairs.

That’s whee the Never Grow Old Fitness Program comes in. Also known as Functional Fitness, this program was designed to help people who are getting older to get fit, but also to help avoid the aches, pains and strains that come with age.

The sales page says you can feel 20 years younger working out in just 20 minutes a day, three days a week. That sounded promising, and frankly, I am getting a bit older, so I thought I’d take a closer look. Is Never Grow Old Fitness Program a scam?

Read on for the full Never Grow Old Fitness Program review.

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Never Grow Old Fitness Program Overview

functional fitness review I wasn’t sure if I shouldn’t title this post the Functional Fitness review, as the people behind the product, Cody Sipe and Dan M. Ritchie, can’t seem to decide if they want to call the product Functional Fitness or Never Grow Old Fitness Program.

It’s hard to say, as the site has one name but the product itself has another. Since the book says Never Grow Old Fitness Program on it, that’s the one I’m going with.

The Never Grow Old Fitness Program is available in two formats; you can purchase it as a downloadable PDF ebook, which comes with workout videos that you can either watch online or which may be downloaded at your convenience. This is the most affordable option and the one that most people are likely to use.

The second option when you make your purchase provides the book and bonuses in PDF format, but gives you the workout videos on DVD. This option costs a bit more, but if you’d rather have workout videos that you can watch on your TV, it’s a good option.

Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll have immediate access to the Functional Fitness program immediately after purchase. You can read the PDF book on any computer device, including a smartphone or tablet.

You can also print the book out if you’d rather go “old school” and read it on paper.

When you make your purchase, you’ll also receive two bonuses:

  • Look 10 Years Younger bonus book
  • 5 Essential Back Pain Exercises bonus video

Look 10 Years Younger Bonus Book

never grow old fitness program bonusThe first is a 25 page PDF by Shawna Kaminski that’s aimed at women over 40, but which offers advice that would likely be beneficial for anyone.

The book offers nutrition and exercise tips to help keep you looking younger than your age.

Inside, you’ll find a surprising amount of information, especially given that the book is only 25 pages long.

Topics include:

  • Resistance Training
  • Cardio
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Sleep
  • Skin Care
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Styling Choices
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Positivity
  • Waist-Whittling 10 Minute Workout

Shawna Kaminski is a personal trainer who owns two fitness blogs and has written seven different fitness books. This book makes a nice companion piece to the Functional Fitness Program.

5 Essential Back Pain Exercises Bonus Exercise Videos

5 essential back pain exercises videoThe second bonus is a downloadable video in mp4 format, whee Rick Kaselj shows you five exercises to help you relieve back pain. The video runs about 28 minutes.

It appears to have been professionally shot and Kaselj narrates and oversees while a young woman demonstrates the exercises.

The video is about 70 MB in size and should play on any device that’s capable of reproducing video.

Never Grow Old Main Book

As for the Never Grow Old Fitness Program main book, it’s a 64 page PDF book that shows you how to exercise properly as you grow older:


  • Dysfunctional Exercise
  • The Never Grow Old Functional Fitness Formula
  • The Never Grow Old Program
  • The Workouts
  • NGO Cardio
  • Holding Your Own

The two authors both have PhD degrees in the health and exercise field , as well as having more than 20 years of experience in the field. The book explains that while everyone needs exercise, not everyone needs the same exercise, nor do they need to go about doing their exercises the same way as people who are 20 or 30 years younger.

never grow old fitness program scamThat makes sense; when you’re 20, you might be working on building muscle mass, but you really don’t need to be working towards having 6 pack abs when you’re approaching retirement age.

That’s where the program’s “alternate” title of Functional Fitness becomes helpful. It’s an accurate description of exactly what the program is going to offer.

Functional Fitness means that you’ll be fit enough to function the way you’d like, so you can get more out of life.

What you want is to be sure that you’re fit enough to engage in day to day activities without struggling with strain and pain. You want to be able to walk, climb stairs, play golf or tennis, and live your life much like you did when you were younger. You aren’t trying to build a body to show off or attract the opposite sex, though if that’s a side effect, great.

The book also points out that injuries become more common as you grow older, so the program is divided into sections for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers.

If you’re just a couch potato, you’ll find a good program to help ease you into more strenuous exercise. It’s important that you start slowly and gradually work your way up to more rigorous exercise, as injuries are likely to occur if you go straight from a life with no exercise to one where you’re working out with wild abandon.

If you already work out on a regular basis, you’ll find a program that’s tailored to both your experience and your age.

The program places a lot of emphasis on safety and how to properly do the exercises described in the program. This begins by explaining the 7 principles of the program:

The 7 Principles

1. Train ALL components of function
2. Be purposeful
3. Train in all 3 planes
4. Train movements before muscles
5. Stand up, stay up
6. Complicated first, simple last

In other words, you’re going to learn how to do everything correctly first. This means, for starters, learning how to correctly use the recommended exercise equipment.

functional fitness exercise videos There isn’t a lot of exercise equipment required by this program; you’ll mostly need an exercise mat, some resistance tubing, a stair or stairs, and some dumbbells.

Still, you can seriously injure yourself if you’re using any of this equipment incorrectly, and as we get older, we lose some dexterity and sense of balance. To help with this, the book explains, in detail, now to correctly use everything you’ll need before explaining how to do the exercises themselves.

You’ll learn how to correctly use dumbbells. You’ll learn how to get the most out of resistance tubing.

The book includes detailed explanations for how the exercises work, as well as plenty of photos to show you. You’ll also get a complete schedule that shows you what exercises to do and when to do them. These are also demonstrated in the online videos (or on the DVD).

The book isn’t going to turn you into a workout fanatic, however. This is a fitness book that contains an age-appropriate exercise regimen, and offers a schedule that will keep you busy and fit, but which won’t take up too much of your time.

Ideally, you should be doing these exercises 3-4 times a week, and each exercise routine should take no more than 30 minutes or so.

The videos are professionally shot and feature the authors, along with someone demonstrating the exercises. Running time varies, but most are about 15 minutes long. You can watch the videos online, or you’ll have the option of downloading them to your phone, tablet, or PC.

You can also watch them on DVD if you chose that option at checkout.

One of the best things about the Never Grow Old Fitness Program exercise program is that the exercises don’t require much in the way of equipment. You won’t need access to a gym or and you won’t need to buy a weight bench, or barbells or any other exotic workout gear..

The Functional Fitness book is solid, and well-written, without a lot of fluff. They don’t devote entire chapters to physiology or explanations of how muscles work, as many books do in order to give you the impression that they’re offering more content than they really are.

It was nice to see that the book does not contain sales pitches for other products, which is something I often see in inexpensive books in the fitness niche.

This program promises a good workout routine for people who are growing older, and the book provides just that, in an efficient, easy to read manner.

Customer Support and Guarantee

Should you need support or technical assistance, you can contact the authors of the program at any time via a provided email address.

Your purchase itself is provided through Clickbank, a large and well-established publisher of educational and fitness products. The checkout process takes place on a secure site (https:), so your personal information will be safe while you make your purchase.

The product is guaranteed for 60 days from the date of purchase. Should you find that Functional Fitness is not for you, it’s fairly easy to ask for a refund, though the refund rate for this product is fairly low.

Pricing and Upsells

fix my knee pain upsellAs fitness courses go, the pricing is quite reasonable, especially for the downloadable version.

The downloadable version of the Never Grow Old Fitness Program is just $20.

The version that includes both the downloadable version plus the workout videos on DVD is $45, plus shipping.

There are a couple of optional upsell products that you’ll be offered at checkout, including a series of videos called Fix My Knee Pain.

Fix My Knee Pain sells for $29 and consists of a set of 6 videos with a running time of about 80 minutes total. The videos are accompanied by a 61 page companion book in PDF format.

The book and corresponding videos offer an extensive set of several dozen exercises that can help you overcome chronic knee pain.

While this course is optional, it’s a good companion piece for the main product, as many older adults do experience knee pain on a regular basis.

About Authors Dan Richie and Cody Sipe

never grow old - dan richie and cody sipeAuthors Dan Richie and Cody Sipe are co-owners of a fitness studio with locations in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana.

Both have a PhD in some aspect of physical fitness; Dan has his degree in Kinesiology and Cody is a Doctor of Exercise Science.

Both have several decades of experience in fitness training in general and extensive experience in helping older adults stay fit.

Pros and Cons of Never Grow Old Fitness Program


  • Well-written book
  • Good attention to safety
  • Workouts don’t require much in the way of equipment
  • Reasonably priced


  • Downloads in mp4 format only and are not optimize for mobile.

Never Grow Old Fitness Program Summary

never grow old fitness program- thumbs upIs Never Grow Old Fitness Program a scam? Not at all. It’s a well-written book with high quality videos to accompany it that provide a good, safe workout program for people who are getting older and want to stay fit. The book is reasonably priced, well written and easy to follow. All in all, this book on Functional Fitness is a good buy.

Never Grow Old Fitness Program is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Never Grow Old Fitness Program Website.


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