Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review – Treat It Yourself?

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review

Price: $47
Rating: stars4b

fatty liver diet guide reviewDo you suffer from fatty liver disease?  Do you even know?  This malady affects tens of thousands of people, but it’s difficult to diagnose and has few obvious symptoms.  On the other hand, the disease can lead to far more complicated problems, and is common with people who are overweight or who have diabetes.

Fatty liver disease can be difficult to treat, but registered nurse Dorothy Spencer says that her Fatty Liver Diet Guide can help you treat the disease yourself at home, using her simple, easy to follow instructions.  That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a look and see what her book is all about.  Is it a worthwhile read?  Is Fatty Liver Diet Guide a scam?

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Read on for the full Fatty Liver Diet Guide review.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Overview

Fatty Liver Diet Guide is sold as an ebook in PDF format, so you can download it immediately after purchase.  You can read PDF books on just about any computer device, including your tablet or smartphone.

Along with Fatty Liver Diet Guide, you’ll also receive a number of bonuses:

  • Losing Weight the Healthy Way ebook
  • Losing and Managing Weight Safely ebook
  • Easy Self Motivation for Fatty Liver Patients ebook
  • Effective Herbal Medicines ebook
  • 49 Track Better Health Audio CD (downloadable)
  • 6 Part Liver Diet Video Series (downloadable mp4 video)

The main Fatty Liver Diet Guide book is a 122 page PDF that’s divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – The Liver
  • Chapter 2 – Fatty Liver Disease
  • Chapter 3 – Diet and Other Recommendations
  • Chapter 4 –  Alternative Medicine
  • Chapter 5 – Lifestyle Change

The Fatty Liver Diet Guide book is well written, and covers the topic well.  If you don’t know much about FLD, you’ll learn plenty in the book.  The first chapter gives a good overview of how the liver works, what the liver is supposed to do for you and your body, and how things work when everything is going well.   The liver has an important role to play in digestion and how your body handles fats, and you can’t live without a liver that’s working properly.  There are some organs that you can live without, such as the spleen, but the liver is not one of those.

fatty liver diet guide bonusesObviously, if you have FLD, then things aren’t working well.  Chapter two of Fatty Liver Diet Guide covers the basics of fatty liver disease, and outlines the symptoms and the two basic types.  One has to do with people who chronically abuse alcohol, and the other has to do with everyone else and that’s the version that’s usually linked to obesity and diabetes.

If you have fatty liver disease, you’ll have some fats in your liver that are crowding out healthy cells that are supposed to be doing their jobs of helping you digest your food properly.  When that goes wrong, it can lead to liver malfunction and many different diseases and maladies can arise from that.

Fortunately, FLD can be eliminated with minimal trouble.  You generally won’t need medication or surgery, but you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle and your diet.  None of these things are particularly dramatic, and of course, you should be living a relatively healthy lifestyle already, right?

fatty liver diet guide scamThe primary approach taken in Fatty Liver Diet Guide is to get your diet to where it should be, which means increasing your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables and limiting your intake of alcohol and certain types of fats and proteins.    You’ll also need to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and make sure that you get some regular exercise.

The remainder of the book covers these things and the seven day meal plan that’s included offers some tasty recipes that are easy to prepare that follow the guidelines in the Fatty Liver Diet Guide for healthy eating.

Sample dinner recipes included in Fatty Liver Diet Guide:

  • Caribbean Shrimp’n Peas
  • Fried Pork Strips with Greens
  • Roast Chicken with Vegetables
  • Fish Steak in Vegetables
  • Squash Soup
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Citrus—Steamed Fillet
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole

A later section of the Fatty Liver Diet Guide covers some alternative therapies, including herbal supplements, the use of epsom salts, and additional vitamins and prescription drugs that might help you fight your FLD.

The final section of Fatty Liver Diet Guide is the cookbook, and there are recipes included for appetizers, salads, low fat salad dressings, breakfast foods, main course meals, and desserts.

I was impressed with the Fatty Liver Diet Guide book; it was not only well written but it was also well formatted, and would likely make quite an attractive book were it issued in print form.  If there’s one complaint I had about the book, it’s that the pages were formatted in two columns, rather than one.  That’s not a problem for reading a print book, but two-column pages in a PDF book can be difficult to read, as you have to move the pages up and down while reading.

Still, that’s a minor complaint, and all in all, the methods and diet recommendations in the Fatty Liver Diet Guide seem to be in line with those recommendations for treating the disease in general.  FLD is treatable; you simply have to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and the Fatty Liver Diet Guide offers a great way to do that.

Pros and Cons of Fatty Liver Diet Guide


  • Well-written book
  • Relevant bonuses
  • Tasty, easy to prepare recipes


  • Book is somewhat expensive
  • Two column format can be hard to read

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Summary

fatty liver diet guide - thumbs upIf you suffer from fatty liver disease, you might find yourself to be in discomfort and you might be on your way to more serious health problems.  Fortunately, FLD is treatable through changes in lifestyle and diet, and if you have a good plan to follow, you can easily make those changes yourself at home. Fatty Liver Diet Guide offers a good opportunity to do that, with an easy to read, easy to follow set of instructions that anyone can put to use on their own.

Of course, if you have fatty liver disease, you should be sure to consult with a doctor before you try the method in the book.  It’s best to be safe.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

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