Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

The popular Favorite Food Diet shows you how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.

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Fat Diminisher Review – 22 Pounds in a Month?

Fat Diminisher Review

Price: $37 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars4b

fat diminisher reviewIf you’re interested in weight loss, you’ve probably heard about a product called Fat Diminisher. It’s a book and weight loss program that was developed by an ex-military guy named Wes, who really didn’t like the way most diets work. He’s not a fan of exercise, and he’s not a fan of diets that consist of either starving yourself or of eating unusual foods. So he came up with the Fat Diminisher course, which he says has helped more than 100,000 people lose an average of 22 pounds each in their first month.

It’s not good to be overweight, and lots of people would like a plan like the one Wes describes, so I thought I’d check out the Fat Diminisher system and see what it’s about. Is Fat Diminisher a scam?

Read on for the full Fat Diminisher review.

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Fat Diminisher Overview

Fat Diminisher is a downloadable ebook, available in PDF format. Unlike some other weight loss books we reviewed, this one is only available as a PDF. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a couple of other books:

  • 25 Snacks and Treats – a 33 page PDF book with recipes of snacks, desserts and treats that conform to the diet plan
  • The Truth About Veggies – an 8 page PDF book that outlines which vegetables are the best for you and which ones are best avoided.

Along with the Fat Diminisher book, you will also receive the Fat Diminisher Quick Start guide, which is a 30 page PDF version of the book that offers a distilled version of just the “working parts” of the plan so that you can use it as a reference.

fat diminisher bonusesThe main Fat Diminisher book itself runs 150 or so pages. The first section of the book outlines why people who are overweight rarely have any success in taking off those pounds. Part of it, the book says, has to do with motivation and the rest often has to do with bad habits.

The next section deals with Wes’ ideas of whether your body should be more acidic or more alkaline, and what you should do about it.

About twenty percent of Fat Diminisher discusses three foods that Wes describes as “super foods” that will cause you to lose weight faster. He describes in detail what these foods are, where you can get them, and how you can incorporate them into your diet.

The next section of the book deals with exercise, and this is where a lot of people fail. Wes says that he personally isn’t too crazy about exercise, so he has developed an exercise regimen that works by allowing you to engage in short, 7 minute workouts. There are videos provided on his Website that show you how to do each of these exercises. One of the nice things about the workouts is that they don’t appear to require anything unusual in the way of equipment. You won’t need to have your own gym, or even have a membership at a neighborhood gym in order to put these exercises to use. He also offers the videos on DVD if you’d like to buy them that way.

Wes says that by engaging in his 7 minute workouts, you can double your weight loss results.

Finally, Fat Diminisher gets to the part that everyone wants – the diet itself. Wes outlines a weekly meal plan, complete with snacks for in between meals. Having seen the plan, we can say that you shouldn’t go hungry, and none of the meals require either excessive preparation or unusual ingredients. The Fat Diminisher diet plan includes a day by day plan for an entire week, as well as full recipes and instruction for the preparation of the meals. The recipes look tasty, and they appear to be easy to follow.

fat diminisher scamHere’s the best part of the Fat Diminisher diet plan – You get one day per week (Saturday is recommended) to cheat! That’s right; on Saturday, you’re allowed to eat anything you want.

Each day, the plan requires you to start and end the day with a glass of a special “Fat Diminishing Drink” that Wes recommends. This beverage is designed to help burn fat and turn your body more alkaline. The recipe is a simple one and the ingredients should be easy to obtain. The beverage can also be made as a smoothie if you like.

The Fat Diminisher book concludes with a frequently asked question section. Some of the questions are rather amusing, such as “where do I find my download link for the book?” Obviously, if you don’t have the download link for the book, you won’t be reading the book itself to find out where to download it. Still, most of the questions and answers in the FAQ section were helpful.

FREE PREVIEW: You can download a preview version of the Fat Diminisher book here.

Pros and Cons of the Fat Diminisher Book


  • Book is comprehensive and well written
  • Directions are easy to follow
  • Includes simple Quick Start Guide
  • Day by Day meal plan included
  • Workouts are intense, but short in duration
  • Snacks in between meals are OK
  • You get to eat whatever you want on Saturday!


  • Numerous upsells within the book for workout videos and food supplements
  • Some of the answers in the FAQ section weren’t too helpful
  • Relatively few recipes in the meal plan

Fat Diminisher Conclusion

fat diminisher - thumbs upLots of people are interested in losing weight, but they don’t want an overly restrictive diet. They also don’t want to spend hours every day working out at the gym. The Fat Diminisher system allows you to have the best of both worlds. You get to eat a diet that allows you a fair amount of freedom in deciding what you want to eat. While you do have to exercise (sorry!), you’ll find that the workouts are easy, don’t require special equipment, and are only 7 minutes long.

No diet plan is perfect, and no single plan will work for everyone. If you’ve tried other plans and want something that offers some flexibility in what you eat and a relatively modest workout regimen, you’ll like Fat Diminisher.

Fat Diminisher is recommended.


Click here to visit the Fat Diminisher Website.

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