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Favorite Food Diet

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Eat Drink Shrink Review – A Fat Loss Cookbook?

Eat Drink Shrink Review

Price: $27
Rating: stars4b

eat drink shrink reviewIf you’re like a lot of people today,  you’re a bit overweight, and you probably don’t want to be.  You’d do something about it, but that takes time and effort and exercise and…the next thing you know, you’re just sitting there eating potato chips again.  Danette May knows how you feel and rest assured, you’re not alone.  That’s why she created the Eat Drink Shrink plan, which was formulated to help you lose weight simply by cooking.

Danette May believes that one of the reasons that so many of us are overweight is that we’re eating the wrong foods.  Eating the right foods, in the right quantities, can help you lose weight.  But eating the right foods usually means eating horrible meals that taste awful and that’s why a lot of people give up.

Danette says that Eat Drink Shrink offers tasty recipes that will keep you coming back for more.  That’s sounded promising, so I thought I’d take a closer look at the book.  Is Eat Drink Shrink a scam?

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Read on for the full Eat Drink Shrink review.

Eat Drink Shrink Overview

The cleverly-named Eat Drink Shrink is sold as a downloadable PDF ebook, which can be read on any one of a number of devices, including desktop PCs and smart phones.  The book is sold with two bonuses:

  • The Ultimate Meal Plan Guide
  • Simple Fat Loss Success Tracker

The meal plan guide breaks down your meal needs by how active you are and provides lists of suggested ingredients to include in your meals, along with a shopping list to help you buy.  The Fat Loss Success Tracker is a workbook that allows you to keep track of how you’re doing.

As for the main Eat Drink Shrink book itself, it’s a 201 page book that consists of about 25% advice and weight loss information and 75% recipes – 137 of them in all.   The recipes in the Eat Drink Shrink book are designed to meet three criteria:

  • Five ingredients or less
  • Gluten free
  • Can be prepared quickly

eat drink shrink scamDanette points out in Eat Drink Shrink that one of the problems we have is that we eat the wrong foods all the time, including too many sugars, too many processed foods and too much in the way of wrong carbohydrates.  The meal plan in Eat Drink Shrink is designed to give you the nourishment that you need in tasty, but easy-to-prepare meals that only use a few ingredients.  You’ll get the nutrition that you need without spending all day in the kitchen and without having to buy a lot of weird or unusual ingredients.

The plan in Eat Drink Shrink isn’t about just eating, though there’s plenty of that.   Danette’s meal plan has a set of rules.  It’s a fairly long set, but here are a few tidbits:

  • Eat every three hours
  • Eat within an hour of waking up each day
  • Do not wait until you are hungry to eat
  • Include protein in every meal
  • Drink a lot of water

Lots of diet plans include the water suggestion, as most people simply don’t drink enough of it.  Water is good for you and it’s certainly affordable.   The idea of eating every two to three hours is so that your body never feels hungry, which Danette says can cause your body to stop burning fat.  If you’re always satisfied, your body remains in the fat burning mode.

The remaining 150 or so pages of Eat Drink Shrink are dedicated to the recipes themselves, which cover breakfast, lunch and dinner.   For breakfast, you’ll find recipes for smoothies, pancakes, and such tasty fare as Tomato, Artichoke & Feta Fritatta.

eat drink shrink weight loss recipesThe lunch recipes include Pitas, wraps and sandwiches, and the dinner meals include such recipes as Tilapia with Rice Pilaf and Sugar Snap peas or Lemon Chicken with Gaspacho.  Of course, there are a number of snack and dessert recipes, too.

I was impressed to see that the recipes do stick to the five ingredient rule, which makes them quite simple to prepare.  As someone who cannot eat wheat or gluten, I was also pleased to see that all of the recipes are gluten free.

Eat Drink Shrink also includes a lot of photos, so you’ll have some idea as to what the finished product is supposed to look like.

An additional chapter in the book covers shopping, providing a list of “acceptable” items in each food category, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  You need to get into the habit of buying the right foods and once you do that, you’re well on your way.

I can’t say for certain that the recipes in Eat Drink Shrink will cause the fat to “melt away” as the sales page says.  On the other hand, the recipes are simple to prepare, appear to be tasty, and don’t appear to be loaded with unnecessary carbohydrates, sugars, or fats.  They appear to be healthy meals and they look like meals you can prepare rather quickly, which was the point of the book.

Pros and Cons of Eat Drink Shrink


  • Solid, well-written book with 137 recipes
  • Recipes are easy to prepare and use few ingredients
  • Good material on why you’re eating the foods recommended


  • Meal plan book could be more comprehensive
  • Exercise would be helpful, but isn’t mentioned here

That’s about it; Eat Drink Shrink is a pretty solid book.

Eat Drink Shrink Summary

eat drink shrink- thumbs upIs Eat Drink Shrink a scam?  No, it’s a solid, well-written book that provides a ton of content for the money.  There are lots of recipes for every meal of the day, comprehensive chapters on nutrition and how to shop, and easy to follow instructions that should have you spending more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.

Of course, the recipes are also healthy as well as tasty, and as a bonus, they’re gluten free, too, which will come as a huge benefit for a lot of readers.  While the book could have offered at least a chapter on exercise, it does accomplish what it set out to do – provide quick and easy recipes that are good for you.

Eat Drink Shrink is highly recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Eat Drink Shrink Website.

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