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Favorite Food Diet

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Diabetes Destroyer Review – Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes Destroyer Review

Price: $37


diabetes destroyer reviewIf you have Type 2 Diabetes, or any kind of Diabetes, for that matter, you know that it’s both a hassle and a life threatening condition.  Type 2 Diabetes requires constant monitoring of your blood sugar, regulation of what you eat, and prescription medication and/or insulin.  Often, insulin doesn’t help much, either, since one of the trademarks of Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistance.

As Diabetes has many serious side effects, such as strokes, heart attacks and even amputation of limbs, few patients would be interested in living with the disease if there were a way to minimize or reverse the symptoms.

In short, having this disease is no picnic, and anyone who has it would love to be rid of it.  A new book by David Andrews called Diabetes Destroyer claims that you can reverse your Type 2 Diabetes completely in just 8 weeks by following the instructions in the book.  This seems pretty remarkable, so I thought I’d check it out.  Is Diabetes Destroyer a scam?

Click here to visit the Diabetes Destroyer Website.

Read on for the full Diabetes Destroyer review.

Diabetes Destroyer Overview

Like many products in the health, weight loss and fitness niche, Diabetes Destroyer is sold as an ebook in downloadable PDF format.  As I write, the price is $37, which is about the average price for such products.

The basic premise of the book is that Type 2 Diabetes, unlike other varieties of the disease, can be controlled via diet.  Diabetes Destroyer then offers a diet that the book claims will help reverse the disease for those who have it.

What do you get when you buy Diabetes Destroyer?  You receive the following downloadable PDF files

  • Diabetes Destroyer 153 pages
  • Delicious Diabetic Recipes 239 pages
  • Diabetes Destroyer Quick Start Guide 26 pages
  • Diabetes Healing Recipes 47 pages
  • Tips for a Diabetes Diet 9 pages
  • Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index 68 pages

diabetes destroyer scamThe main book in the Diabetes Destroyer product is more than 150 pages, and provides extensive information regarding the disease itself, its underlying causes, and what modern medicine has to offer in the way of treatment for typical patients.

As you might expect in such a product, a lengthy portion of the book offers a dismissal of the pharmaceutical industry in particular as well as the medical community in general.  Andrews points out that the pharmaceutical industry is interested primarily in selling drugs to patients who will use them for a lifetime, which benefits their profit margins.

This may be true, but one must realize that there are lifesaving medicines made available from these companies that would otherwise be unavailable.

Diabetes Destroyer then goes on to mention the work of a Dr. Roy Taylor at Newcastle University in England, who has done some research into Type 2 Diabetes and has seen some success in his studies by radically adjusting the diets of the patients in his study.

This is true, by the way; the New York Times and other publications have written articles about this study and have indicated that it does, indeed, show promise.

The remainder of the Diabetes Destroyer book outlines how the body behaves when you suffer from the disease, how the pancreas plays an important part, and how, in Andrews’ opinion, you can reverse the disease by undergoing a significant change in diet for an eight week period of time.

The Diabetes Destroyer diet itself consists of 8 weeks of ultra-low fat and ultra-low calorie diet, complete with a few recipes to give you some ideas regarding what you can and cannot eat.

diabetes destroyer clickbankThe Diabetes Destroyer Quickstart guide is essentially a pared-down version of the main book, edited down to 26 pages.  If you read this, you’ll get the gist of the main book without having to read all of it.

The Delicious Diabetic Recipes book, at 239 pages, includes some 500 recipes, covering all aspects of meals, with a lot of emphasis on desserts.  If you like to cook and like to eat, this addon product will likely appeal to you.

An additional book, the Diabetes Healing Recipes, offers a few recipes that will be tasty and satisfy your hunger without adding undue stress to your digestive system.  Many of these recipes are for shakes that can constitute a complete meal.

The Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index book offers some rather detailed information about the disease itself, as well as information about prevention and treatment.  The book covers multiple varieties of the disease, and not just Type 2.

Pros of Diabetes Destroyer

  • Well-written book is easy to read
  • Diet instructions are easy to follow
  • Good section on staying motivated
  • Recipe book is quite comprehensive

Cons of Diabetes Destroyer

  • Author dismisses medical industry
  • Author provides no personal credentials.  Is the author a doctor?  We don’t know.

Will Diabetes Destroyer work?

Maybe.  Studies have shown that such a diet can, in some cases, reverse the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.  Keep in mind that this particular disease is closely tied to obesity, so getting regular exercise and lowering your fat intake and your overall caloric intake will probably help in this regard, too.

The plan outlined in Diabetes Destroyer may very well work for some, most, or even all people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.  That said, this is a dangerous disease with potentially life-threatening complications.  If you find that you’re suffering from this disease, you should probably consult with your physician about it   If you’re thinking about purchasing Diabetes Destroyer, you should probably show it to your doctor and get their opinion on it.  Anything that claims to “cure” or “reverse” any disease should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since David Andrews, the author of the book, provides no personal information about his background or his experience in medicine, if any.

Diabetes Destroyer Summary

diabetes destroyer - thumbs_upAs a book, Diabetes Destroyer is well-written and extensive.  If you buy the course, you’ll find yourself with more than 500 pages of diet tips, diabetes information and hundreds of recipes.   Some of you may find that this method works quite well, though as we’ve pointed out, diet and exercise can go a long way towards helping anyone who suffers from this disease.

Nevertheless, the books are well-written and easy to follow and offer a lot of information for the price.

As a book, Diabetes Destroyer is recommended, though we also recommend that you discuss it with your doctor.


Click here to visit the Diabetes Destroyer Website.



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