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Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review – Treat It Yourself?

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review

Price: $47
Rating: stars4b

fatty liver diet guide reviewDo you suffer from fatty liver disease?  Do you even know?  This malady affects tens of thousands of people, but it’s difficult to diagnose and has few obvious symptoms.  On the other hand, the disease can lead to far more complicated problems, and is common with people who are overweight or who have diabetes.

Fatty liver disease can be difficult to treat, but registered nurse Dorothy Spencer says that her Fatty Liver Diet Guide can help you treat the disease yourself at home, using her simple, easy to follow instructions.  That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a look and see what her book is all about.  Is it a worthwhile read?  Is Fatty Liver Diet Guide a scam?

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Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Review – Cure Dizziness in 14 Days?

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Review

Price: $37

Rating: stars3a

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol reviewIf you’ve ever suffered from vertigo, you know it can be unpleasant. I had it a few years ago, and found myself unable to function for about a week. All I could do was lie in bed with my eyes closed and listen to the TV. Every time I opened my eyes, the room seemed to be spinning.

Treatment for the condition can vary, as can patient responses. Robert Mueck, the author of Ultimate Vertigo Protocol, says that his methods can show you how to cure your vertigo and dizziness problems at home in just two weeks. That sounded interesting, so I decided to take a look at his book and see what it’s about and whether the methods described in it are worthwhile. Is Ultimate Vertigo Protocol a scam?

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