Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed Review – Reverse Diabetes at Home?

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed Review

Site: www.bloodsugarsecretsexposed.com
Price: $27

Rating: stars3a

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed reviewDo you have high blood sugar?  Does it tend to rise?  Is it affecting your health?  Do you know?  Truth is, you may not know.  Lots of people have high blood sugar, or have spikes in their sugar levels that could be affecting their health.  This is most commonly seen in people with diabetes, but there are also people with pre-diabetes, and their condition could become worse with time.

The author of Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed says that blood sugar levels have been tied to a number of diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, heart disease and kidney failure.  He says that you can avoid all of this, lose your Type 2 Diabetes, and even lose weight just by following the Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed.  That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see if the book is any good.  Is Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed a scam, or is it a worthwhile read?

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Read on for the full Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed review.

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed Overview

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  That’s convenient, as you can download your book as soon as you’re done making your purchase.  PDF books are also portable, and you can read them on just about any computer device, including your iPhone or your iPad, if you like.

When you purchase Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed, you’ll receive the following:

  • Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed book
  • Guilt-Free Dining Out Guide
  • 11 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Actually Work ebook
  • The Blood Sugar Shopping Guide ebook
  • Blood Sugar Supplement Secrets Exposed ebook

The Guilt-Free Dining Out Guide is a brief, 9 page PDF book that offers some tips about how you can enjoy an evening at a restaurant without having to stray from the guidelines in the main book.

The 11 Natural Appetite Suppressants book is an 8 page book that shows you what the title promises – a list and a brief description of food and beverage items that, when consumed in the correct amounts, will help suppress your appetite.

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed scamThe Blood Sugar Shopping Guide book is a 14 page ebook that gives you some tips and advice for how to shop wisely when buying the foods recommended in the main book.

The Supplement guide is a 14 page book that gives you some suggestions for some natural dietary supplements that can help you keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.

The main Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed book is 56 pages of no-fluff, all-business text that outlines the hows and whys about your blood sugar levels and how they could be hurting your health.  The unnamed author says that most people have blood sugar levels that are much too high and that this can contribute to a number of diseases, all of which are unpleasant.

He believes that the medical profession is steering people towards taking insulin and other medication, rather than steering them towards healthy eating.  He goes on to say that the diet in the book could reverse Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes conditions and can even help you lose weight.

So what’s in the Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed book?  Here’s a list of the chapters:

  • The Blood Sugar Problem
  • The Blood Sugar Answer
  • How to Be Healthy
  • Making It Happen
  • Step by Step Action Plans
  • Cheat Sheets and Printouts

The first part of Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed gives an overview of how our bodies handle sugar and why many people become “insulin resistant.”  This can lead to a number of health problems.

The diet described in Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed is based on the author’s opinion that the standard food pyramid that the U.S. Government has recommended for decades is wrong its assessment of the kinds of foods that we should be eating as well as the quantities of those foods that we should be consuming.

The basic food pyramid is heavy on carbohydrates, moderate in fruits and vegetables and low in fats.  The author of Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed says that this is wrong, as our bodies turn carbohydrates into sugar, and more sugar means trouble.

The result is a plan that proposes a different pyramid that has lower carb levels and higher fat intake.  That doesn’t mean that you get to eat deep fried Twinkies wrapped in bacon, however.  There are good fats and bad fats and the key, of course, is to eat a balanced diet that has the right proportion of good fats, along with lots of vegetables.

As with most diet books, Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed includes a section of foods that you should avoid, and the program then gives a general outline of the kinds of meals that you should be eating on a daily basis.  The book also recommends exercise, which isn’t surprising, but I was rather surprised that the book said that you should not increase the amount of exercise until you’ve been on the diet for a month.

The author says that it will take your body a while to adjust to the new diet, and that you shouldn’t induce any additional stress by adding exercise to the mix right away.

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed gives you plenty of charts and logs so you can keep track of what you eat, and it includes a daily and weekly action plan that also includes discussing this with your doctor.  It goes without saying, but you should always discuss any major dietary change with your doctor before trying it out, especially if you have diabetes.

That said, Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed is a well-written book that includes some useful supplementary material.  There’s little fluff in the book and I was pleased to see that the author didn’t pack the book with links to buy other stuff.  While the food pyramid recommended in the book is a bit different from what I’m used to seeing, I think that you’ll have some good results if you stick to it and add some moderate exercise after a month.

Pros and Cons of Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed


  • Well-written book
  • Affordable
  • No upsells


  • No recipes
  • No day-by-day meal plans

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed Summary

blood sugar secrets exposed- thumbs upIf you’re looking for a diet program that gives you specific recipes and meal plans, then Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed may not be for you.  On the other hand, if you have a blood sugar problem or you think you might, then this could be a good choice.

The diet is easy to follow and won’t require you to eat any weird or unusual foods.  You mostly need to change the proportions of what you’re already eating, along with eliminating some things from your diet that aren’t that helpful to begin with.   All in all, Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed is a pretty well written book that I think will help a lot of people.

Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

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