Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Belly Melt for Women Review – Eat to Lose Fat?

Belly Melt for Women Review


Site: www.bellymeltforwomen.com
Price: $37

Rating: stars4b

Belly Melt for women reviewLosing weight is hard, which is why so few people succeed at it.  Of course, losing weight usually requires dramatic changes in diet, along with added exercise.  Most people aren’t interested in either, and they’re certainly not interested in doing so for prolonged periods of time.  Plus, if you’re a woman, you’ll find that it’s harder to lose weight than it is for a man, due to hormonal issues.

Glenn Richards, author of Belly Melt for Women, says that he has a plan that can help you melt away that belly fat, and it won’t require a ton of exercise or dramatic changes in diet.  That sounds promising, so I thought I’d take a closer look at his program and see what it’s all about.  Is Belly Melt for Women a scam, or is it the real deal?  I needed to find out.

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Read on for the full Belly Melt for Women review.

Belly Melt for Women Overview

Belly Melt for Women is sold as a collection of downloadable ebooks in PDF format.  You can download them immediately after purchase and you can read them on smartphones, tablets or just about any other kind of computer device.

When you purchase Belly Melt for Women, you’ll receive the following books, all by author Glenn Richards:

  • Belly Melt for Women book
  • What to Order When Eating Out
  • The You Diet Meal Plan
  • Desserts & Sweets for a Flat Stomach

belly melt for women bonusesWhat to Order When Eating Out is a short 12 page PDF book that offers some suggestions for what to order when eating at a dozen specific restaurant chains.  Suggestions are made and nutritional information is included.

The You Diet Meal Plan is the core of the Belly Melt for Women program, as it features the actual meals you’ll be eating.  This 77 page book includes about two weeks’ worth of recipes and meal plans, and for each of the 14 days, you’ll be offered a high protein diet, a high carbohydrate diet, or a mixed diet.

Recipes include such things as Citrus Broiled Alaska Salmon, Mexican Tuna Salad, Peachy Keen Chicken, and Pork Loin with Red Wine Gravy.  All of the recipes appear to be easy to prepare, and photos are included.

The Desserts & Sweets for a Flat Stomach book will please many buyers, who will be happy to discover that they won’t have to give up sweets while on the Belly Melt for Women program.  Recipes in this 24 page book include Simple Pecan Pie, Cashew Banana Berry Pudding, and Lemon and Lime Pie.

The main Belly Melt for Women book is quite a read, coming in at about 150 pages, which makes it one of the longer books I’ve reviewed in the weight loss niche.

Chapters in the Belly Melt for Women book include:

  • Introduction
  • How Does Digestion Affect My Waistline
  • Nutrition 101
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Fat
  • Hormone Primer
  • Finding Solutions
  • Conclusion

The process of losing fat and weight is a complex one, especially if you’re a woman.  Men can usually lose weight fairly easily, but women have different hormones, and these levels can change dramatically during a single month, which adds to the complexity.  About two thirds of Belly Melt for Women is devoted to explaining what fat is, the different types of fat, and how the body uses it.

belly melt for women scamThen you’ll learn about hormone levels, which kinds of hormone levels are good and desirable and how nutrition can affect these levels.  Then you’ll learn about the importance of proper nutrition, and how certain foods can help you lose weight while others can make things worse.  There aren’t really any surprises in this section, as most diet books seem to agree that certain foods are better for you than others.  Complex carbs are out, as is a lot of dairy, sugar and alcohol.  The author recommends that you drink a lot of water each day.

Finally, Belly Melt for Women makes some suggestions about some detox cleanses you might want to try before moving on to the diet that’s described in the meal plan book.  A final chapter covers the importance of exercise, and the particular importance of aerobic exercise.  While no specific exercise plan is described in Belly Melt for Women, you’ll find some good overall guidelines for what you should and should not do and which type and duration of workouts will provide the best results for most women.

All in all, I found the Belly Melt for Women book to be quite informative and very well written.  This is the sort of book that one could easily find in a bookstore.  It’s attractively designed, includes lots of photos and graphics, and has lots of tips and suggestions in sidebars on the pages.

The Belly Melt for Women program seems to offer sound nutritional advice, as well as good overall exercise and fitness advice.  I feel that if you read the book to understand the theory behind it and then use the meal plan in conjunction with a good exercise program, that you’ll find good results.

Pros and Cons of Belly Melt for Women


  • Well-written, very detailed book
  • Nicely formatted, with lots of tips
  • Good recipes and meal plan
  • Affordably priced


  • A proper exercise plan would have been helpful
  • Four books when one would do

Belly Melt for Women Summary

Belly Melt for Women- thumbs upIs Belly Melt for Women a scam?  No.  Actually, Belly Melt for Women is one of the better books I’ve read in the weight loss niche.  It does a good job of explaining how digestion hormones and other hormones found in women’s bodies can deter efforts to lose weight and what you can do about it.  It offers good dietary advice that’s easy to follow and not overly restrictive.  The exercise advice is good, though it could have been better with the inclusion of a proper workout regimen.

Still, Belly Melt for Women is a very good program and lots of women should find it to be helpful in their goal to lose weight.

Belly Melt for Women is highly recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Belly Melt for Women Website.

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