Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Belly Fat Shrinker Review – 2 Steps to Weight Loss?

Belly Fat Shrinker Review


Site: www.bellyfatshrinker.com

Price: $35 (plus several optional upsells)


belly fat shrinker reviewIt’s hard to lose weight, and if you’re going to lose weight, you’d probably prefer a system that’s simple, rather than one that’s complicated.

If you’re having to weigh your food, count calories, or buy a gym’s worth of exercise equipment, you’ll probably stray from the program sooner, rather than later.

The best success comes with simplicity.

That’s what a new weight loss program called Belly Fat Shrinker is promising, and they say that their simple 2 step program can help you lose weight quickly.

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the program is about.

Is Belly Fat Shrinker a scam, or can it work for you?  Read on for the full Belly Fat Shrinker review.

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Belly Fat Shrinker is sold as a series of ebooks in PDF format.  PDF books can be read on any computer device, including smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets.

You can also print them out if you’d rather read them that way.  A benefit of PDF books is that they don’t have to be shipped, and you can download them immediately after purchase.

When you buy, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Belly Fat Shrinker main book (169 pages)
  • 4 Minute Shrinker Formula book (19 pages)
  • 2 Ingredient Fruit Slushie Recipes book (20 pages)

The 4 Minute Shrinker Formula book covers the workout plan, and the 2 Ingredient Fruit Slushie Recipes book offers exactly what the title says it does – simple recipes for fruit-based slushies.

Main Product

The main book itself is a whopping 169 pages, and there’s very little there in the way of filler.

Here’s a peek at the table of contents:

  • The Start Of Your Change
  • Dangers of Not Losing Weight
  • Mindset For Losing Weight
  • Weight Loss Mistakes
  • Power Of Detox
  • The Secret Belly Fat Shrinker Drink
  • Power Of Motivation And Drive
  • Weight Loss Secrets
  • Building Long Term Weight Loss
  • Doing it without a Diet
  • Fat Burning Foods
  • Hunger and appetite control
  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Weight Loss Myths
  • Reason We Get Fat
  • Change Of Habits
  • Diets For Diabetics
  • Lose Fat Furnace Like
  • #1 Strategy Towards Weight Loss
  • Frequently asked questions

belly fat shrinker bonusesAs with most weight loss books, this one starts out by discussing reasons that you should lose weight, and the common mistakes people make when trying to do so that causes them to fail.

There’s a long chapter on motivation and mental readiness, and a lot of “secrets,” “tips,” and suggestions.

Frankly, there’s a lot of good information there, and you’ll learn a lot if you read all 169 pages of this book.


…the book is somewhat haphazardly organized, and there doesn’t seem to be any coherent weight loss plan described within it.

Yes, there are lots of good suggestions for the kinds of foods you should eat, the kinds of foods you should avoid, and the sorts of habits that you ought to adopt if you’re going to try to shed a few pounds.

What’s missing, and a quick glance at the table of contents above will make clear, is any sort of coherent weight loss plan.

Most people who purchase weight loss books of any kind aren’t looking for advice.  They’re not looking for reasons to lose weight.  After all – they want to buy a weight loss book.  They know they need to lose weight, so spending any time at all in the book trying to persuade them is pointless.

If they’re reading the book, they already agree.

What people are looking for in a weight loss book is a specific set of instructions that they can follow.

belly fat shrinker scamThose instructions are going to vary from program to program, but most people who choose to invest in a weight loss program simply want a set of instructions – “Day One – eat these foods.  Do these exercises.  Drink this ‘secret’ beverage.”

They want a list of foods they can eat, and recommendations for how much they should eat and how they should prepare it.

If there’s exercise involved, they want to be told what exercises they’ll be doing, what kind of equipment they need, and how often they should do those exercises.

A book of good general weight loss advice can be informative, but that’s all that Belly Fat Shrinker seems to be offering – good general weight loss advice.

If you’re one of those people who can read between the lines and devise your own weight loss plan from a long book of tips and suggestions, then you might be able to make this program work.

If you need to be held by the hand and told exactly what to do and when, then this program will not be a good choice for you.

That said, the exercise book, 4 Minute Shrinker Formula is good.  The exercises all use bodyweight, so you won’t have to buy any expensive equipment or join a gym to be able to do them.

The exercises are well described, are fairly easy to do, and the entire daily workout should take just four minutes to do.  The exercise book, in my opinion, is the best part of this program.


The Belly Fat Shrinker program is priced at $35, which is about the average price for weight loss programs sold via Clickbank.

There are several upsells offered at the time of purchase, and these include video exercise training and more.  They’re optional.

About the Author

I know nothing about the author of Belly Fat Shrinker, including his or her name.  There’s nothing on the book itself or the Website that lists an author, so it might be an individual or a corporation or a weight loss professional or a complete amateur.

Customer Support and Guarantee

Belly Fat Shrinker is sold through Clickbank, a large online publisher of books in the self-help niche.  Clickbank handles the purchase via their secure (https:) Website, so your personal information will be safe.

Clickbank also warrants their products for 60 days from purchase, so if you’re unhappy with the product or feel that it’s not a good choice for you, you may request a refund.

Pros and Cons


  • Thorough book
  • Affordably priced
  • Book isn’t full of upsells
  • Exercise program is simple and fast


  • No step-by-step plan

Belly Fat Shrinker Summary

belly fat shrinker - mehI’m sort of in the middle when it comes to Belly Fat Shrinker.  There’s a lot of good information in this book, but it’s presented in a rather scattershot manner, with no real step-by-step plan to follow.

While people could take advantage of the good overall advice in the book, most people would be better served with a program that offers them a more detailed set of instructions.

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