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Favorite Food Diet

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Badass Body Blueprint Review – Sculpted in 66 Days?

Badass Body Blueprint Review

Price: $19 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars3a

badass body blueprint reviewSo, you want to be fit?  You’re not alone; millions of people would like to be in better shape than they are.  For some, that’s not enough, though.  They not only want to be fit, but they want that lean, sculpted look that causes heads to turn whenever they’re out in public.  Not freakish, mind you, but something that will inspire people to think, “Wow. He looks good.” 

That’s what Badass Body Bluepriint creator Peter Tzemis wanted, too, and he set out to create a system that will allow anyone to get that look for themselves without killing themselves at the gym or starving themselves.  After all, what’s the point of looking good if you’re going to be miserable trying to maintain it?  That’s all promising, but is the program worthwhile?  Is Badass Body Bluepriint a scam?

Click here to visit the Badass Body Blueprint Website.

Read on for the full Badass Body Bluepriint review.

Badass Body Bluepriint Overview

Badass Body Bluepriint is a downloadable PDF book and it comes with four additional books:

  • Badass Body Blueprint 99 pages
  • Fast Start Guide 25 pages
  • 2 Minute Testosterone Rush 11 pages
  • Supplement Bible 7 pages
  • V-Line Abs 6 pages

All of this is sold for a quite reasonable price of $19 as I write this.  In addition to the main product, there are also three optional upsells offered when you purchase Badass Body Blueprint

badass body blueprint overdriveBadass Body Blueprint Overdrive  $27

Macro Calculator
7 Day Deadline Diet
Badass Abs Finishers
Overdrive Shake Formula
Restaurant Survival Guide
Drinking Survival Guide

Badass Body Blueprint Extreme  $37

Xtreme Main Manual – become superhuman
Freedom Lifestyle secrets – meet celebrities
Badass Style Secrets – Make yourself irresistible
Badass Mindset Secrets

Badass Body Blueprint X-Files $9

Interviews with:

Dress to make her obsess creator Spencer Ryann
America’s practical nutrition coach, Zack Zeller
America’s fat loss stength coach, Ryan Saplan
Badass Body Blueprint first graduate, Dan Y.

These upsells are optional, of course, and you’re free to decide if they’ll help you.  They’re all reasonably priced.

badass body blueprint scamThe main Badass Body Blueprint book is 99 pages of theory and instructions.   You can’t just get started working out and becoming lean and sculpted unless you have some idea as to what it is you’re trying to achieve.  As Peter Tzemis points out, most people take the wrong approach to working out and as a result, they run into a wall that he calls the Strength Resistance Syndrome.  You keep working out, but you don’t see any more improvement.

He has a workaround for that, as well as a common problem with workouts known as Pyramid Training.  This well-known workout method has some serious drawbacks, he says, and he has a counterintuitive method that will allow you to reap the benefits of using a workout pyramid without suffering from the problems that can come with that particular training regimen.

A good sized section of Badass Body Blueprint is devoted to nutrition, as you need to eat right in order to get fit and stay that way.  You can’t live on a diet of beer and Buffalo wings and expect to have a body that will  make women swoon.   Peter covers the basics of nutrition so that you can eat foods you enjoy while giving your body the nutrients that it needs.

Finally, of course, the Badass Body Blueprint book addresses the workouts themselves, and they’re included in simple, easy-to-follow form.  The nice thing about this program is that it runs just 66 days, which is about the length of time that most people are willing to give something like this a try.

Other books included with your purchase of Badass Body Blueprint are:

badass body blueprint peter tzemisThe Fast Start Guide – This is the “stripped down” version of Badass Body Blueprint, which includes all of the instructions, but little of the underlying theory as to why you’re doing things in a particular way.  You should read the full book the first time, but after that, you’ll likely want to reference the Fast Start Guide instead.

2 Minute Testosterone Rush – A simple, 2 minute exercise that Peter says will help increase your testosterone levels and decrease your cortisol levels.  This exercise must be done four times a day for two minutes each, but it’s quite simple and can be done anywhere.

V-Line Abs – This easy-to-follow 6 page guide gives you some specialized exercises to show you how to get those tight, sculpted V-line abs that drive women wild.

Supplement Bible – This 7 page guide has details and descriptions of a number of dietary supplements that Peter recommends in order to get the most out of your workout regimen.

The Badass Body Blueprint book is well-written and certainly easy to follow.  It offers a good overview of what it is you’re trying to achieve in building a better body and why most workouts don’t work.  There’s a bit of information about motivation, and that’s good, because the primary reason people can’t get and remain fit is that they refuse to stick with it once they get started.  Badass Body Blueprint includes a checklist to help you remain on track.

Will Badass Body Blueprint work? 

It probably will if you follow Peter’s instructions to the letter and stick with it for the full 66 days.  You will have to have access to a gym, and/or weightlifting equipment in order to get the most out of the program.   As I previously mentioned, the biggest problem with failure is that most people buy books like this, read them once, and do nothing else.  If you want to get fit, you’ll have to spend some time actually working out!

Badass Body Blueprint Pros

  • Easy to read and follow
  • Exercise regimens are not excessive
  • Method will probably work if you stick with it
  • Reasonably priced

Badass Body Blueprint Cons

  • Several upsells
  • The supplement book is essentially an ad for nutritional supplements
  • A number of typographical errors in the book
  • Occasional strong language

Badass Body Blueprint Summary

badass body blueprint - thumbs_upIf you’ve been thinking about getting fit and you want a set of instructions that are designed to give you a tight, well-sculpted body without having to spend 24 hours a day working out or starving yourself to death, you’ll likely find Badass Body Blueprint to be a worthwhile buy.

Badass Body Blueprint offers detailed instructions about how to get the body you want and why you need to do it in this particular way.  The workouts are varied and the entire process is something that you can do in about two months.

All in all, many people will find Badass Body Blueprint to be a wortwhile purchase.

Badass Body Blueprint is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Badass Body Blueprint Website.

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