About Us

My name is Charlie Essmeier. I’ve been dabbling in various online business ventures since 2000 and I’ve been working online exclusively since 2003. I actually work in a number of niches, including direct retail; one of my sites specializes in selling rare rock records. I’ve also done some affiliate marketing, some Kindle publishing, and a few dozen other things over the years. I’m always looking for new and interesting moneymaking projects on the Web.

I’ve got a few review sites here and there, including one that provides reviews of work at home opportunities. I created this site to help you make informed decisions regarding weight loss, health, and fitness products.

What makes my reviews different?  A lot of people aren’t aware that most reviews of health and fitness products are written by people who haven’t actually seen them.

They’re interested in receiving a commission if they can persuade people to buy the product, but their reviews are usually based only on information available on the sales page of the product they’re reviewing or information provided by the publisher of the product.

It’s easy to spot those “fake” reviews; they usually lack any details about the product itself, other than assuring you that it will work as described.

If I review a product on this site, it’s because I’ve actually seen it.  If it’s a book, I’ve read it.  If it’s a video, I’ve watched it.  If it’s a membership site, I’ve been inside the members’ area and seen what’s there.

You’ll find no fake reviews here.  That said, I may earn a commission if you read one of my reviews and buy through one of my links.  But I try to keep my reviews honest.  If I like a product, I’ll say so.  If I dislike it, I’ll say that, too.

I hope the site will be of help to you.  You can contact me here.