Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

The popular Favorite Food Diet shows you how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.

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5 Minutes Belly Burner Review – Lose Weight in 5 Minutes?

5 Minutes Belly Burner Review


Site: www.yourbellyburner.com

Price: $37 (plus upsells)


5 minutes belly burner review It’s tough losing weight.  It can be time consuming just to plan the diet, and if you also have to add in a lot of exercise and unusual meal preparation, it can take up a discouraging amount of time.

In fact, many people find the whole process of formally trying to lose weight to be such a headache that they frequently abandon whatever meal plan they’re trying before they ever have a chance at success.

Edward Strand, the creator of the 5 Minutes Belly Burner program (also known as the 5 Minute Belly Burner program) says he has a “5 minute trick” that people have used to lose weight without any of the hassles that ordinarily come with trying to lose weight.

That sounded interesting, and I’m always interested in anything that isn’t going to take up a lot of time, so I thought I’d take a closer look at the product.

Is 5 Minutes Belly Burner a scam, or will it help you lose weight?

Read on for the full 5 Minutes Belly Burner review.

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5 Minutes Belly Burner Overview

5 Minutes Belly Burner is sold as a set of downloadable books in the PDF format.  PDF books offer the convenience of portability, as you can read them on any computer device, including most smartphones.

You can also download the books immediately after purchase, without having to wait for delivery.

When you purchase, you’ll receive the following books:

  • 5 Minutes Belly Burner Ultimate Guidebook 66 page PDF
  • Higashi Secrets 11 page PDF
  • 14 Day Detox + 21 Day Maintenance 11 page PDF
  • Easy Delicious Fat-Burning Meal Recipes 17 page PDF
  • 100% Refreshing Smoothie Recipes 15 page PDF
  • Success Tracker 7 page PDF
  • 5 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad for You 2 page PDF

The first five books on the list comprise the main product; the last two are essentially bonuses.  The Success Tracker book is actually a long advertisement for a training and fitness app that you can install on your smartphone.

The 5 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad for You book is a list of exactly what the title suggests – foods that you might think are healthy but are not.  While this information is useful, it’s not essential to the program.

5 Minutes Belly Burner Main Product

The main product is spread over five books:

Ultimate Guidebook

The Ultimate Guidebook is the largest of the books, at 66 pages, but it isn’t really a guidebook and you’re not likely to use it for the weight loss program itself.

The Guidebook is an overview of nutrition, how your body stores and burns fat, and a comparison of several popular weight loss program.

While the book offers some good advice, most of what’s in it doesn’t have anything to do with the main “5 minute secret” that the sales page talks about.

There is a small section that does talk about that, but that section is reprinted in its entirety in the second book, Higashi Secrets..

Higashi Secrets

This is the book that talks about the “secret recipe” that the author acquired from deep in Okinawa.

I cannot disclose what the secret ingredient is, but this book explains what it is, why it’s beneficial, why it may help you lose weight, where you can acquire it, and how to prepare it.  This is not an item that you will likely to be able to find locally; you will almost certainly have to buy it online.

The preparation instructions are easy enough to follow, but a bit ambiguous.  When you’re done preparing this product, you’re left with something that is not entirely liquid, as you’re cooking a solid food item in water to create this product.

You should be aware that preparation of this product, in full, takes more than a day.

Yet the book says “With the (food item), we can add it in both meal plans or simply drink it as (food item) tea!”

There’s nothing in there about turning this food into tea, though the meal plan recipes do make use of the solid part of the food item.

The Higashi Secrets book also offers a few tips about eating in a healthy manner from the part of the world where this food item is found.

14 Day Detox + 21 Day Maintenance

5 minutes belly burner scamThis 11 page book offers a meal and exercise plan for 14 days, plus the same for the follow-up 21 day maintenance part of the program.

It’s pretty straightforward; the meal plan uses recipes that are provided in the Easy Delicious Fat-Burning Meal Recipes and 100% Refreshing Smoothie Recipes book.

The exercise part of the program is surprisingly brief; this program is more about diet than exercise.  The meal plan includes desserts, but the dessert recipes are not included in the Meal Recipes book.  They’re only available in a standalone book that is part of the 5 Minutes Belly Burner Turbo product, which is offered as an upsell at checkout.

Easy Delicious Fat-Burning Meal Recipes

At a mere 17 pages, the Meal Recipes book only includes recipes for eight entrees.  All of them include a photo, a list of ingredients, and the easy to follow instructions for preparation.

All of the recipes use metric units for weight and volume, so be aware of that if you live in the United States.

All eight of the recipes make use of the “secret ingredient” that you’ll need to prepare separately, but once you’ve prepared it, you’ll be able to easily add it to any of the entrees, which include:

  • Full of Goodness Beef Pizza
  • 5 Minute-to-Go Tuna Salad
  • Butternut Pasta Skillet

The 100% Refreshing Smoothie Recipes book has 7 recipes for tasty, healthy smoothies that do not use the “secret” ingredient found in all of the recipes above.  They look easy to prepare and will likely be beneficial.


5 minutes belly burner packageThe basic 5 Minutes Belly Burner program is priced at $37, which is a common price for weight loss products.  That price includes all of the books listed above.

There are several upsells, including the “Turbo” version of the program which includes the Fat-Burning Dessert Recipes book, a Psychology of Weight Loss book, a 7 Minute At-Home Workout Training Video and  Yoga Training program.  That upsell is currently priced at $47.

There is also a VIP Club upsell that sell for $19.95 per month.

About the Author

I don’t know much about the author, Edward Strand.  He says he’s the brother of the woman described on the sales page.  Aside from that, I know nothing about him, or his credentials.

Customer Support and Guarantee

5 Minutes Belly Burner is sold though Clickbank, a large online publisher of products, primarily in the self-help niche.  Clickbank handle’s the financial transaction and their site is fully secure (https:) so you won’t have to worry about your data being stolen during purchase.

Your purchase through Clickbank is guaranteed for 60 days, so if you’re unhappy with it or you discover that the product isn’t right for you, then you’ll be able to ask for a refund.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable product
  • Recipes look tasty


  • Book is unclear about where the “tea” comes from
  • Meal plan includes recipes and exercises that are only available in the upsell
  • Main book is poorly organized; you’ll look hard for step-by-step instructions
  • “Secret” ingredient is not readily available and takes hours to prepare
  • Exercise part of the program is largely left to the upsell product

5 Minutes Belly Burner Summary

5 minutes belly burner - thumbs downIf you’re interested in losing weight and you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different, you might find this program to be appealing.

The “secret” ingredient is something with which we were not overly familiar, and it’s certainly not something we find in our regular diet.

The recipes, while few in number, look tasty and do include this ingredient.

We’re not really sure what the “5 minute trick” to losing weight is, as the preparation for this product takes hours, though we supposed that one can consume it in five minutes, if need be.

If you’re interested in a weight loss program that offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and foods that you can easily find locally, this may not be the program for you.

While a few people may find 5 Minutes Belly Burner to be an interesting weight loss program, most people should probably look for a program that’s a bit more focused and concise.

5 Minutes Belly Burner is not recommended.

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