Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

The popular Favorite Food Diet shows you how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.

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Whole Body Fat Loss Review – Lose 30 pounds in 30 Days?

Whole Body Fat Loss Review

Price: $20 (plus $47 upsell)

whole body fat loss reviewI’ll get right to the point here – the title page of Whole Body Fat Loss says it’s “Your definitive guide to maximum fat loss.”  That’s a pretty bold statement.  Lost of people want to lose weight, and many of them struggle to do so.  It’s work.  It takes time.  And every book seems to have different, and sometimes conflicting, advice about what you need to do to shed those unwanted pound.

Along comes “Wes,” who says he has the definitive method to allow you to easily lose anywhere from ten to thirty pounds in just 30 days.  That sounds impressive, and anyone who has been struggling to lose weight would probably find that interesting.  Is Whole Body Fat Loss a scam?

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Read on for the full Whole Body Fat Loss review.

Whole Body Fat Loss Overview

Whole Body Fat Loss is sold as a downloadable PDF ebook, which is convenient.  The format allows you to download the book at any time of day and you can read it on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.  That makes it portable and the easier it is to read, the more likely you are to read it and put it to use.

When you purchase Whole Body Fat Loss, you’ll also receive a whopping eleven bonus books:

1.Maximum Cholesterol
2.Maximum happiness
3.Maximum Sleep
4.Maximum Posture
5.Purification Program
6. Quick Start
7. Whole Body Fat Loss Sugar
8. Whole Body Fat Loss Pasta
9. Sample Weekly Planner
10. Weekly Planner
11. Whole Body Fat Loss Road Map

I looked over a few of those, but didn’t take the time to read them all.  The Quick Start guide is probably the most useful, as it provides a brief list of the foods that are acceptable and unacceptable under the Whole Body Fat Loss diet plan.  The Weekly Planner is a chart for you to fill out to keep track of your meals.

The Whole Body Fat Loss Road Map is probably the most useful of the bonuses, as it contains the information that should have been in the Quick Start guide.  It includes specific instructions for what you should do and in what order.  It provides a sample meal plan, as well as a number of recipes.  While the Whole Body Fat Loss Road Map is fairly brief, at just 25 pages, it might be the most useful book of all of the ones included in your purchase.

whole body fat loss upsellThere’s also an upsell if you decide to purchase the Whole Body Fat Loss plan, and that’s for the Whole Body Fat Loss Big Book of Paleo Recipes, along with three other related books in the Paleo diet niche.  The Paleo diet is quite popular these days, and involves eating unprocessed foods and avoiding dairy and grains.  Many people swear by the Paleo diet, and it’s easy to adopt if you have the right cookbook.

The sales page for Whole Body Fat Loss includes an hour long video from “Wes,” the creator of the product, and oddly enough, it’s the exact same video that he uses to sell another weight loss product he offers for sale called Fat Diminisher.  Fortunately, you don’t have to sit through the entire video unless you want to, as the order button is right there below the screen.

I mention Wes because oddly enough, he is not the author of the Whole Body Fat Loss book. That would be someone named Dr. Kyle Umland.   I looked up Dr. Umland, and he appears to be a chiropractor by trade.  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know anything about losing weight, but I just thought I’d mention it.

The Dr. Kyle Umland. book itself runs 109 pages, and includes the following chapters:

  • You Can Lose the Fat
  • You Have to Lose the Fat
  • Why Losing Fat Has Been So Confusing Up to Now
  • Your Life After Losing the Fat
  • How Your Body Makes and Burns the Fat
  • Whole Body Fat Loss Preparation Kit
  • The Whole Body Fat Loss Plan
  • What You Can Expect From Whole Body Fat Loss
  • The Whole Body Fat Loss Ninja
  • Top 10 Tips For Whole Body Fat Loss Success
  • The Most Common Mistakes People Make with WBFL
  • Exercise Program
  • Basic Training Program
  • Conclusion

The bulk of the Whole Body Fat Loss book talks about human metabolism and how the body stores and processes fat.  The Whole Body Fat Loss plan itself outlines the sorts of foods that you should eat and the kinds that you must avoid.  These include most carbohydrates, most sugars, and most fats.  This is a fairly lean fat loss diet.

whole body fat loss bonusesEach chapter begins with a motivational quote, and that’s good, because lack of motivation is what prevents most people from seeing success when they try to lose weight.

The plan itself gives you several categories of foods, such as proteins, carbs, and vegetables, and you’re allowed to eat one item from each group at each meal.  You can eat anywhere from 3-5 meals a day, and the portions are not regulated.  You may eat until you are full.   You’re even allowed one day to cheat each week.

There’s a “Ninja” version of the program that allows you to speed up the fat loss by introducing moderate exercise and a few other “tips” that might help you lose weight faster.

Like most diet books, Whole Body Fat Loss recommends that you drink a lot of water each day and get some moderate exercise.  This is always sound advice.

Pros and Cons of Whole Body Fat Loss


  • Lots of motivational talk
  • Simple, easy to follow plan
  • Not too regimented
  • One day a week to cheat!


  • Overall plan isn’t very specific
  • No photos
  • Exercise plan is vague

Whole Body Fat Loss Summary

whole body fat loss - mehIs Whole Body Fat Loss a scam?  No, but it sort of falls in the middle of the pack among diet plans I’ve reviewed.  It gives some good advice about the kinds of foods to eat, but leaves it up to you to decide how to prepare them and to decide how much of each food to consume each day.  The exercise plan is vague, though the bonus books do help fill in some of the gaps.  On the whole, the entire program seems to have been rather hastily thrown together.


Can you lose weight with the Whole Body Fat Loss plan?  Perhaps, though there are better plans available.

Whole Body Fat Loss is rated so-so.

Rating: stars25a

Click here to visit the Whole Body Fat Loss Website.

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