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Favorite Food Diet

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14 Day Perfect Booty Review

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Weightnosis Review – Lose Weight Through Hypnosis?

Weightnosis Review

Site: www.weightnosis.com
Price: $67


weightnosis reviewIt’s hard losing weight; there’s no getting around that. There are many reasons for it; most people don’t want to change their routine, and don’t want to change their diets.

The fact is, you have to make some changes in order to drop some pounds. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to get the same results you’ve been getting.

Steve G. Jones, the man behind Weightnosis, has a plan. His Weightnosis program is designed to help you lose weight by training your mind to develop new and healthier habits.

Of course, you could read a book to tell you to “change your mindset,” but it’s one thing to read about that and another thing to make it happen.

Weightnosis is designed to help you train while listening to informative, relaxing recordings that allow your brain to learn while in a relaxed state. This, according to Jones, a hypnotherapist, is a great way to learn without a lot of effort and without a lot of distraction.

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look at Weightnosis.

Is Weightnosis a scam, or can the program help you?

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Read on for the full Weightnosis review.

Weightnosis Overview

Weightnosis is sold as a downloadable digital product, consisting of a few short PDF files and a series of MP3 audio files.

You can play MP3 files and read PDF files on just about any computer device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The nice thing about a downloadable product is that you can download Weightnosis immediately after purchase, regardless of the time of day.

When you purchase Weightnosis, you’ll receive the following:

  • About This Program PDF (9 pages)
  • FAQ PDF (4 pages)
  • Introduction & Instruction (MP3 audio; 9 minutes)
  • Module 1 – Self-Belief Redesign (MP3 audio; 45 minutes)
  • Module 2 – Habits Quick Switch (MP3 audio; 45 minutes)
  • Module 3 – Diet Plan Transformer (MP3 audio; 45 minutes)
  • Module 4 – Exercise Motivator (MP3 audio; 45 minutes)
  • Module 5 – Slim Forever Maintenance (MP3 audio; 45 minutes)
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Weight Loss Report (PDF; 15 pages)
  • Bonus: The Weekly Workout (PDF; 17 pages)
  • Bonus: Healthy Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert/Snacks for a Week (5 PDF books; 52 pages total)

weightnosis package and bonusesWith most products in the weight loss niche, the included bonuses are usually unrelated throw-ins. A common one I’ve seen a lot is a book called “The Healing Power of Water.”

These books, while not written by the creator of the Weightnosis program, are undoubtedly helpful. The Ultimate Weight Loss Report is a short but useful overview of some things that you an easily do to help you lose weight.

The Weekly Workout book offers seven days worth of exercises that are good for you, easy to do, short in duration, and which won’t require that you have access to a gym or purchase expensive equipment.

The Healthy Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert/Snacks books offer simple, tasty, and nutritional recipes that you can easily prepare in order to allow you to eat in a way that is likely more healthy than what you’re eating now.

All of these books, together, will help you along with the Weightnosis program itself, which is one of the most unusual weight loss products I’ve reviewed.

Steve G. Jones, the man behind Weightnosis, is said to be the author of 22 books relating to hypnosis, and he’s been at it for many years. Since a lot of losing weight is related to mindset and your mental state, hypnosis might very well be a good way to help you achieve a new outlook.

The basic program consists of five different lessons, each of which is contained in a relaxing, 45 minute MP3 audio file.

weightnosis lose weight with hypnosisThe author recommends that you find a quiet, relaxing place to listen. He recommends lying in bed, as the recordings are so relaxing that you may find yourself falling asleep while listening to them. He says that this is OK, as the hearing part of your brain continues to work even when you’re asleep.

The recordings all contain some relaxing background music, along with what sounds like the gentle roar of the ocean. Against this soothing background, Steve talks to you in a way to get you to relax. Then he shares some thoughts with you about changing the way you approach eating and diet.

Each lesson consists of five parts, though you won’t hear them identified as such:

  • Induction phase – to get you to close your eyes
  • Deepening stage – to get you to relax
  • Therapy phase – when your mind is ready to accept suggestions
  • Amnesia phase – to help you subconsciously remember what you’ve been told
  • Trance termination phase – to bring you back to your normal conscious state

Each of the five lessons are similar in length and structure, with the main difference coming during the therapy phase.

weightnosis fat lossThe recordings are of reasonably good quality and sound as though they were prepared professionally. Steve G. Jones has a pleasant voice that can still be understood against the music and ocean background.

The Weightnosis program suggests that you listen to each of these recordings, one per day, for at least 21 days. After this time, the information presented during the therapy stages of each recording should sink in and start to become part of your regular way of thinking.

Of course, it’s one thing to think about doing something and it’s another thing to actually do it. That’s where the bonus books, which offer additional weight loss help, fitness routines, and recipes for healthy eating, come in.

It’s the complete package that makes it all work. You likely cannot lose weight through hypnosis alone, but the full Weightnosis program offers you everything you need to eat right and get the exercise to help you maintain your weight loss.

If you’re not the sort of person who likes reading books and would rather listen to a method that may help you lose weight, Weightnosis will likely be of help to you.

Pros and Cons of Weightnosis


  • Not too expensive
  • Well-recorded recordings


  • Bonus books weren’t written exclusively for this program
  • Files need to be unzipped and extracted, which might be difficult for people who aren’t overly computer-literate

Weightnosis Summary

weightnosis - thumbs upMost products in the weight loss category come in the form of books. For some people, like me, that’s great, as I like to read. Others like a different approach, and Weightnosis offers you not only the opportunity to listen to what you need to know, but to absorb that information through hypnosis, which prepares the mind to learn while you relax.

If you’ve tried other weight loss programs and have had little success, you may wish to give Weightnosis a try.

Weightnosis is recommended.

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