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Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Review – Cure Dizziness in 14 Days?

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Review

Site: www.ultimatevertigoprotocol.com
Price: $37

Rating: stars3a

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol reviewIf you’ve ever suffered from vertigo, you know it can be unpleasant. I had it a few years ago, and found myself unable to function for about a week. All I could do was lie in bed with my eyes closed and listen to the TV. Every time I opened my eyes, the room seemed to be spinning.

Treatment for the condition can vary, as can patient responses. Robert Mueck, the author of Ultimate Vertigo Protocol, says that his methods can show you how to cure your vertigo and dizziness problems at home in just two weeks. That sounded interesting, so I decided to take a look at his book and see what it’s about and whether the methods described in it are worthwhile. Is Ultimate Vertigo Protocol a scam?

Read on for the full Ultimate Vertigo Protocol review.

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Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Overview

This product is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format. That’s convenient, as PDF books can be read on most computer devices, including portable ones, such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the downloadable nature of the book means that you can download it immediately after purchase, without having to wait for the book to arrive in the mail.

This product is a 116 page book that covers a variety of topics, including the symptoms, causes and treatment options for vertigo.

Chapters include:

  • Understanding Dizziness, Vertigo and Other Balance Problems
  • Dizziness and Fall Statistics and Resources
  • Risk Factors of Dizziness, Vertigo and Other Balance Problems
  • The Key Hormone to Get Rid of Dizziness and Vertigo and Other Balance Problems for Good
  • Mental and Physical Preparation for Treatment
  • The Ultimate Vertigo Protocol: Optimize the Hormone Level in Your Body the Natural Way

Vertigo is a condition that’s thought by most doctors to be related to the inner ear. Your inner ear has a number of small hairs inside it, as well as liquid. How the liquid reacts with the hairs controls how your body perceives motion and balance.

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol scamIn some circumstances, crystals can form within the inner ear, and if these crystals interact with the hairs, it can cause a debilitating sense of dizziness. It appears that the room is spinning, and there’s nothing you can do to make it stop. Spells can last for days at a time.

Treatment often consists of physical therapy, and sometimes medication. The symptoms often go away on their own. Women seem more prone to vertigo than men, and the chances of symptoms occurring increase with age.

In short, it’s a nuisance, and that’s why Robert Mueck, along with a co-author that he calls “Mr. Vertigo,” have written this book.

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol outlines the symptoms of the disease, what causes it, and what the author believes is really the cause. He offers a number of statistics that show how common the problem can be in the general population and he describes some of the methods that are commonly used to treat it.

The book then describes what the author says is a possible solution. It has to do with a possible deficiency of a particular vitamin. He says that not having enough of this particular vitamin can, in fact, increase your likelihood of suffering from vertigo.

It appears that there may be some scientific basis to this, and there are studies that link this particular vitamin, or hormone, as it’s described in the Ultimate Vertigo Protocol book, with an increase in your chance of suffering from this particular medical problem.

The treatment consists of a multi-faceted approach to correcting this problem. The author offers some diet solutions that can increase your levels of this particular vitamin, along with some simple activities that will also help.

Ultimate Vertigo ProtocolIn addition, the book offers some other practical solutions in the form of changes in your lifestyle, and applying relaxation techniques and accupressure. Many of the lifestyle changes are those that should make sense to anyone – make sure you get enough sleep, make sure you’re drinking enough water, stop smoking, etc.

The final portion of Ultimate Vertigo Protocol offers a two week, day by day plan that suggests a daily diet and routine that can help you learn to overcome these dizziness problems.

The Ultimate Vertigo Protocol book is well written, though it does offer a lot of information in the form of statistics. While interesting, most people who buy these kinds of books aren’t all that interest in knowing how many of their fellow citizens are suffering, too. They just want a solution, and they want it right now.

Another issue is that the book makes no mention of a common treatment for vertigo called the Eppley Maneuver. This was kind of surprising, as this form of physical therapy can be quite helpful in helping people overcome vertigo.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – If you think you may be suffering from vertigo, you should consult with your doctor before trying the methods in the Ultimate Vertigo Protocol. That’s just common sense.

Pros and Cons


  • Well written book
  • Advice may have some scientific basis
  • Advice is easy to apply
  • Book is reasonably priced


  • Author discounts the most common theory of vertigo’s cause
  • No audio option; you likely can’t read a book if you’re suffering from vertigo.
  • No mention of the Epply Maneuver.

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Summary

ultimate vertigo protocol - thumbs upAll in all, Ultimate Vertigo Protocol is a well-written book that anyone who suffers from vertigo will likely find to be interesting. The book isn’t overly difficult to read, and isn’t overly technical. The diet and exercise advice within Ultimate Vertigo Protocol is good general advice, and working to restore the vitamin deficiency described in the book may very well help you.

If you have tried other methods and you’re still suffering from dizziness, you may wish to give Ultimate Vertigo Protocol a try.

Ultimate Vertigo Protocol is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Ultimate Vertigo Protocol Website.

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