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Favorite Food Diet

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Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Review – Fix It Through Diet?

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Review

Site: www.thyroidwellnessdiet.com
Price: $37


thyroid diet and lifestyle reviewYou might not know much about your thyroid gland, but that small little gland controls a lot of things that go on in your body.  It turns out that a lot of people have a malfunctioning thyroid, and that can lead to a number of health problems, including fatigue, gas, depression, early menopause, inability to lose weight and more.

Sally Baker, author of the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book, says that you can control many of these symptoms, as well as others, by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Is this true, or is Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle a scam? Read on for the full Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle review.

Click here to visit the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Website.

Read on for the full Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle review.

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Overview

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  That means that you can download it immediately after purchase.  You can read PDF books on any computer device, including tablets and smartphones.

When you purchase Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book
  • Food and Exercise Journal
  • Basal Metabolic Chart
  • How to Live a Stress-Free Life book
  • Video: My Kitchen – take a tour of Sally’s kitchen

The main Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book is a no-frills, all-business 97 page book that covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Thyroid: Master of Your Metabolism
  • Chapter 2: Where does it all go wrong?
  • Chapter 3: Nutrition
  • Chapter 4: Lifestyle and exercise
  • Chapter 5: Weekly meal plan

thyroid diet and lifestyle scamThere is also an upsell that gives you a 28 day meal plan and diet guide, though the 7 day plan was, in my opinion, more than adequate.  If you like having your diet spelled out for you on a meal-to-meal basis, you might want to consider that upgrade.

The Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book is well written, and gives a good overview of what the thyroid does, how it works, and what goes wrong when it isn’t working correctly, which is surprisingly often. The author points out that medication has long been available for thyroid problems and correctly points out that this medication is relatively free of side effects.

Still, she says, you’re better off if you don’t have to take medication and that’s likely true.  If you can get your diet and lifestyle in balance and can avoid problems that might cause you to have to take medication, then you’re better off.

At this point, I should offer the obvious disclaimer – If you think you may have a thyroid problem, be sure to discuss it with your doctor before trying anything in this book.

Sometimes, one medical problem may resemble another one, so it’s best that you talk to a professional if you think you’re having problems that might be linked to your thyroid.

Author Sally Baker

Author Sally Baker

The bulk of the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book has to do with nutrition, and the nice thing about this book is that the advice isn’t necessarily specific to people who have thyroid problems.   Sally lists a number of foods that are good for you and a number of foods that you should definitely avoid.

The “avoid” list is one you’ll likely know already – you should avoid processed foods, sugars, and excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

Her diet plan consists of a sensible one, though you’ll be eating a bit more often than you may be accustomed to, as she suggests that this is better for people with a thyroid problem.

On the plus side, you’ll find that the diet does not require you to abstain from any food groups.  You’ll be able to eat protein, carbs, and even fat (though she’s pretty specific about which fats you should consume.)   Sally recommends specific proteins and carbs that she recommends and lists a few things that you should avoid.

The same goes for fruits and vegetables.  There are some that are good for people with thyroid problems and others that are not.  Fortunately she provides a complete list.

The exercise section of Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle is relatively brief.  She points out that regular exercise is a good idea for anyone, and specifically for people with thyroid problems.  Then she gives a few examples of exercises and a specific regimen that will work for most people that does not require anything in the way of special equipment.

The meal plan offers 7 days of breakfast lunch and dinner meals, complete with recipes.  In the meal plan, you’ll see such things as:


  • Buckwheat Ricotta Pancakes with Berry Sauce
  • Cheese and Avocado Toastie
  • Super Smoothie


  • Crunch Salad
  • Quinoa Tabouli
  • Cottage Cheese and Sweet Potato Stir Fry


  • Asian Baked Salmon
  • Greek Style Lamb with Mediterranean Vegetable Medley
  • Prawn and Tomato Spaghetti

There is also a section of snacks, just in case you need to have a little pick-me-up in between meals.  The Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle meal plan also allows you two cheat meals per week, where you can eat whatever you like, within reason, of course.

The Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book is well written and even the technical information is easy for the layman to understand.  It’s also nice to see a book in the health and fitness niche that isn’t filled with affiliate links or entire chapters devoted to trying to get you to buy other products.

A few photos in the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book would have been nice, however.  As written, the book is almost all text.  Granted, it’s helpful text that’s easy to follow, but the occasional photo, especially in the meal plan section, would have been a nice way to break up the monotony.

On the whole, however, the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle book is a worthwhile read and probably a good fit for anyone having any of the symptoms described above.  Again, you should consult with your doctor first, but the overall exercise and nutrition information seems to be sound.

Pros and Cons of Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle


  • Well-written book
  • Little filler content
  • Affordable
  • Recipes in both English and metric measurements


  • All text; no photos

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Summary

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle- thumbs upIf you have thyroid problems, you will definitely find Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle to be a good read.  I can’t say it’s a cure-all for your thyroid issues, as I’m not a doctor.  That said, the nutritional information is sound and the exercise regimen is easy to follow.  The recipes are easy to make and look to be quite tasty.

Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle is recommended.


Click here to visit the Thyroid Diet and Lifestyle Website.


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