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Sugar Cravings Smackdown Review – Lose Weight and Eat Right

Sugar Cravings Smackdown Review

Price: $37

sugar cravings smackdown reviewAre you overweight?  Do you carry a few extra pounds?  Is your craving for sweets a big part of the reason?  If so, you’re not alone, and Erin Huggins, the author of Sugar Cravings Smackdown, says that sweets were her Achilles’ Heel.  She could take the time and make the effort to eat all the “right foods” and even in proper proportions.  But she couldn’t resist anything sweet, and she would often find herself binging on whatever sweet foods she could find.

This, of course, led to her being out of shape and overweight.  Erin eventually discovered a way to lose the weight and overcome the cravings, though she says she still eats enough sweets to keep her satisfied. She wrote of her experiences in Sugar Cravings Smackdown, a course and diet plan that she says can help you learn to overcome your weakness for anything with sugar in it.

Is Sugar Cravings Smackdown a scam, or is it a solid plan?

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