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Half Day Diet Review – Lose All the Weight in Half the Time?

Half Day Diet Review

Price: $19 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars3a

half day diet reviewIt’s hard losing weight, and one of the reasons is that you have to adhere to strict discipline. People don’t like changing their habits, and when you’re on a diet, that can mean changing both what you eat and when you eat it. Most people find it hard to adapt to such changes, and that’s why they usually fail when they try a new diet plan.

Nate Miyaki has a different idea with his Half Day Diet program. With this program, you “trick” your body into thinking it’s on a low-carb diet when it really isn’t, and you’re effectively dieting only half the day while still getting to enjoy carbs. It’s a bit complex, but it sounded interesting. After all, nobody wants to starve themselves, even if it does mean dropping a few unwanted pounds. Is Half Day Diet a scam?

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