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Bodyweight Burn Review – 21 Minutes a Day to Weight Loss?

Bodyweight Burn Review

Price: $19
Rating: stars4b

bodyweight burn reviewSo you want to lose weight. Got it. That makes you pretty typical, as a lot of people would like to lose weight. That’s the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how you’re going to do it. You likely don’t want an overly restrictive diet. You almost certainly don’t want to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment. You may not even want to join a gym. So what are your choices

Adam Steer says his Bodyweight Burn system can get you losing weight almost immediately and that his 12 week program can help you lose weight in just 21 minutes a day without buying special equipment and without giving up carbs. That sounds promising. So what’s it all about? I decided to take a closer look at Adam’s system. Is Bodyweight Burn a scam?

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