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Body Weight Pilates Review – New Body in 21 Days?

Body Weight Pilates Review


Price: $15

Rating: stars4b

body weight pilates reviewLots of people are overweight and out of shape.  That’s no surprise, but one of the reasons is that exercising is hard.  Not only is it hard, but you usually have to either own special equipment or have a membership at a gym.  Then there’s the impact issue.  Some of us just can’t take the strain of high-impact exercises.

That’s where Sylvia Favela comes in with her Body Weight Pilates program.  She says that her program offers a workout routine that’s low impact, requires no equipment and doesn’t even take a lot of time.  In fact, she says that you can get a tight, fit body in just 21 days with her program.  That sounds promising, but is there really anything to it?  Is Body Weight Pilates a scam?

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