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7 Steps to Health Review -The Big Diabetes Lie

7 Steps to Health The Big Diabetes Lie Review

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7 steps to health reviewIf you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, you’ve got it tough.  For many people, this disease is a lifelong nuisance, and numerous complications can arise, and some of them are quite serious and even life-threatening.  Many people with Type 2 Diabetes will have to spend their lives carefully monitoring their diet and taking expensive medication, including insulin.  It’s not fun.

While this disease is often tied to obesity, that’s not always the case, and there seems to be no cure on the horizon, though there are ways to keep the disease at bay, provided that you’re diligent.  A new book, 7 Steps to Health, also known as The Big Diabetes Lie by Max Sidorov, says that you can reverse Type 2 Diabetes by using the methods in the book.  This seems like a far-fetched claim, but we thought we’d look into it and see what the book has to offer.

Is 7 Steps to Health a scam?

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