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50 Raw Desserts Review – Healthy and Tasty

50 Raw Desserts Review


Site: www.50rawdesserts.com
Price: $27


50 raw desserts reviewIt’s hard enough losing weight, but it’s even harder having to give up many of the foods you love.  That often includes desserts, because they’re loaded with fats and unhealthy calories.

Author Carolyn Hansen, who created the 50 Raw Desserts book, says otherwise. She says that you can lose weight and enjoy eating desserts at the same time if you follow her recipes.  The recipes in 50 Raw Desserts are free of added sugar, free of added fat, and gluten-free, too.  Not only that, but every one of the 50 recipes is also cooking-free.

That’s right; no cooking!  That sounds pretty tempting, so I thought I’d check it out.  I happen to have a gluten issue, so anything that’s gluten-free is right up my alley.

Is 50 Raw Desserts a scam, or does it deliver what it promises?

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