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Favorite Food Diet

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Suspension Revolution Review – Easy Way to Ripped Abs?

Suspension Revolution Review


Price: $23.50
Rating: stars4b

suspension revolution reviewSo you want to lose weight and get tight, six-pack abs? Lots of people do, but according to Dan Long, creator of Suspension Revolution, most people are going about it the wrong way. He says that the exercises that most people do will help, but that they’re not doing enough.

Dan’s Suspension Revolution 2.0 program says that you can exercise some 600 different muscles, including a number of them that you’d never use if you exercise the way that everyone else does. His program offers extensive workouts that are so effective that you’ll even continue to burn calories while you sleep. Well, he says that, anyway. That sounded interesting, plus, I didn’t know much about suspension training, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what Suspension Revolution is all about. Is Suspension Revolution a scam?

Read on for the full Suspension Revolution review.

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Suspension Revolution Overview

Suspension Revolution is a hybrid product; it’s a combination of downloadable ebooks and videos. The books are in PDF format, which means that you can download them at any time of day. They’re also portable, so you can take them with you and read them on just about any computer device, including your iPhone or tablet.

The videos can be watched online or are downloadable in mp4 format.

When you purchase Suspension Revolution, you’ll receive the following:

  • Suspension Revolution Beginner Book
  • Suspension Revolution Intermediate Book
  • Suspension Revolution Advanced Book
  • 3 workout videos for each of the levels above
  • Strap Finishers 2.0 Book
  • Bonus video: Top 10 Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does

suspension revolution bonusesThe Strap Finishers book is a 29 page PDF book that offers some additional exercises that are intended to complement those offered in the main program. The Top 10 Suspension Exercises video is an 11 minute video that shows you some bonus exercises that you can do in addition to those in the main books, though the main books are pretty thorough and grueling, so I’m not sure you’ll have any energy left to devote to bonus exercises.

The three main Suspension Revolution books are very similar in format. The Beginner and Intermediate books run about 50 pages each, while the Advanced book runs 126 pages. All of them have the following sections:

  • 1. Intro – Dan Long’s Passion for Fitness and Nutrition
  • 2. Testimonials
  • 3. Dan Long’s Kill Mode® Mindset
  • 4. Disclaimer
  • 5. When to do Your Workouts
  • 6. The Workouts
  • 7. Interval Training
  • 8. Exercises Library

The exercises in Suspension Revolution use something called suspension training, which is actually a trademarked term. It tends to be used generically, but the basic description is that suspension training is a resistance training program that uses straps with handles that are mounted to a fixed elevated surface, such as a ceiling or the top of a door frame.

suspension revolution scam

Dan Long of Suspension Revolution 2.0

You use your own bodyweight as resistance, and basically work to lift your own body while you do the exercises. This method has good and bad points. The good is that you won’t have to join a gym or buy a bunch of expensive equipment. The bad is that you will have to buy some equipment, and while suspension training equipment isn’t super expensive, it may cost more than a lot of people would like to spend.

Dan Long has been working in this field for a long time, and it shows in both the books and the workouts. The books are long on exercise programs and short on theory, so you won’t have to spend hours reading Dan’s explanations for why his program works or how it does it. He offers a few testimonials at the beginning of the book, explains his workout methods, including what he calls “Kill Mode,” where you really crank up the workout, and then he gets to demonstrating the routines.

The exercise program is divided into three levels – beginner (4 weeks), intermediate (4 weeks) and advanced (12 weeks.) You’ll be working out about five days a week, with three different programs each week, along with some interval training in between.

The exercises themselves are described and depicted within the books using color photos. In addition, they’re demonstrated in the videos, which are surprisingly lengthy and detailed. There are three videos for each of the three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and each of the videos runs about 40 minutes.

The videos are professionally shot and have good audio and video quality. You can watch them online or download them, though the downloads are rather large, running in the 250 MB range. There are no options to download the video in any format other than mp4, and the videos are not optimized for mobile.

Still, that’s a minor issue. The books are well-written, though a bit more information about suspension training in general would have been beneficial. Dan has apparently been doing this so long that he didn’t devote a lot of space in the book to describing exactly what you’ll be doing, or why. I guess he assumes that if you’re buying Suspension Revolution, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

The exercises become increasingly difficult as you go along, and you’ll start working out at a moderate rate but then you’ll increase the intensity as you go along. Frankly, it looks like a pretty tough workout, but then again, if you’re buying Suspension Revolution, you’re likely looking for good results.

I suspect you’ll get them if you follow the routines outlined in the Suspension Revolution book and videos. This isn’t for someone who is halfheartedly interested in working out, but if you’re willing to work hard to get good results, I think Suspension Revolution is a good program for you.

Pros and Cons of Suspension Revolution


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Good quality videos
  • Affordable program
  • Exercise program looks quite effective


  • Videos not optimize for mobile
  • You will likely have to buy some suspension training equipment

Suspension Revolution Summary

suspension revolution - thumbs upIs Suspension Revolution a scam? Not at all. This is a solid, well-thought-out program that’s designed to give you a thorough workout that’s likely more intense and comprehensive than what you’ll get at the gym. You will need some special equipment, but it’s not super expensive. If you follow the Suspension Revolution program, you’ll likely get great results.

Suspension Revolution is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Suspension Revolution Website.

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