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Super Power Paleo Cookbook Review

Super Power Paleo Cookbook Review

99 “fat torching” recipes that draw from the famous Paleo diet.


Super Power Paleo Cookbook Review – Tasty Way to Burn Fat?

Super Power Paleo Cookbook Review

$37 (plus upsells)

super power paleo cookbookDo you want to lose weight?  Yes, you probably do.  That’s not about you, as we don’t even know you. But statistically speaking, you probably weight at least a bit more than you should.  But losing weight is a pain.  You have to diet, and diets usually require you to eat foods that taste awful.  You can do that, if you like, as there are plenty of diets with awful foods out there.

Or you can try the Super Power Paleo Cookbook.  This book, by nutritionist Barbara House, says it contains 99 “fat torching” recipes that draw from the famous Paleo diet.  She says that her book contains recipes that are easy to prepare, tasty, and don’t require any weird ingredients like you often seen in “fad” diet books.  While we’re fairly fit, we do like to eat, so we thought we’d take a closer look.  Is the Super Power Paleo Cookbook a scam?

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Read on for the full Super Power Paleo Cookbook review.

Super Power Paleo Cookbook Overview

Super Power Paleo Cookbook is a book, delivered in downloadable PDF format, so you can download it at any time of the day and read it on just about any device.  The main product currently sells for $37, and the book runs 121 pages and contains some 99 recipes to cover your main meals of the day.

There are two upsells available when you purchase the Super Power Paleo Cookbook, and they are:

  • Paleo Food Planning Guide ($67) –  This 44 page book shows you how to plan your meals,  including scheduling and preparing them in advance, if you like.  There’s a section on optimizing your meals to get the maximum benefit from them and another section with helpful tips about how to speed up the food preparation process.
  • Paleo Dessert & Snack Recipes ($27) – This 107 page guide includes everything that the main Super Power Paleo Cookbook did not – desserts and snacks.  There are 97 recipes in all, from cookies, ice cream and pies to snacks like trail mix and smoothies.

We don’t usually recommend upsells, but the desserts in the dessert book look terrific.  If you like desserts, you definitely will want to consider that one.

So what is the Paleo diet, anyway?  The idea behind the Paleo diet is that modern food is too processed and that processing takes a lot of the nutrients out of our foods.  Back in the Paleolithic era, which ranged from roughly 2.6 million years ago until about 10,000 years ago, man didn’t eat processed foods. Instead, they ate vegetables, fruits nuts and meat.  What wasn’t in the Paleo diet was alcohol, coffee, sugar, salt, or processed oils and fats.

Obviously, in those earlier, somewhat harsh times, people were leaner and more fit, and their diet likely had a lot to do with that.  Opinions vary about whether you can lose weight today on the Paleo diet, but tens of thousands of people have tried it and many of them swear by it.

Of course, no one really wants to spend their time gathering fruits and nuts and no one wants a boring diet.  Sure, takeout pizza might not be good for you, but it is tasty, and lots of diet foods just taste awful, even if they are good for you.

The Super Power Paleo Cookbook offers to make the Paleo diet tasty, and they say that their recipes are easy to prepare, don’t require unusual ingredients and don’t take more than a few minutes to prepare.

So, what’s in the Super Power Paleo Cookbook book?  The book is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Breakfast
  • Soups
  • Salads a La Paleo
  • Lunch Entrees
  • The main Course – Dynamite Dinners for the Paleo Minded
  • Breads and Pastas
  • Conclusion

super paleo diet scamThe recipes in the Super Power Paleo Cookbook have been adapted by the author for people on the Paleo diet, though there are various degrees to which people adhere to this diet.  Because of this, certain recipes include suggested substitutions.  Others may have certain ingredients marked with an asterisk to indicate that they may be left out if you desire.

One thing you won’t have to worry about with the Super Power Paleo Cookbook is a lack of protein.  Many of these recipes are packed with protein, either from free-range eggs, or poultry, or sausage or even good old fashioned bacon.   Of course, there are also healthy portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts and lots of fiber.

Breakfast recipes include:

  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet (with two kinds of bacon!)
  • Power Pork & Sausage Skillet
  • Breakfast Bacon Burrito with Avocado and Greens

Super Power Paleo Cookboo Soups include:

  • Meatball & “Noodles” soup
  • Paleo Hearty Vegetable soup
  • Chile Lime Chicken Soup

Super Power Paleo Cookboo Salad recipes include:

  • Radish, Apple & Almonds Summer Salad
  • Shrimp, Sweet & Tossed Salad
  • Raspberry Ranch Berry Salad

Lunch Entrees in the Super Power Paleo Cookbook include:

  • Paleo “Fat” Burger
  • Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Taco Wraps
  • Paleo Pepperoni Pizza (cheese is optional, as it’s not technically “Paleo”)
super power paleo cookbook recipe

Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Taco Wraps

Dinner entrees include:

  • Beef & Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Rosemary & Basil Lamb Chops with Bread Crumb Coating
  • Beef & Veggie Wraps
  • Tilapia Pan Friend with Sauteed Tomatoes, Olives and Mushrooms
  • Numerous crock pot recipes

Bread and pasta recipes include:

  • Best Sandwich Bread
  • Almond & Slivers Bread
  • Sweet Potato & Bacon Noodle Pasta
  • Spinach and Ham Noodle Pasta

The Super Power Paleo Cookbook is well written, and the directions are easy to understand and follow.  You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to put Super Power Paleo Cookbook to use, as the instructions are easy enough for anyone to follow.

For example, the Rosemary & Basil Lamb Chops with Bread Crumb Coating certainly sounds daunting, and if you don’t cook regularly, this one might cause you some anxiety because it sounds so complicated.

Actually, the entire set of instructions for this recipe ran just ten sentences.   Combine some things.  Add some other things.  Place on a pan.  Bake.

It really is that easy, and most of the recipes look delicious.

Super Power Paleo Cookbook Conclusion

super power paleo cookbook - thumbs upIs the Super Power Paleo Cookbook a scam?  No, it’s a well-written, well organized recipe book that gives you 99 different recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They stick to the Paleo diet model, so if you’re looking to go that route to lose weight and get fit, the Super Power Paleo Cookbook is probably a great way to go.  The recipes are made from common ingredients and the directions are easy to follow.

The results should be quite tasty.

If you have been wanting to try the Paleo diet but don’t want to live on a diet of berries and nuts, the Super Power Paleo Cookbook would be a great way to go.

The Super Power Paleo Cookbook is highly recommended.

Rating: stars5a

Click here to visit the Super Power Paleo Cookbook Website.






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