Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Sugar Cravings Smackdown Review – Lose Weight and Eat Right

Sugar Cravings Smackdown Review

Price: $37

sugar cravings smackdown reviewAre you overweight?  Do you carry a few extra pounds?  Is your craving for sweets a big part of the reason?  If so, you’re not alone, and Erin Huggins, the author of Sugar Cravings Smackdown, says that sweets were her Achilles’ Heel.  She could take the time and make the effort to eat all the “right foods” and even in proper proportions.  But she couldn’t resist anything sweet, and she would often find herself binging on whatever sweet foods she could find.

This, of course, led to her being out of shape and overweight.  Erin eventually discovered a way to lose the weight and overcome the cravings, though she says she still eats enough sweets to keep her satisfied. She wrote of her experiences in Sugar Cravings Smackdown, a course and diet plan that she says can help you learn to overcome your weakness for anything with sugar in it.

Is Sugar Cravings Smackdown a scam, or is it a solid plan?

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Read on for the full Sugar Cravings Smackdown review.

Sugar Cravings Smackdown Overview

The Sugar Cravings Smackdown is a downloadable PDF ebook that is currently priced at $37.  That’s a typical price for books in the weight loss niche, but Erin includes a number of bonuses when you purchase Sugar Cravings Smackdown:

  • Personal Cravings Assessment – a 14 page PDF book that helps you assess your current diet and determine the source of your cravings
  • Sweet and Simple Meal Plan – a 22 page PDF book that offers healthy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Veggie Meal Plan – 30 days of delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes for all three meals of the day
  • Fat Loss Accelerator Guide – a 14 page PDF book to help simplify the process of counting and cutting calories
  • Several other PDF bonuses

If you like bonuses, you’ll like Sugar Cravings Smackdown, as Erin gives you a lot of reading for your money.

sugar cravings smackdown scamThe basic Sugar Cravings Smackdown book is a 48 page PDF book that is quite impressive in appearance.  Most books I’ve seen in the weight loss niche look like Microsoft Word documents that were converted to PDF format.  That’s not the case with Sugar Cravings Smackdown; this is a professionally prepared, slick looking ebook that, if printed, might resemble a magazine.  All of the pages and photos are full color, and the graphics are quite impressive.

The Sugar Cravings Smackdown begins with a “Personal Accountability Contract” that Erin asks you to sign.  This basically confirms that you’re willing to put in the effort to follow the plan.  She feels that if you sign a document that reaffirms your commitment, then you’ll be more likely to follow through and you will therefore be more likely to see success from the program.

The book itself is well written and is broken down into a number of helpful sections:

  • What is sugar?
  • Does sugar make you fat?
  • What causes sugar cravings?
  • Sugar Cravings Smackdown 101
  • Healthy Eating 101
  • Hydration 101
  • Program Prep
  • Restaurant Rescue

The main book works well with the Sweet and Simple Meal Plan bonus, as the first book gives you the overall plan and the second book gives you the recipes to help put that plan into action.

The basic Sugar Cravings Smackdown plan consists of three different phases, each of which is designed to help refocus your attention on what you should be eating.

Phase one of Sugar Cravings Smackdown is about making sure that you eat on a regular schedule.  It’s important that your body get in the habit of eating regular amounts at regular intervals.

Phase two introduces a bit of sweets each day, while making sure that you’re getting proper nutrition from everything else you eat.

Phase three gives you a final ratio of sweet foods to non-sweet foods that you can eat, day in and day out.

The three phases are introduced over a period of three weeks to allow you to acclimate yourself to the new diet.

sugar cravings smackdown bookThis is an oversimplification, of course, as the Sugar Cravings Smackdown goes into extensive detail about the role of sugar in your diet and why it’s not at all bad to eat some sweets.  The key, of course, is to establish an eating plan that allows you to eat an appropriate amount of sweets while not going overboard about it.

As with all responsible diet plans, Sugar Cravings Smackdown emphasizes that you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables and that you should be sure to drink lots of water each day.  A moderate amount of exercise is also recommended, though the Sugar Cravings Smackdown doesn’t really emphasize a specific workout regimen.

The Sweet and Simple Meal Plan book is as described; a book that offers a number of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes.  The recipes use common ingredients, are easy to follow and appear as though the finished meal will be quite tasty.

You’ll find that the Sugar Cravings Smackdown gives you a surprising amount of latitude regarding what you eat.  Erin simply helps you rethink how you go about eating so that you’ll make healthier choices.

Pros and Cons of Sugar Cravings Smackdown


  • Well-written, professionally formatted book
  • Simple plan that’s easy to follow
  • Recipes are tasty and easy to make
  • Good emphasis on how our body processes sugar
  • Lots of recipes among the various bonus books


  • Diet may not suit people without excessive sugar cravings
  • Product contains a lot of books when one might suffice
  • Not much emphasis on exercise

Sugar Cravings Smackdown Summary

sugar cravings smackdown - thumbs upI’ve read a lot of books on diet and weight loss and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that was as attractive and well-presented as Sugar Cravings Smackdown.  The book is concise and manages to describe the diet plan in a relatively small number of pages, so you aren’t likely to get bored with it.  You have plenty of choices regarding what you eat, and you’ll be able to eat quite a few sweet items each day.  The recipes look great and easy to prepare.  If you find yourself unable to resist sweets of any kind and you want to cut back and lose some weight, Sugar Cravings Smackdown is probably a good choice for you.

Sugar Cravings Smackdown is recommended.


Click here to visit the Sugar Cravings Smackdown Website.


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