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Favorite Food Diet

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Spec Force Abs Review – Six Pack in 6 Weeks?

Spec Force Abs Review

Price: $19
Rating: stars3a

spec force abs reviewIf you asked, you’d probably find that most everyone wants to look great. We’d all like to be of an appropriate weight and have a nice physique that had people staring at us when we’re out in public. Of course, few of us do, and there’s a reason for that, and a good one – it’s hard to do. Eating right isn’t that hard, and more of us should do it. But getting a ripped, tight physique is always going to take some work, and most people don’t want to go to the trouble.

According to Todd Lamb, the author of Spec Force Abs, it’s actually not as hard as you think. Todd says we’ve been exercising incorrectly, and that many of the exercises we’ve been doing to get fit are actually counterproductive and making us look worse. With Spec Force Abs, Todd says you can get fit and have six pack abs in just six weeks. That’s promising, so I decided to take a closer look to see what the book is about. Is Spec Force Abs a scam?

Read on for the full Spec Force Abs review.

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Spec Force Abs Overview

Spec Force Abs is sold as an ebook in PDF format; the format allows you to read the book on just about any kind of electronic device. You can also download it at any time of day, so you won’t have to wait for the mailman to bring it to you. Also included in the course are roughly 50 instructional videos that show you how to perform each exercise.

The book is also sold in a men’s and a women’s version; I looked at both of them and found them to be nearly identical. Part of that has to do with the fact that the exercises within the Spec Force Abs book are the same for both men and women. Women shouldn’t worry, Todd says, because differences in biology and hormones will prevent women from becoming overly “muscle bound.” The end result, he says, for either gender is that you’ll be fit.

spec force abs scamIn addition to the main Spec Force Abs book, you’ll also receive the following bonus books:

  • Fix & Flatten
  • Blue Jeans Perfect Butt Solution
  • Spec Force Abs Quick Start Guide
  • Spec Force Abs Daily Workouts

The first book, Fix & Flatten, is an 18 page ebook that covers the effects of “gut flora,” or microorganisms that live within your digestive tract. The second book, the Blue Jeans Perfect Butt Solution, is a 9 page PDF book that provides some special exercises designed to help you get better definition in your gluteal muscles so you will look better in blue jeans.

The Spec Force Abs Daily Workouts book gives you a condensed version of the main book, giving you lists of exercises to do each day, the length of time that you should do each one, and links to the videos for each of the exercises.

As for the main Spec Force Abs book itself, this book is a densely-packed, 115 page book that outlines the reasons for the Spec Force Abs plan, an explanation of what the plan will do for you and how it will do it, the four phases of the plan itself, and descriptions of the exercises themselves.

Additional sections of the book give a general overview of nutrition, dietary supplements, and secrets for maintaining your physique once you get it the way you want it.


  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Understanding the Plan
  • Phases of the Plan
  • The Spec Ops Secret
  • Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Exercise Descriptions
  • Additional Secrets for Staying Lean
  • Specforce Supplement Stack
  • Conclusion

In keeping with the “special ops” theme of the book, the Spec Force Abs program is divided into four phases:

The Recon Phase – A preparatory phase where you assess muscle quality and introduce the basics of abdominal tension.

The Alpha Phase – Foundational strength is established so you have the underlying muscle structure for your six-pack-to-be

The Bravo Phase – This is the extended phase that adds increased stress to the trunk.

The Charlie Phase – This phase is the most “extreme” phase of the program, and has advanced and more intense exercises. The author freely admits that many readers may never reach, or master, this phase of the program.

One of the nice things about the exercises in the Spec Force Abs book is that they generally don’t require special equipment, though there aspec force abs bonusesre some recommendations for buying either a pull up bar or a set of rings.

The exercises are explained in brief in the Spec Force Abs book and are accompanied by photos. They’re kind of hard to follow in the book, but you can see demonstrations of how the exercises work in the included videos. There are about 50 videos altogether in the Spec Force Abs program and you can view them online. They’re also downloadable in MP4 format, allowing you to watch them on whatever device you like. Most of the videos are quite brief; the one I checked out ran only about a minute. That’s long enough, however, to show you how the exercise is to be done. One problem I had with the videos, however, is that the volume of the audio was quite low, so unless you turn the volume way up, you’ll have trouble hearing what Todd is saying.

The workout regimen appears to be quite intense, though you won’t find yourself working out more than about 15-20 minutes per day. If you follow Todd’s instructions as directed, you’ll probably get pretty good results.

One thing that may bother some readers is that the book is rather intense reading. It’s technically complex, and written at a higher reading comprehension level than most books I’ve read in this niche. It’s thorough, to be sure, but it’s also a rather technical book. This is not light reading, and it may not be for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Spec Force Abs


  • Affordable
  • Well written and thorough book
  • Good demonstration videos show how to do the exercises


  • Book is somewhat dense reading
  • Volume on the videos is quite low

Spec Force Abs Summary

spec force abs - thumbs upIs Spec Force Abs a scam? No, it’s a solid, well-written book that may present some difficult reading for some buyers. The videos will cover all of the exercises and you’ll find that this program provides an intense, though not overly long, series of workouts. If you follow the book as written, you’ll probably see good results from it.

Spec Force Abs is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

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