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Skin Whitening Forever Review – Lighten Your Skin at Home?

Skin Whitening Forever Review


Price: $37

Rating: stars2a

skin whitening forever reviewHave you ever wanted lighter skin? It’s possible that you have, because if no one has, then there would be no reason for a book like Skin Whitening Forever. Presumably, there are people who want to lighten their skin, remove pigmentations, freckles, and other dark areas. The author of Skin Whitening Forever says that their all-natural solutions and creams will allow you to do that without having to spend a fortune on commercial products. The book also says it offers a permanent solution for having lighter skin.

This one sounded odd, but there’s seemingly a market for everything in the health niche, and after writing a lot of reviews for weight loss products, taking a look at Skin Whitening Forever seemed like an interesting diversion. I decided to take a closer look and give the book a read. Is Skin Whitening Forever a scam?
Read on for the full Skin Whitening Forever review.

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Skin Whitening Forever Overview

Skin Whitening Forever is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format. You can purchase it and download it at any time of day, and you’ll receive instant delivery without having to wait for the mailman to bring it to your door. You’ll be able to read it on a smartphone, a tablet or most any computer.

When you purchase Skin Whitening Forever, you will receive seven bonus books:

  • Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina
  • The Healing Power of Water
  • 177 Ways To Burn Calories
  • Supplementing With Superfoods
  • The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
  • 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
  • A Handbook of Health

I won’t dwell on these bonus books; they’re largely private label rights books that have been around for awhile. They might have some helpful information, but they’re not really relevant to the issue of skin whitening. They’ve been included to increase the perceived value of your purchase.

skin whitening forever scamI don’t know who the author of Skin Whitening Forever might be; there are no author credits in the book. The book seems to be marketed by the same person or company that sells Eczema Free Forever, and perhaps other books in the health niche, as well. That product also offers the exact same set of bonus books as the ones that come with this book.

The Skin Whitening Forever book is a 75 page book that offers solutions for whitening your skin at home. According to the sales page, the author is a Jamaican-born woman who wanted lighter skin, did some research, and found the “secrets’ to lighter skin that she’s sharing here. For some reason, the author didn’t care to share her name with us in the book itself.

The Skin Whitening Forever book is divided into the following chapters:

  • Skin Whitening – Introduction and Basics
  • A Rough Overview of the Best Organic Ingredients for Skin Lightening
  • Powerful All-Natural Recipes for Lightening Your Complexion
  • Diet – Fruits that Promote the Health of the Skin
  • Diet – Foods to Make the Skin Lighter
  • A Weekly Schedule to Help You Use the Natural Recipes in This Book

skin whitening forever bonusesThere’s not a lot of fluff here in Skin Whitening Forever; the first chapter offers some reasonable, and somewhat obvious, suggestions for protecting your skin and keeping it from getting darker. That would involve staying out of the sun and a few other health tips.

The bulk of the rest of the Skin Whitening Forever book consists of recipes for various lotions, creams and other topical items that you can apply to the skin in order to lighten it. All of these items are either individual items, such as juices, or mixtures of several ingredients. All of these things are readily available at your local supermarket and many of them are common items that you will likely already have in your kitchen.

While most of these items can be applied directly, others are to be mixed to form creams or lotions that can be applied to the skin.

Later chapters cover diet suggestions for fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet to help lighten your skin and to keep your skin healthy.

While the basic suggestions for dietary health and fruits and vegetables that will keep your skin healthy are basically sound, I’m not so sure about the topical products that are intended to be applied to the skin in order to make it lighter in color. Some of these might offer a bit of help, but as they’re all topical in nature, I don’t see how it’s possible for any of them to offer the permanent solution that the sales page says their book will provide. Your skin is constantly replenishing itself; the cells are constantly being replaced by new ones. As these mixtures are being applied to the surface of the skin, rather to the cellular structure, it’s not likely that these ingredients are going to have a permanent affect on your skin color.

Of course, the Skin Whitening Forever book is sold with a moneyback guarantee, so you’re free to try it if you like. On the whole, however, I don’t really think the methods described in the book are going to help you lighten your skin by an appreciable amount.

Pros and Cons of Skin Whitening Forever


  • Content is direct with little filler
  • No upsells within the book


  • A few typos
  • Lots of bonus books that are irrelevant

Skin Whitening Forever Summary

skin whitening forever - thumbs downSkin Whitening Forever is an odd book; it fits into a niche that I didn’t know existed and perhaps constitutes a niche of its own. I’m not really aware of any other products that promise to lighten the skin. The book is fairly straightforward, and has little filler in it. After a brief chapter on overall skin health, it gets right to the recipes for treating your skin, and all of them are easily prepared from common household ingredients. You’ll need to apply them regularly and often and none of them are likely to offer a permanent solution for anyone who is interested in having lighter skin.

I can’t really recommend Skin Whitening Forever.

Rating: stars2a

Click here to visit the Skin Whitening Forever Website.

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  1. Shyama says:

    I like to get an even skin tone.but i cant apply for the whole body.because we live in small house with my family.please explain me have any drinks to get whitning skin in this book.

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