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No Hassle Sexy Stomach Review – 12 Minutes a Day?

No Hassle Sexy Stomach

Price: $9
Rating: stars3a

no hassle sexy stomach reviewAre you a bit out of shape?  A lot out of shape?  A total wreck?  Would you like to have a tight, well-toned midsection and abs that draw attention?  Of course you would.  But if you’re like most of us, you aren’t interested in spending all of your time working out.  Perhaps you don’t want to invest in exercise equipment or a gym membership.  You’re not alone, and that’s why Max Hamm created his No Hassle Sexy Stomach program.

This training program says you can have a lean, sexy, well-toned abdominal area working out just 12 minutes a day.  Even better – you can do these workouts at home and you won’t have to have any special equipment to do it.  That all sounds promising, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is No Hassle Sexy Stomach a scam?

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Read on for the full No Hassle Sexy Stomach review.

No Hassle Sexy Stomach Overview

Most of the products that I review here are books, but No Hassle Sexy Stomach is a hybrid course.  This course consists of two primary components:

  • The No Hassle Sexy Stomach workout videos
  • No Hassle Sexy Stomach exercise guide

The course also includes three bonuses:

  • No Hassle Sexy Stomach Nutrition Guide
  • No Hassle Sexy Stomach Mental Dominance Guide
  • No Hassle Sexy Stomach Party Guide

no hassle sexy stomach bonusesWhile these three books are offered as “bonuses,” they’re really part of the main course, as all five parts are necessary to make everything work.

The videos are available on the product Website, and you can view them at any time.  There’s a video player built in to the page, so you can just watch them on the site without having to bother with the hassle of a download.  There are three videos, one for each “stage” of the No Hassle Sexy Stomach program, and each video runs about 17 minutes.  You can enlarge the videos to full screen and you can pause or rewind them at any time.

The videos are accompanied by the No Hassle Sexy Stomach Exercise Guide, which is a 120 page PDF ebook that outlines the exercise regimen that you’ll be using over the eight weeks or so of the course.  The exercise program is broken down into three main stages; Stage 1 is for weeks 1-4, Stage 2 is for weeks 5-6, and Stage 3 is for weeks 7 and 8.

The exercises regimen is one that a lot of people will like:

  • You only have to exercise 12 minutes per day
  • You get every other day off
  • You won’t have to have any special equipment
  • You won’t have to join a gym

no hassle sexy stomach bookEach of the exercises can be done with things you’ll have at home.  Max realizes that not everyone is going to be in the same physical condition when starting on the No Hassle Sexy Stomach program, so the program provides different levels of exercise for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.  You’ll be able to take a short test to determine where you fit.

For each exercise, No Hassle Sexy Stomach offers a slightly different exercise regimen for each level.  With this program, the exercises are timed.  You don’t engage in a specific number of reps for a particular exercise.  Instead, you do each exercise for a specific amount of time.  The amount of time for a given exercise will vary depending on your level.  You simply do as many reps of a given exercise as you can in the allotted amount of time.

The No Hassle Sexy Stomach Exercise Guide is pretty no-frills; you won’t see a lot of fluff text in it.  It’s pretty much a solid 120 pages of exercises, with a photo of Max engaging in each one as a reference.  Each exercise comes with complete instructions, and specific amounts of time in which you’re supposed to do it each time.

To complete the No Hassle Sexy Stomach workout program, you simply do the Stage 1 exercises for four weeks, then the Stage 2 exercises for two weeks, then the Stage 3 exercises for two weeks.

In addition, of course, you’ll want to take advantage of the information in the “bonus” books.  The No Hassle Sexy Stomach Nutrition Guide, for example, offers some tips and guidelines for how to eat properly.  Max points out that you can’t get a flat stomach if you’re also eating poorly.  Don’t worry; the Nutrition Guide isn’t some horrible diet that will leave you starving and looking like a third world refugee.  It’s common-sense advice for what you should eat and what you shouldn’t, and the Guide offers a sample diet for a week to give you some sort of idea as to what you should be eating.

no_hassle_sexy_stomach_scamThe No Hassle Sexy Stomach Mental Dominance Guide is a fairly short (11 pages or so) guide that helps you understand the importance of having the right attitude while working on the program as well as having the right attitude towards life in general.  A big part of getting fit is having the right attitude, as there is some discipline involved in getting yourself into shape.  You have to acknowledge that you’re going to have to submit to a regular routine and that you’re going to have to stick with it if you’re going to succeed.

The No Hassle Sexy Stomach Party Guide is a short PDF book that offers some helpful advice as to how you can attend social events without sacrificing your gains.  It shows you how to eat and drink properly in social situations and how to be sure that you’re still getting a bit of exercise, too.

Pros and Cons of No Hassle Sexy Stomach


  • Well-written book that has little or no filler.  It’s all solid information.
  • Videos are instructive and easy to follow
  • Course is affordably priced


  • Not a lot of explanation as to why you’re doing this exercise or that one
  • Videos are online only; you cannot download them

No Hassle Sexy Stomach Summary

no hassle sexy stomach- thumbs upIs No Hassle Sexy Stomach a scam?  No, it’s a solid, well-thought out exercise program that, if put to use, will almost certainly get you in good shape.  Will it get you six pack abs like Max has?  That’s hard to say, as no two people are alike.  The program does seem pretty comprehensive, and it’s more than affordable and it only takes 12 minutes every other day to do.  With that, pretty much anyone who is currently out of shape should see quite a bit of improvement.

No Hassle Sexy Stomach is recommended.


Click here to visit the No Hassle Sexy Stomach Website.



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