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My Back Pain Coach Review – Pain Free in 16 Minutes?

My Back Pain Coach Review

Price: $37 (plus shipping if buying the DVD version)
Rating: stars4b

my back pain coach reviewDo you suffer from back pain?  It wouldn’t be surprising if you do, because millions of people suffer from chronic pain in their back.  That can keep you from enjoying many of life’s fun activities, it can prevent you from sleeping well and it can keep you from working.  Plus, it’s just unpleasant, being in pain all the time.

Ian Hart, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, says he can help you fix that problem in about 16 minutes with his My Back Pain Coach program.  While I don’t regularly suffer from back pain, I have occasionally had issues with it, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what his program is all about.  Is My Back Pain Coach a scam?

Click here to visit the My Back Pain Coach Website.

Read on for the full My Back Pain Coach review.

My Back Pain Coach Overview

I was rather surprised to see that My Back Pain Coach isn’t a book, as PDF ebooks are the predominant format for products in the health and fitness niche.  My Back Pain Coach is actually a video course, and you have the option of purchasing the course as either a digital course that you can download or view online, or you can purchase it in the form of a physical DVD.  The DVD edition also includes access to the online format.

In addition to the main My Back Pain Coach course itself, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

  • 10 Targeted coaching videos
  • Free one-on-one coaching
  • Begin Your Day video program

my back pain coach programWith the exception of a short 7 page PDF book that outlines a few of the exercises, the entire My Back Pain Coach course is presented in the form of video.  The digital version can be viewed in any Web browser, and the videos are also downloadable in mp4 format, so you can view them on a device of your choosing.

Once you buy the My Back Pain Coach course, you’ll have access to the members area on the Website.  From there, you can click the “start here” link and you’ll see two introductory videos from Ian.  These explain what the My Back Pain Coach program is about and offers some basic information that you should know before trying the exercises.

The next recommended step is to watch the 10 coaching videos:

  • Get up and down without risking injury
  • The mind-body connection
  • How to activate your abs
  • The importance of breathing consistently
  • The neuro-muscular connection
  • How you will progress through each level of the program
  • How to increase your back’s flexibility and mobility
  • What do do right after a session to further help your back
  • Another tip for right after a session
  • 8 dangerous mistakes that make your back pain worse

my back pain coach coaching videoWith the exception of the last video, which runs 22 minutes, the other videos in My Back Pain Coach are fairly short at about 2 minutes each.  They give you a good explanation for what you’ll be doing and how to be sure that you’re doing it correctly, as well as offering a good explanation for exactly what is going on with your back and why you’re likely suffering.

The main My Back Pain Coach program is then divided into three levels:

  • Level I is the entry level.  This 32 minute video establishes form and gets you in some basic semblance of shape before progressing to the next, more intensive level.  Ian recommends that you do the exercises shown in this level three times a week for three weeks before advancing to Level II.
  • Level II is more intense, and this 27 minute video shows some advanced exercises.  As with Level I, you should practice these exercises for a three weeks before moving on to Level III.
  • Level III also runs 27 minutes and is the most advanced of the three videos.  By this point, your muscles should be sufficiently toned.

The back pain videos in My Back Pain Coach appear to be professionally shot and Ian describes how to perform the exercises with the help of a test subject.  The exercises are straightforward and require nothing in the way of special equipment.  You won’t need access to a gym, but a mat to use when you lie on the floor will be helpful.

Two bonus videos are included as the Begin Your Day program.  These two videos run 9 and 11 minutes, and cover both basic and advanced mobility exercises.  These are a great way to stretch and get comfortable before starting more aggressive exercises or otherwise getting on with your day.  As with the videos above, they appear to be professionally shot and offer instructions that are easy to follow.

This goes without saying, but I’ll add it anyway: If you are experiencing unusual back pain, be sure to discuss it with your doctor prior to trying anything in this course.  Back pain can sometimes indicate serious illness.

my back pain coach level 3 videoAll in all, the exercises offered in the My Back Pain Coach program are well shot, well explained and easy to follow.  If you have been suffering from chronic back pain for some time, these exercises appear to be tailored to help you in that specific area, addressing the muscles in that part of the body.   Chances are good that you’ll find some relief.  You’ll also likely become a bit more fit overall, and that’s a good thing, too.

Pros and Cons of My Back Pain Coach


  • Affordable
  • Well shot videos
  • Exercises are well explained and demonstrated and easy to follow
  • Option to get the videos on DVD


  • PDF version of the program would be helpful, but is not included
  • Multiple short coaching videos could have been combined into one

My Back Pain Coach Summary

my back pain coach - thumbs upIs My Back Pain Coach a scam?  No, it’s a solid exercise program that’s tailored exclusively for those with chronic back pain.  The videos are downloadable, viewable online and even available in DVD format.  The demonstrations are well explained and the exercises are easy to follow.  You won’t need any special equipment, either, and you can perform the exercises in just a few minutes per day.  If you suffer from ongoing pain in your back, My Back Pain Coach will probably help you.

My Back Pain Coach is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the My Back Pain Coach Website


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  1. Avatar Sophia Lim says:

    This product looks good! I have been sufferring from sciatica for months.. i really quite sick of taking painkillers. I ready to try but is there any users in your blog that tried and works? Thank you…

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