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Favorite Food Diet

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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – 2 Minute Secret to Weight Loss?

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Price: $27

Rating: stars3a

lean belly breakthrough reviewLots of people want to lose weight, but most people still have some restrictions regarding how they want to go about doing that.  Lose weight?  Sure.  Lots of exercise?  Uh, probably not.  Major changes to the diet?  You’re kidding, right?  Does that sound familiar?  If so, it doesn’t make you unusual.  It makes you about average.  It’s hard work to lose weight, and most people aren’t interested in engaging in hard work to do it.  It takes a long time and the results are slow to come.

That’s where Lean Belly Breakthrough fits in.  This book by Bruce Krahn, says that you can lose a lot of belly fat quickly by engaging in what he calls a “2 minute ritual for shocking belly fat loss.”  That sounds like a lot of hype, but what if it’s for real?  I decided to take a closer look and see if this plan is really worthwhile of if it’s just another book full of hype.  Is Lean Belly Breakthrough a scam?

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Read on for the full Lean Belly Breakthrough review.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Overview

Like most weight loss products these days, Lean Belly Breakthrough is sold as a downloadable ebook.  This book is in PDF format and can be downloaded at any time of day.  You can read it on a smartphone, a desktop computer, or just about anything else in between.

When you purchase Lean Belly Breakthrough, you’ll receive the following bonuses:

  • Tracking sheets
  • Libido-Boosting Foods guide
  • Fat Burning Desserts guide
  • Body Fat and Hormones guide
  • Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan
  • Emergency Fat Loss guide

lean belly breakthrough scamThe Lean Belly Breakthrough Tracking Sheets are a log where you can keep track of what you eat and when you eat it.  The Libido-Boosting Foods book is a 3 page book listing some foods that the author suggests will help improve your sex drive.  The Fat Burning Desserts guide is a 10 page PDF book with some dessert recipes that the author says will help you burn fat.  These desserts are both sugar free and gluten free, so that’s a plus.

The Body Fat and Hormones guide is an 8 page PDF book that talks about various hormones in our bodies and their relationships with body fat.  The Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal plan is a 21 page book of recipes for smoothies, salads and entrees that help promote fat burning, along with a recommended plan for what you should eat, and when.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough Emergency Fat Loss guide might have been called “the quick start guide,” because it’s really just a short version of the main Lean Belly Breakthrough book.  It will let you get started without having to read all of the background information about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  If you just want to jump in and get going, this is the book you should read first.

As for the main Lean Belly Breakthrough product, it’s a 39 page PDF book that is divided into the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One – The Deadly Warning Signs
  • Chapter Two – How to Become Heart Attack Proof
  • Chapter Three – Inflammation – the Deadly Internal Irritation
  • Chapter Four – Preparing to Put Out the Fire
  • Chapter Five – The Rituals: 14 Days to Eliminate Inflammation

A large portion of Lean Belly Breakthrough is devoted to explaining why, in the author’s opinion, most of us are carrying too much weight around and why we can’t do anything about it.  His explanation has to do with inflammation, caused by the consumption of foods that irritate our bodies, rather than nourish them.

Lean Belly Breakthrough explains the problems that can be caused by a diet consisting of too much of these “bad” foods, and how we should replace them with their “good” counterparts.  A good portion of Chapter Four is devoted to telling you what to throw away from your kitchen and what you should use to replace those things.

lean belly breakthrough weight lossFinally, the “meat” of the Lean Belly Breakthrough program comes in Chapter Five, where you finally get to meet the “2 minute ritual” that Bruce talked about on his Website.  In truth, there isn’t a single “ritual,” but instead there is a list of things that you need to do to make his program work.  There are ten of these things, which he says will likely take no more than two minutes each.

He’s fudging a bit, as some of the two minute things need to be repeated, such as the recommended exercises.  On the other hand, they are just two minutes in duration apiece.

The main Lean Belly Breakthrough program consists of changes to your diet and adding some exercise.  The dietary changes will come in the form of changing what you eat, as well as changing when you eat it.  On the plus side, you won’t be cutting out a whole lot of foods in this program.   Lean Belly Breakthrough is not one of those weird plans where you have nothing but smoothies for a month.  No, with the Lean Belly Breakthrough plan, you’ll be eating regular meals and they’ll be full meals.

You will, however, have to change the makeup of those meals, and you’ll be giving up sugar more or less completely, as well as reducing your intake of certain carbs.  You will, however, be drinking plenty of liquids, eating a fair amount of protein, and eating lots of vegetables.

The recommended exercises with the Lean Belly Breakthrough program are short in duration and are easy to do without much in the way of exercise equipment.  The Lean Belly Breakthrough book includes videos that will show you how to do them, and they don’t take long, nor do they look particularly difficult.

The diet itself looks like a well-rounded diet, and I was rather surprised to see that it wasn’t more extreme.  Many diets dramatically cut one or more food groups or encourage you to fast regularly, sometimes for up to 24 hours.  While the meals in this plan are scheduled, you’re not likely to find the schedule to be difficult or one that will leave you hungry.

The recipes look to be pretty simple to prepare, and there aren’t any exotic ingredients that will have you scurrying all over town to find.  Chances are good that everything you need is as close as your local grocery store, assuming that you don’t already have them in your pantry.

If you follow the Lean Belly Breakthrough plan, chances are you’ll see some improvement in your ability to lose weight.  I don’t know if the results will be “shocking,” as it says on the sales page, but you’ll likely see positive results.

Pros and Cons of Lean Belly Breakthrough


  • Well-written book
  • Good explanation for why this plan will help you
  • Video links included in the book
  • Exercises are simple to follow


  • Too many books; they all could have been packaged together
  • Lots of smoothies in the diet
  • Results will likely be less extreme than described on sales page

Lean Belly Breakthrough Summary

lean belly breakthrough- thumbs upThe sales page for Lean Belly Breakthrough says you’re going to see “shocking” results.  I doubt that; this is a well-rounded diet that doesn’t appear to be extreme in any way.  That doesn’t mean that the program won’t work or that you won’t lose weight; it just means that you’re likely to see some gradual results, rather than something quick and astonishing.

On the plus side, the program is easy to follow, the recipes are easy to prepare, and you won’t find yourself spending hours each day working out.  If you’re looking for a simple, easy to follow weight loss guide, then Lean Belly Breakthrough may help you.

Lean Belly Breakthrough is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Lean Belly Breakthrough Website.


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  1. Avatar Linda says:

    I purchased this program. It is useless to me if I can’t access the Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan ebook. Thanks

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