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Favorite Food Diet

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Gout Diet Guide Review – Treat It Yourself in 30 Days?

Gout Diet Guide Review


Price: $47
Rating: stars4b

gout diet guide reviewIf you suffer from gout, you know that it can be a very painful condition, as well as a chronic one.  Once you get your first attack, you can be pretty certain that others will eventually follow.  The disease isn’t usually life-threatening, but it can be quite a strain on your lifestyle and it’s just plain uncomfortable.

Claundine Henderson, the author of Gout Diet Guide, says that the methods described in her book can help you overcome your symptoms and have you more comfortable in less than 30 days, all with methods you can do yourself at home.  That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what Gout Diet Guide is all about.  Is Gout Diet Guide a scam?

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Read on for the full Gout Diet Guide review.

Gout Diet Guide Overview

Gout Diet Guide is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  You can read PDF books on nearly any computer device, from your smartphone to your desktop PC or Mac.  You can also download the book immediately after purchase, which means you won’t have to wait for delivery by mail.

When you purchase Gout Diet Guide, you’ll also receive the following bonus books:

  • Complete Body Fitness 101 ebook
  • Easy Self-Motivation for Gout Patients ebook
  • Losing Weight the Healthy way ebook
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques for Gout Patients ebook
  • Healthy Yoga for Beginning Gout Patients ebook
  • Losing Weight Safely ebook
  • Natures Best: Effective Herbal Medicines ebook

That’s a lot of bonus material, but most of it is only tangentially related to the main topic of your gout and how to treat it.  Before going any further, let me emphasize that if you believe that you are suffering from gout, you should first discuss your condition with your doctor before trying any home remedies.  This is mentioned in Gout Diet Guide, but I thought I’d mention it again.  If you think you’re ill, talk to your doctor first.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the main Gout Diet Guide book.  This book runs about 125 pages, and offers the following chapters:

  • What is Gout?
  • Gout Attacks
  • Men vs. Women
  • Diagnosis
  • Alternative Remedies
  • Minimizing Your Risks
  • Gout Myths
  • Research and Development
  • Changing Your Habits
  • Purine Content in Food
  • Recipes and Cooking Guide

gout diet guide bonusesThe first section of the Gout Diet Guide book likely covers material with which you’re already familiar if you’re suffering from gout.  It describes the disease, and its causes, and why some people are more likely to suffer from it than others.  In short, gout is a disease that is caused by too much uric acid in your system, and that can lead to a very painful arthritis-like condition with painful attacks that can last for hours, days, or even weeks.

Some people are genetically predisposed to the condition and others are drawn to it due to sudden weight loss or a diet that’s inappropriate for their particular metabolism.

There are some drugs that can help minimize the symptoms of gout, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help, too.  On the other hand, some of the drugs that are commonly prescribed for gout have side effects of their own and they can interact poorly with other medications that you may need to take for conditions which are life-threatening.

Gout Diet Guide then goes on to describe some ways that you can help ease your gout symptoms on your own.  There are some lifestyle changes that are probably in order, such as drinking more water, getting more rest, getting some exercise, and changing your diet.

The diet is the important part, and that’s where the bulk of Gout Diet Guide suggests that you put your emphasis.  Certain foods can cause the levels of uric acid in your body to rise, and that can lead to gout attacks.  Obviously, you will then want to avoid those foods and eat other foods instead.

gout diet guide scamThe author of Gout Diet Guide suggests that you should try to eat a diet that will steer your body to being more alkaline, rather than acidic, though many common foods that we eat are more acidic in nature than alkaline.  For that reason, the author recommends a specific diet, and for that, she’s included more than 100 recipes in the Gout Diet Guide.

The recipes are easy to prepare, use ingredients that you may already have on hand or can purchase at your local grocery store, and are inventive and appear to be tasty.

Among the recipes in the Gout Diet Guide are:

  • Vanilla Apple Waffles
  • Mango-Filled French Toast
  • Grilled Persian Chicken
  • Jerk Salmon
  • Cheesy Eggplant Pasta
  • Stir Fried Veggie Curry
  • Vermicelli Rice with Cinnamon
  • Glazed Miso Chicken
  • Cinnamon Crusted Strawberry Flan

All of those like like things that I would enjoy eating, and I don’t even suffer from gout.  With 100 recipes to choose from, you’ll find lots of things to eat, even if you’re a picky eater.

Gout Diet Guide is written in a fun, breezy, informal style, but still conveys a lot of information in a relatively short book.  If you’re suffering from gout and you’d like to try to minimize your symptoms by natural means, you will likely find the book to be a big help.

Pros and Cons of Gout Diet Guide


  • Well written book
  • Good, tasty, easy to prepare recipes
  • Suggestions appear to be in line with conventional medical treatment
  • Lots of bonus books


  • Book is somewhat expensive
  • Some of the bonuses aren’t all that relevant

Gout Diet Guide Summary

gout diet guide- thumbs upIf you suffer from gout, you have my sympathy.  It’s an unpleasant condition and one that is unlikely to go away without major lifestyle changes.  If you’ve tried everything else, you may find Gout Diet Guide to be a big help.  The book is well written, offers some good suggestions for changing your lifestyle to help minimize your attacks, and provides more than 100 tasty recipes for meals that will help reduce your uric acid levels and hopefully keep you more comfortable in the future.

Gout Diet Guide is well written and is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Gout Diet Guide Website.

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