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Flat Belly Fix Review – 23 Pounds in 21 Days?

Flat Belly Fix Review



Price: $37


flat belly fix reviewIf you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’d like to lose weight.  If you’re reading about a weight loss product, then you already know that losing weight is hard.

That’s because your body burns most of its energy just by existing, and even adding a ton of exercise to your daily routine doesn’t do much to help you burn more energy.

It’s what you eat and when that matters more, and that’s what Flat Belly Fix is all about.

The author of the book, Todd Lamb, says that he “accidentally” discovered a nutrition secret that helped his wife lose 23 pounds in 21 days and that the secret is something that anyone can employ, and you can lose weight without having to undergo a ridiculous amount of exercise.

Few people enjoy exercise, and most people who are interested in losing weight want to do so without having to buy a gym membership, so I thought I’d take a look at Flat Belly Fix and see if it’s a worthwhile read.

Is Flat Belly Fix a scam, or can it really help?  Read on for the full Flat Belly Fix review.

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Flat Belly Fix Overview

Flat Belly Fix consists of a set of books in PDF format, along with some exercise videos.  PDF books can be read on any computer device, including smartphones and tablets.  Even better – you can download the books immediately after purchase, regardless of the time of day.

When you purchase Flat Belly Fix, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Flat Belly Fix main book (70 pages)
  • Flat Belly Protocol exercise manual (12 pages)
  • Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes book (19 pages)
  • Additional book (more on this one later) (18 pages)
  • 10 exercise videos

The main Flat Belly Fix book begins with a quick start guide, in the even that you just want to get going without reading the explanation for what you’ll be doing and why.

With any diet or weight loss plan, it’s best to read it completely to see what it’s about before jumping in, and fortunately, at 70 pages, the Flat Belly Fix book isn’t an overly long read.

What you’ll be doing on the Flat Belly Fix diet is basically this:

  • Begin the day by drinking a glass of a special “tea” using a provided recipe
  • Eating a healthy lunch
  • Eating a healthy dinner
  • Engaging in 7 minutes of moderate exercise

flat belly fix scamThe “tea” isn’t really a tea, per se, though you can include actual tea in it if you like.  It’s actually a mixture of water, certain spices, some added fat, and some additional seasoning or flavoring that you may add to adjust the flavor to your personal taste.

You’ll start your day with this beverage and then, a few hours later, you’ll eat a healthy lunch, followed by a health dinner meal some 5-7 hours later.

What you’ll be eating on the Flat Belly Fix diet will come from a specified list of acceptable foods.  Don’t worry; there’s nothing weird about the list.

It’s just a list of lean meats and healthy vegetables, along with an acceptable list of fats that you may include as you wish.

The dietary aspects of Flat Belly Fix involve a diet that consists of a specific ratio of protein to vegetables to fats.  You’ll be eating minimal carbs, though not eliminating them, and you’ll be minimizing sugar.

You’ll also be eating just two meals a day, and like many weight loss programs, the Flat Belly Fix regards the timing of when you eat those meals to be critical to the plan’s success.

A big part of the Flat Belly Fix plan is to increase your body’s creation of leptin, a substance that makes you feel full.  The “tea” that you’ll be drinking in the morning will help in that regard, and you should be able to easily make it to lunch by consuming the tea alone in the morning.

flat belly fix bonusesIt’s worth nothing that there are no restrictions on how much you eat in the Flat Belly Fix program; the author says you may eat until you are full, provided that you eat at the recommended times.

There is a bit of exercise involved in the Flat Belly Fix program, but the exercises are not overly strenuous, nor are they particularly time-consuming.  The author says you should be able to do them in just 7 minutes per day and these exercises do not require any special equipment or access to a fully-equipped gym.

The Flat Belly Protocol book covers the exercises with adequate text descriptions and photos, though you also have access to the demonstration videos if you’d rather watch.

The exercise videos can be viewed online in your Web browser, or you can download them to view them on another device.   The videos are in MP4 format and are about 40MB each in size and they each run about 1 minute.

flat belly fix exercise videoThe videos are not optimized for mobile, however, so they’d likely be best viewed on a desktop PC or laptop.  They’re short, but concise and to the point.

On the whole, the Flat Belly Fix is a well-written book and it covers topics that many other weight loss programs have covered, such as the importance of certain spices in your diet and the effectiveness of eating foods at only certain times of the day.

These things, combined with moderate exercise and eating the recommended foods at the recommended times, will likely help you lose weight.

If there’s one thing I didn’t particularly like about the Flat Belly Fix program it’s the inclusion of the fourth book, which I didn’t name in the list above.

That book is actually an 18 page sales pitch for a nutritional product that seems both unnecessary and expensive.  I didn’t name the book because the name of the book is the name of the product.  As the book itself is simply a long commercial, the book itself has no value and adds nothing to the Flat Belly Fix program.

Pros and Cons of Flat Belly Fix


  • Well-written book
  • Offers good, generally accepted dietary advice
  • Exercises are easy to do and require no special equipment
  • Fairly priced


  • You only get two meals a day
  • No snacking allowed
  • One of the bonus books is nothing but an 18 page ad

Flat Belly Fix Summary

flat belly fix - thumbs upWhile Flat Belly Fix doesn’t seem to cover any ground that I haven’t seen covered before in other weight loss programs, the material is well-written and easy to follow.

The dietary recommendations largely seem to agree with what medical authorities recommend in terms of what kinds of foods you should be eating.

The exercise program is easy to follow, doesn’t take long, and won’t require special equipment.

If you follow the Flat Belly Fix program as written, you’ll likely get some good results from it.

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