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Favorite Food Diet Review – Eat Whatever You Like?

Favorite Food Diet Review



Price: $37


favorite food diet reviewIf you’ve spent any time at all with popular weight loss programs, you’ll know that most of them are fairly restrictive.

They’ll tell you what to eat, or what not to eat.  They’ll burden you with excessive exercise, or put you on a diet that consists of only “weird” foods.

Not surprisingly, most people fail when trying such weight loss methods.

Favorite Food Diet is different.  Author Chrissie Mitchell says that with her program, you can lose weight without counting calories, spending tons of time at the gym, or having to deal with complicated diet restrictions.

Not only that, but she says you can, within reason, eat whatever you like while on the program.

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look.

Is Favorite Food Diet a scam, or is the program something worth trying?

Read on for the full Favorite Food Diet review.

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Favorite Food Diet Overview

Favorite Food Diet is sold as a series of downloadable ebooks in PDF format.  PDF books are convenient, as you can read them on any computer device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

You can also download your books immediately after purchase, rather than wait for delivery by mail.  You can also print them out if you’d prefer to read them as you would a regular paper book.

When you purchase, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Favorite Food Diet main book 96 pages
  • Favorite Detox Cleanse bonus book 37 pages
  • Favorite Wardrobe bonus book 11 pages
  • Favorite Recipes – Delicious Recipes That Won’t Make You Fat bonus book 32 pages

I was pleased to see that the bonus books appear to have been written by the author of the main book and that they offer some genuine value.

Many bonus books are simply public domain titles that have been floating around for years.  Authors include them because they give the impression that you’re getting more for your money, but that’s often not the case.

Here, you actually are getting more for your money.

favorite food diet bonusesThe Detox Cleanse book may or may not be of help to you, but many people find good results from going through a “detoxification” process before starting a new weight loss program.  This is optional, but if you’re interested, the bonus book provides several different detailed options.

The Favorite Wardrobe book is short at 11 pages, but it offers some good suggestions for how you can maximize your appearance while you’re still losing weight.

Many people choose clothing that is ill-suited to making them look their best, and this can lead to making you look even heavier than you are!  The bonus book offers some simple, no-nonsense suggestions for helping you look your best even if you don’t yet have that ideal body.

Finally, the Favorite Recipes bonus book offers 27 recipes that are exclusively for desserts. These recipes are not only easy to prepare and tasty, but they’re also recipes that aren’t overly loaded with ingredients that will cause you to gain weight.

As for the main Favorite Food Diet book, it’s 96 pages that are divided into these sections:

  • Weight Loss Industry Deception
  • The True Cause of Obesity
  • The Favorite Food Diet Program
  • Favorite Recipes

The first part of the Favorite Food Diet book, which takes up 20 pages or so, covers the nature of the weight loss industry and explains why, in the author’s opinion, most people are failing at trying to lose weight.  The book then goes into an overview about why this program is different from the others.

The second part of the book, covering about 20 more pages, explains why, in the author’s opinion, most people who are overweight find themselves that way.

It covers how our bodies process sugars and fats and the way that how you consume those things can make a huge difference in whether you’re overweight or not.

Finally, part three of Favorite Food Diet gets to the heart of the program.  I can’t go into too much detail about the program here, but it involves three phases:

  • Getting your gut biome in order
  • Changing the way that you eat
  • Using mental exercises to help you lose more weight

There is some scientific reasoning that suggests that the type of bacteria that you have in your digestive system may play a large role in whether you’re overweight or not.

favorite food diet scamThe author suggests that the presence of certain types of beneficial bacteria might help you lose weight in a big way.  The book then suggests a specific product that you should consume before changing your diet in order to get your “gut biome” in order.

The next phase in the Favorite Food Diet involves changing the way that you eat.  Many weight loss programs suggest that what you eat is not always as important as when you eat it, and even those programs don’t always agree with one another regarding when you should be eating.

In this case, there is a specific time period for each day during which you should and should not be eating, though there’s a lot of flexibility there.

The author allows you to set your own schedule, and then she offers a strong suggestion, well, OK – hard and fast rule regarding your diet.  A fixed percentage of your daily diet should consist of certain types of recommended healthy foods.

The remainder, however, can be anything you like!

That’s right.  A certain percentage of what you eat each day can be any food of your choosing – pizza, pie, ice cream – whatever.

It goes without saying that you’re allowed to eat what you like within reason, and that’s why the program recommends only a certain percentage of your meals can consist of “anything you like.”  The remainder should come from a recommended list of healthier foods that the book provides.

The last section of the book offers 21 recipes for salads and entrees that are easy to prepare, fall within the guidelines of the programs “recommended” foods and which all appear to be tasty.

Unlike other weight loss books, this one offers no recommended exercise regimen at all.  No gym workouts.  No cardio.  No weight lifting.

There’s also no calorie counting, no carb counting, and nothing overly restrictive about what you eat.

One possible downside is that there’s no meal plan, so if you’re looking for specific recommendations (“for Monday breakfast, eat this.  For Tuesday lunch, eat this” you may not like this program.

The book is well written and if you follow the program as described in the book, it may well work for you.

Pros and Cons of Favorite Food Diet


  • Well-written book
  • Bonus books are useful and not just throw-ins
  • Affordably priced


  • No strict meal plan
  • No exercise suggestions
  • Upsells for dietary supplements within the book

Favorite Food Diet Summary

favorite food diet - thumbs upThe Favorite Food Diet is largely what the video on the Website says it is – it’s a simple, easy to follow book that will show you how to change your lifestyle in such a way that your body will be more likely to lose weight.

You won’t have to work out at the gym or lift weights.  You won’t have to count calories or carbs.

And you can eat, within reason, most any food that you like.

If you’ve struggled with weight loss and you’ve found other programs to be too restrictive, you will likely find Favorite Food Diet to your liking.

Favorite Food Diet is recommended.

Click here to visit the Favorite Food Diet Website (new window)

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