Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet

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Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review – Lose Weight With Soup?

Fat Burning Soup Recipes Review


Site: www.fatburningsouprecipes.com

Price: $27/month


fat burning soup recipes reviewThe weight loss industry is a huge one, and while the basic formula never changes (burn more calories than you consume,) most people instead prefer to go for “fad” diets. They rarely work, because fad diets require you to make major changes to your daily routine and few people stick with those for the long term.

It’s not healthy to stick to a fad diet for the long term, either. That’s why Fat Burning Soup Recipes offers an alternative – a way to give you the nutrition that you need in a simple, easy to prepare soup.

Not one soup, mind you. We’ve all heard of the dreaded “cabbage soup diet” and no one is eager to revisit that one, where you eat the same soup meal after meal, day after day. No, the Fat Burning Soup Recipes system is different, and the testimonials on the sales page attest that people have indeed lost a lot of weight with this system.

Is Fat Burning Soup Recipes a scam, or can you really lose weight with it?

Click here to visit the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Website (new window)

Read on for the full Fat Burning Soup Recipes review.

Fat Burning Soup Recipes Overview

Fat Burning Soup Recipes is available in two components – a series of downloadable ebooks in PDF format, and a series of online videos that you can watch to see how to prepare the recipes. PDF books can be downloaded at any time of day, immediately after purchase. You can read them on any computer device, including tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs.

The Fat Burning Soup Recipes site says that they currently have more than 370 different soup recipes, so you’ll likely be able to find a number of recipes that you like.

When you purchase the Fat Burning Soup Recipes course, you’ll get the following ebooks:

  • Fat Burning Soup Recipes
  • Top Secret Fat Loss Report
  • 365 Tips for Healthy Living
  • 7 Common Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss
  • Fat Burning Tasty Breakfasts
  • Low Calorie Desserts
  • Top Ten Super Foods and Herbal Cures
  • How to Secretly Boost Your Metabolism
  • Kick Butt Metabolism – The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss
  • SuperFoods – Nutritional Powerhouses For Lifelong Health And Vitality
  • Cooking – Low Fat Recipes
  • Think Act Love, Lose Weight
  • Triple Your Metabolism

Admittedly, many of these books are what are known as “private label rights” books that are often found as bonuses with other products in order to give the impression that you’re getting more for your money.

Still, the bonuses don’t matter much if the recipes are as good as the site claims.

fat burning soup recipes bonusesFat Burning Soup Recipes was created by Dr. Anna Noel Harris, a licensed dietician. She knows that the basics of losing weight are simple, but the process can be difficult. In order to lose weight, you must change your eating habits.

Ideally, you want to change them in a way that will allow you to eat foods that are nutritionally healthy, foods that will allow you to burn more calories than you consume, and foods that you won’t have trouble preparing.

Finally, you want any weight loss program to consist of foods that you enjoy eating. That’s where a lot of weight loss programs fail, in that most weight loss programs involve restricting your diet to the point where you don’t like what you’re eating.

When you don’t like what you’re eating, you stop eating it and go back to your old eating habits.

Fat Burning Soup Recipes is different. Yes, you’ll be replacing one or more meals per day with soup. But we’re not talking about simple broth here. We’re talking about hearty, filling, nourishing and tasty soups that you won’t mind eating or preparing.

fat burning soup recipes scamPreparation of the Fat Burning Soup Recipes recipes is quite simple, too, as the recipes have all been created with simplicity in mind. Many of them consist of merely combining ingredients and heating them on the stove or in the microwave.

A number of soups are served cold, and you can prepare them in a blender.

Even if you’re kitchen-challenged, you’ll be able to prepare these soups, as the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Website has several dozen videos that show you how to prepare many of the more interesting soup recipes, such as:

  • Stir fry vegetable noodle soup
  • Miso salmon noodle soup
  • Mexican chicken soup
  • Cheddar potato chicken soup
  • Bacon and cauliflower soup

…and many more. The videos are relatively short, typically running about 5 minutes or so. They’re professionally shot and easy to follow. On the downside, they do not appear to be downloadable or optimized for mobile, so you’ll have to watch them online.

The nice thing about the soup recipes in Fat Burning Soup Recipes is that they’re suitable for the entire family. Many “fad” diets are such that you’d be eating some unusual meal while the rest of your family eats “normal” food. That makes it even harder to stick to a diet and it’s one of the many reasons that most weight loss plans fail.

With Fat Burning Soup Recipes, you can prepare the tasty soups for the entire family, and everyone can enjoy both their flavor and their benefits.

All in all, if you follow the program outlined in the Fat Burning Soup Recipes program, you may find yourself losing weight and enjoying what you eat. That’s a refreshing change from a lot of diet programs.

Pros and Cons of Fat Burning Soup Recipes


  • Recipes are easy to prepare
  • There are several hundred of them
  • Videos show you how to prepare many of the recipes


  • Videos are not optimized for mobile or downloadable
  • The site can be a bit hard to navigate

Fat Burning Soup Recipes Summary

fat burning soup recipes - thumbs upIf you’ve struggled to lose weight because the diet plans you’ve been trying are either too hard to follow or are simply not very appetizing, you may find Fat Burning Soup Recipes to be a nice, refreshing change.

The recipes are varied, as there are hundreds of them, they’re easy to prepare, and they’re quite tasty, too.

Fat Burning Soup Recipes is recommended.

Click here to visit the Fat Burning Soup Recipes Website.

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