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Fat Burning Brain Review – Think Your Way to Losing Weight?

Fat Burning Brain

Site: www.healthgenieonline.com
Price: $9
Rating: stars3a

fat burning brain review If you’re over the age of 40, there are two things that probably apply to you.  You’re probably overweight, because most people are these days.  The other thing is that you’re probably having trouble losing weight.  You might think it’s because you’ve been on the wrong diet or that you’re not exercising properly.  Those things may be true.  On the other hand, it’s possible that the reason you haven’t been able to lose weight has to do with your brain.

A book called Fat Burning Brain by Rhys Diab, says that part of your weight loss issues may have more to do with your brain than what you’ve been eating or how you’ve been exercising.  This book says it will help you lose weight and get higher energy levels by teaching you the mental tricks that are necessary to get the brain working like it did when you were 20.

That sounded rather out there, so I thought I’d take a closer look.  Is the Fat Burning Brain a scam?

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Read on for the full Fat Burning Brain review.

Fat Burning Brain Overview

Fat Burning Brain is sold via Clickbank, and the book is sold in a downloadable PDF format, which makes it portable.  You can read it anywhere and just about any device.  In addition to the main Fat Burning Brain book, you’ll also receive the following bonus books:

  • Fat Burning Brain Quickstart guide
  • Fat Burning Restaurant Mastery
  • Sky High Energy

The Quickstart guide is a 9 page PDF book that offers a distillation of the main book, making it a great reference.  The Restaurant Mastery book is brief (8 pages) but informative PDF book that offers some very helpful tips regarding what you should eat and how you should order when dining out in restaurants in order to help yo stay fit.  The Sky High Energy book is a 10 page PDF book that offers some additional and useful tips about how to raise your energy levels and burn more calories.

In addition to the bonuses, there are several upsells offered when you purchase Fat Burning Brain:

  • Fat Burning Fast Track ($19) – This 102 page PDF book offers extensive nutrition and exercise tips, along with some suggestions for dietary supplements that will help you lose weight faster
  • Fat Burning 30 Day Meal Plan ($39) – As the title suggests, this 20 page PDF book offers a day by day suggested meal plan to help you lose weight

fat burnig brain upsellsThe main Fat Burning Brain book is a 73 page PDF book that points out that your brain may be responsible for preventing you from losing the pounds you’d like to drop.  According to the Fat Burning Brain, the problem has to do with a part of the brain called the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex.  This part of the brain is located near the front and controls your impulses.   As you get older, the book says, this part of the brain grows smaller.  As it grows smaller, you become less likely to be able to control your impulses and resist the temptation to eat more than you should.

The Fat Burning Brain says that you can, however, revitalize this part of the brain through some tricks, and exercises that they provide.

Chapters include:

  • The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex – Your key to a leaner, more youthful body
  • How to meditate your way back to your 20s
  • The proper way to meditate to burn fat
  • Sneaky Tricks to activate your Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
  • The Power of Mindful Eating
  • How to eliminate overeating by combating stress
  • The detrimental effects of yo-yo diets
  • Using affirmations and self-talk to enhance your fat loss
  • How journaling can help you achieve success
  • The power of habit
  • Goal setting
  • Getting through hard days
  • Getting mentally prepared before you begin

The Fat Burning Brain offers some good advice, in that most people who try to lose weight fail.  Most of them don’t fail because the diets or exercise plans don’t work; they fail because they buy the plans or join a gym and then they don’t do anything and keep on eating.  A big part of the process of losing weight and getting in shape is mental, and it may have something to do with loss of impulse control as you grow older.

Fat Burning Brain prepares you to get your mind ready to adapt to a proper diet.  This is accomplished via a variety of tricks in the book, including meditation, self-affirmation and the process of keeping a daily journal.  The Fat Burning Brain also reminds you of the importance of developing good habits and sticking to them.

fat burning brain scamThese are all good things, and the book presents them well in a nicely formatted book that’s well-written and easy to follow.  What may surprise you about Fat Burning Brain is what is not included – actual weight loss tips.  There’s very little in the Fat Burning Brain to tell you exactly how to lose weight.  That information is presented in the books included in the two upsells.

If you purchase the Fat Burning Brain as well as the two upsells, you’ll likely have a comprehensive weight loss guide that will help you become mentally focused and which will then give you the actual steps you need to take to drop those unwanted pounds.  If you buy the Fat Burning Brain alone, you’ll be prepared, but without an additional weight loss plan, many readers may find themselves unsure as to what to do next.

Pros and Cons of Fat Burning Brain


  • Well written book with helpful tips
  • Bonus books are actually beneficial and not the usual bonus “junk”
  • Price is quite affordable


  • Not everyone will find the tips suitable for them
  • Actual weight loss advice is scarce
  • Purchase of upsells necessary for complete weight loss package

Fat Burning Brain Summary

fat burning brain - thumbs upIs Fat Burning Brain a scam?  No, it’s a well-written book that covers its topic well.  It’s not a complete weight loss package, however.  If you don’t have another weight loss or diet book already, you may find that Fat Burning Brain feels incomplete.  If you purchase the two upsells, you’ll find everything you need to help you become mentally prepared to approach a diet plan with proper focus, as well as having the actual steps to follow to make that happen.

All in all, Fat Burning Brain is recommended, but take note of the upsell issue.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Fat Burning Brain Website.

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