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Do This Burn Fat Review – 101 Sneaky Weight Loss Tips

Do This Burn Fat Review

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Price: $37

Do This Burn Fat ReviewLots of people are overweight, and many of those that are would love to shed a few pounds. But diets are often a nuisance. Many of them require you to keep weird foods around your house or eat only one thing for ten days in a row or drink five gallons of water a day. Other plans just work you to death with exercise. Yes, most people who are overweight would love to lose a few pounds, but not if the methods are extreme.

That’s where Do This Burn Fat offers a dramatic difference from most weight loss programs. Rather than offering a rigid diet or a brutal exercise regimen, Do This Burn Fat offers what author Mike Geary calls “101 sneaky tips” for helping you lose weight. By following these tips, he suggests, you’ll lose weight naturally without having to resort to eating awful foods, starving yourself to death, or having to work out like a racehorse.

Is Do This Burn Fat a scam? Is it worthwhile?

Read on for the full Do This Burn Fat review.

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Do This Burn Fat Overview

Do This Burn Fat is offered as a downloadable PDF ebook, which is convenient because you can buy it any time of day and instantly download it. The PDF format means that you can read it on just about any device, including mobile phones, which makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

The book itself runs about 110 pages, and offers 101 weight loss tips that author Mike Geary describes as “sneaky.” There are a few bonus tips offered at the end of the book, too.

The book is divided into seven chapters, which break down the weight loss tips into groups of related tips:

  • Chapter 1 – Sneaky Drinking Tricks
  • Chapter 2 – Sneaky Eating Tricks
  • Chapter 3 – Sneaky Shopping, Cooking and Ordering Tricks
  • Sneaky Exercise Tricks
  • Sneaky Motivation Tricks
  • Even Sneakier Tricks
  • The Final Word

Do This Burn Fat bookThe idea of Do This Burn Fat isn’t to give you 101 different things to do, though if you were to do all 101 of these things on a regular basis, you almost certainly would lose weight. Mike realizes that it’s not realistic for anyone to put all 101 of these tricks to use. Furthermore, not all of them will apply to everyone. Some of them, for example, apply exclusively to situations where you are dining in a restaurant. If you never eat out, then you can’t put these tips to use.

On the other hand, most people will find it easy to incorporate anywhere from 10-25 of these tips into their regular routine, and Do This Burn Fat recommends that you find some that you can put into use and practice them diligently for about three weeks. At that time, you should see some significant results.

I’ve read the book “cover to cover,” and while I can’t give away any specific tips, I can point out a few things.

The section on drinking tricks doesn’t have anything to do with playing pranks in a bar. Instead, it offers some suggestions regarding how you can change the way that you drink beverages. Mike suggests, as most nutritionists do, that you drink a lot of water each day. But tip #1 makes a pretty significant change in how you drink your water that may be able to cause your body to burn more calories than it otherwise might.

Tip #3 shows you a tasty and easy to make alternative to canned or bottled soft drinks. This one is pretty clever.

In the “Sneaky Eating Tricks” section, Do This Burn Fat explains that it’s good to eat vegetables, but tip #13 explains why eating certain specific vegetables will help you lose weight faster.

Do This Burn Fat scamFor people who think that consuming fat is bad, tip #20 offers a tasty and healthy fatty snack that is good for you and which will satisfy your cravings for fatty foods.

In the Sneaky Shopping Tricks section, Do This Burn Fat offers tips on how to shop for groceries. Tip #35 points out that shopping in a certain part of the store is healthier for you than shopping in other parts of the store.

Tip #44 tells you how consuming a common (and tasty) spice on a regular basis can help get your cholesterol in check.

The Sneaky Exercise Tricks section was particularly helpful. Lots of people hate exercise, but the tips in this section offer a fairly long list of ways that you can increase the amount of exercise you get without even realizing that you’re exercising. If you put a couple of these to work on a regular basis, you will definitely burn those extra calories, and you might not even notice that you’re putting in extra work.

One of the big problems that people have with losing weight is staying motivated. Do This Burn Fat includes an entire section to “Sneaky Motivation Tricks” to help you keep your focus. Tip #78 involves a simple thing that you can do once a day in the bathroom that will take about fifteen seconds to do, yet will help keep you motivated for the rest of the day.

The bonus tricks mostly involve adding a few common items to your diet that can help you lose weight and have more energy.

Pros and Cons of Do This Burn Fat


  • Well written, easy to follow book
  • Simple tips are easy to add to your lifestyle
  • You don’t have to do all of them
  • Methods for getting extra exercise are very easy to do


  • A couple of sales pitches in the book
  • Not all tips will work for all people

Do This Burn Fat Conclusion

Do This Burn Fat - thumbs upIs Do This Burn Fat a scam? No, it’s a well written book. Do This Burn Fat is the second book by Mike Geary that I’ve reviewed. I wasn’t all that enthused about the other one, as it assumed that you’d already bought another one of his books and was hard to follow if you hadn’t already done that. Do This Burn Fat isn’t like that at all; this book is completely self-contained and offers a number of tips that literally anyone can put to use to burn a few extra calories here and there.

While it’s unlikely that any single one of these tips will cause you to drop ten pounds, adding 10-20 of them to your regular routine will definitely help. Most of these tips are easy to do and won’t cause anyone any major inconvenience.

Do This Burn Fat is highly recommended.

Rating: stars4b

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