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Change Your Life Diet Review – Eat What You Want?

Change Your Life Diet Review


Price: $27


Change Your Life DIet reviewAs anyone who has ever tried knows, it’s hard to lose weight and most people who try fail, often more than once.  There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that most “diets” involve a dramatic change in lifestyle, and one that many people are not willing to keep up long enough to see success.

Alek Jamgocian, the author of Change Your Life Diet, says that his system is different.  In fact, he says that he lost more than 50 pounds using this system and that the best part of the system is that you can eat any kind of food that you like!

That’s pretty unusual, as most diets are pretty restrictive regarding the kinds of foods that you can eat, and that leads to lots of “fad” diets, such as those that involve only smoothies, or those that require you to eat only soup, and so on.

Change Your Life Diet sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see if it’s worthwhile.  Is Change Your Life Diet a scam, or is it a worthwhile read?

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Read on for the full Change Your Life Diet review.

Change Your Life Diet Overview

Change Your Life Diet is sold as a set of seven books in PDF format and you can download them immediately after purchase.   PDF books can be read on any computer device, including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

When you purchase Change Your Life Diet, you’ll receive the following books:

  • Phase 1 manual 47 pages
  • Phase 2 manual 56 pages
  • Phase 3 manual 24 pages
  • Bonus book: Supercharge Your Weight Loss Manual 32 pages
  • Bonus book: Activity Manual 25 pages
  • Bonus book: How to Deal With Common Situations book 18 pages
  • Bonus book: How to Quit Caffeine Without Withdrawal book 7 pages

For many readers, the Phase 1 manual may provide everything you need.  That part of Change Your Life Diet covers the basics of the plan, which the author used to lose more than 50 pounds.

Phase 2 offers some steps that you can use to take your weight loss to the next level, which will allow you to lose another few “stubborn” pounds that otherwise might stick with you.

Change Your Life DIet packagePhase 3 of the Change Your Life Diet program shows you how to maintain your weight loss once you establish it.   This can help you avoid the “yo-yo” effect of losing weight, regaining it, and losing it again.  Once you lose weight, you want to keep it off, and this part of the book will help with that.

The Supercharge Your Weight Loss bonus book offers some additional tips to help you squeeze out a few extra pounds of weight loss.  This does introduce some restrictions regarding what you eat, but if you’re serious about losing every pound you can, these tips will help.

The Activity Manual covers some exercise tips, though the author has a stated preference for doing “natural” activities for exercise, rather than regimented workout program.  This book offers some tips for how to get exercise without feeling like you’re working out.

The How to Deal With Common Situations bonus book offers some tips for how to stick with your Change Your Life Diet when life circumstances get in the way, such as when you’re on vacation or dining out.

Finally, the How to Quit Caffeine bonus book offers tips for those who want to eliminate caffeine from their diet, which the author says can help you in your attempts to lose weight.

What Is The Change Your Life Diet?

While the sales page for the Change Your Life Diet says that you can eat whatever you like and lose weight, common sense will tell you that some change in your diet is going to be necessary in order to see weight loss.

Change Your Life DIet scamAfter all, are you already eating whatever you want?  If you are, and you’re overweight, then clearly eating whatever you like isn’t, by itself, the answer to losing weight.

The author of Change Your Life Diet says that you can eat whatever you want and lose weight, provided that you do it in the way that he recommends.  I can’t give too much away here, but a big part of the Change Your Life Diet program is less about what you eat than it is about when you eat it.

Our bodies work in a particular way and there are certain times of day when it is better to be eating a lot and other times of day when it is harmful to eat a lot.  Alek has set up a schedule that he says will allow you to eat whatever you like – pizza, ice cream, cheeseburgers, and more, provided that you eat it when he tells you to eat it and not at other times.

Of course, you’re going to get better results if you don’t try to subsist on ice cream, pizza, and cheeseburgers, and Alek has a list of foods that he recommends that you do eat, along with a number of things that are best avoided.

He also includes recipes for a few things that he says will allow you to eat fulfilling, satisfying meals without going hungry.

All of this material is presented in a well-written, easy to read fashion.  The book is free of sales pitches for other products, such as dietary supplements, which is something I was glad to see.  Change Your Life Diet is self-contained; you won’t need to buy anything else to make the program work.

If you’re struggling with weight loss and other “fad” or overly restrictive diets have failed you, then you might want to give Change Your Life Diet a try.

Pros and Cons of Change Your Life Diet


  • Affordably priced
  • Well written
  • Diet not overly restrictive
  • No sales pitches for other products


  • Seven different books when one would do
  • Phase 2 may be too restrictive for some readers

Change Your Life Diet Conclusion

Change your life diet - thumbs upNo diet plan is perfect, and every diet is going to require some amount of compromise.  You can’t eat pizza and pork rinds all day and lose weight.  Still, the weight loss plans that are likely to see the greatest success are the ones that require the least amount of sacrifice.

That’s where Change Your Life Diet shines.  You can, within reason, lose weight by eating foods you like and without having to spend hours at the gym every day.

The book is well-written and easy to follow and seems to be a plan that should work for most everyone.

Change Your Life Diet is recommended.

Click here to visit the Change Your Life Diet Website.

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