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Muscle Building Secrets Review – Good for Skinny Guys?

Muscle Building Secrets Review

Price: $49
Rating: stars4b

muscle gaining secrets reviewLots of guys wish they had more muscle and a better physique than the one they currently have.  That’s fine; you just have to workout to build muscle, right?  That’s not what Jason Ferruggia says about his Muscle Building Secrets program.  In fact, he says that the way most people are working to build muscle is actually counterproductive, especially if they’re scrawny.

According to Jason, some people are genetically predisposed to building muscle, while other people are not.  If you’re in the latter camp and you’re trying to build muscle like the guys who won the genetic lottery, you’re likely to hit a plateau and overtrain, all while failing to build any appreciable muscle mass.   His book offers a plan designed just for skinny guys like you, and he says it will work.  Is the book any good?  Is Muscle Building Secrets a scam?

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4 Minute Fighter Abs Review – Flat Tummy in Four Minutes?

4 Minute Fighter Abs Review

Price: $9Rating: stars4b

4 minute fighter abs reviewA lot of us are both overweight and out of shape.  We’d like to do something about it, but diets are a bore and so are long workouts.  Most people would rather do anything than engage in a 30 minute workout, and even if you do that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll lose weight where most people want it – in the abdomen.

Andrew Raposo says his 4 Minute Fighter Abs program can change all of that, and that you’ll lose your belly fat faster than ever by way of his workout plan.  Even better – his plan takes only four minutes a day.  That sounds pretty interesting, since four minutes is an amount of time that just about anyone can spare in their day.  Does it work?  Is 4 Minute Fighter Abs a scam?

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Critical Bench Review – 50 Pounds More in 10 Weeks?

Critical Bench Review

Price: $47
Rating: stars4b

critical bench reviewMike Westerdal says he was a 150 pound weakling who can now bench press more than 400 pounds.  He also says that his methods have allowed him to add 75 pounds of muscle to his frame.  That’s impressive, and he says that his Critical Bench program can do the same thing for you.

Mike says the key to all of this is the bench press and it’s a common area of focus among bodybuilders and workout freaks.  So he’s devised the Critical Bench program as the primary means of helping you build muscle and increase your performance.  I thought I’d take a closer look and see if the program is all it’s cracked up to be.  Is Critical Bench a scam?

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Bikini Body Workouts Review – Amazing Results in 60 Days?

Bikini Body Workouts Review

Price: $29
Rating: stars4b

bikini body workouts reviewA lot of people are overweight and would like to drop a few pounds.  But for many, that’s not enough.  They want people to notice, and they want to have a body that attracts attention.  That’s usually a lost cause, as going from overweight and out of shape to fit and hot is usually something that most people regard as simply impossible or at least too much work.  You don’t want to go on a restrictive diet and you don’t want to spend 24 hours a day in the gym.

Bikini Body Workouts offers a different approach, and they say that you can have a hot “bikini body” in just 60 days, with simple workouts and simple eating.  That’s promising and a lot of people would find such a program appealing, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is Bikini Body Workouts a scam?

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The Jump Manual Review – Increase Your Leap 10 Inches?

The Jump Manual Review

Rating: stars3a

the jump manual reviewIf you’re an average person, who works out a bit and otherwise doesn’t spend much time participating in sports, your vertical leap probably won’t concern you.  On the other hand, if you are active in sports, particularly football and basketball, you might have some concerns about your ability to jump, and specifically, how high you can jump.  Vertical leap is a measure of overall athletic ability, and in basketball, it’s a vitally important skill.

Jacob Hiller, in his The Jump Manual program, says that he can show you how to increase your vertical leap 10 inches or more in just 12 weeks, guaranteed.  Guarantees for such things are always interesting, so I thought I’d check it out and see how that works.  Plus, I was just curious about the process of increasing one’s vertical leap.  Is The Jump Manual a scam?

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Spec Force Abs Review – Six Pack in 6 Weeks?

Spec Force Abs Review

Price: $19
Rating: stars3a

spec force abs reviewIf you asked, you’d probably find that most everyone wants to look great.  We’d all like to be of an appropriate weight and have a nice physique that had people staring at us when we’re out in public.  Of course, few of us do, and there’s a reason for that, and a good one – it’s hard to do.  Eating right isn’t that hard, and more of us should do it.  But getting a ripped, tight physique is always going to take some work, and most people don’t want to go to the trouble.

According to Todd Lamb, the author of Spec Force Abs, it’s actually not as hard as you think.  Todd says we’ve been exercising incorrectly, and that many of the exercises we’ve been doing to get fit are actually counterproductive and making us look worse.  With Spec Force Abs, Todd says you can get fit and have six pack abs in just six weeks.  That’s promising, so I decided to take a closer look to see what the book is about.  Is Spec Force Abs a scam?

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Old School New Body Review – Lose Weight in 90 Minutes a Week?

Old School New Body Review


old school new bodyThis review is hard to categorize; it appears to be a review of a fitness product, but this product also promises weight loss.  Actually, that makes sense, because weight loss and fitness go hand in hand.  Still, most people who buy fitness books are trying to get lean and build muscle, while those who want to buy weight loss products are simply interested in dropping a few pounds.  The truth, of course, lies in the middle.

Old School New Body is a training and fitness program that promises to help you get fit and lose weight, and they say you can do it in about 90 minutes a week.  The secret, they say, came from an “old school” trainer, and they’ve updated his methods to bring them into the twenty-first century.   They also say that this program will work for anyone.  Is Old School New Body a scam?

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Truth About Cellulite Review – Lose Cellulite for Good?

Truth About Cellulite Review

Price:$49.95 (plus upsell)
Rating: stars25a

truth about cellulite reviewAre you having problems with cellulite?  Do you have those lumpy, “cottage cheese” thighs that make you look less attractive than you’d like when you’re in a bathing suit?  Don’t panic, as you’re not alone.  In fact, you have a lot of company.  How much?  Apparently, nearly 90% of post-pubescent women have cellulite.  That means, “pretty much everybody.”

What can you do about it?  There are some expensive treatments available that work to varying degrees, but Joey Atlas says that his Truth About Cellulite program can help you reduce or even eliminate your cellulite in just 28 days.  That sounded interesting, so I decided to take a closer look.   Is Truth About Cellulite a scam? 

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No Hassle Sexy Stomach Review – 12 Minutes a Day?

No Hassle Sexy Stomach

Price: $9
Rating: stars3a

no hassle sexy stomach reviewAre you a bit out of shape?  A lot out of shape?  A total wreck?  Would you like to have a tight, well-toned midsection and abs that draw attention?  Of course you would.  But if you’re like most of us, you aren’t interested in spending all of your time working out.  Perhaps you don’t want to invest in exercise equipment or a gym membership.  You’re not alone, and that’s why Max Hamm created his No Hassle Sexy Stomach program.

This training program says you can have a lean, sexy, well-toned abdominal area working out just 12 minutes a day.  Even better – you can do these workouts at home and you won’t have to have any special equipment to do it.  That all sounds promising, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is No Hassle Sexy Stomach a scam?

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Badass Body Blueprint Review – Sculpted in 66 Days?

Badass Body Blueprint Review

Price: $19 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars3a

badass body blueprint reviewSo, you want to be fit?  You’re not alone; millions of people would like to be in better shape than they are.  For some, that’s not enough, though.  They not only want to be fit, but they want that lean, sculpted look that causes heads to turn whenever they’re out in public.  Not freakish, mind you, but something that will inspire people to think, “Wow. He looks good.” 

That’s what Badass Body Bluepriint creator Peter Tzemis wanted, too, and he set out to create a system that will allow anyone to get that look for themselves without killing themselves at the gym or starving themselves.  After all, what’s the point of looking good if you’re going to be miserable trying to maintain it?  That’s all promising, but is the program worthwhile?  Is Badass Body Bluepriint a scam?

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