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Boost Your Bust Review – Add 2 Cup Sizes?

Boost Your Bust Review

Price: $37
Rating: stars3a

boost your bust reviewOur society is one that all too often focuses on appearance and sex. People frequently judge others instantly on how they look, and many women are understandably uncomfortable with their physical appearance. While most women accept their bodies the way that nature made them, others wish they had just a little bit more in the cleavage department. There’s nothing right or wrong about that; it’s just how things are.

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular option, and about 1000 women have that surgery every day in the U.S. Jenny Bolton says her Boost Your Bust book offers a good, safer and certainly cheaper alternative to that, and she says you can increase your bustline up to two cup sizes by using the methods in her book. Is Boost Your Bust a scam?

Read on for the full Boost Your Bust review.

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Boost Your Bust Overview

Boost Your Bust is sold as a downloadable ebook; it can be downloaded at any time of day. A bonus with the book’s PDF format is that it can be read on many devices, including tablets, desktop computers and smartphones. By offering the book in dowloadable format, you can get it instantly without having to wait for the mailman to deliver it.

boost your bust free downloadFREE BOOK: From Molehills to Mountains (opens in new window)

Jenny Bolton says that she was a small breasted woman who wanted to increase the size of her bust naturally, without having to resort to surgery. Surgery works, but it can be quite expensive, though prices vary widely depending on where you live. Surgery also can have complications, even with procedures as common as breast augmentation. Plus, surgery can leave scars, and not everyone wants those, either.

That’s why Jenny Bolton wrote Boost Your Bust as an alternative. She says that she was able to increase her bust size by two cup sizes using the methods that she describes in the book and that you can, too.

The Boost Your Bust took is a 57 page PDF document, and it’s divided into the following chapters:

  • Welcome to Boost Your Bust!
  • What Are Your Breasts & How Can They Grow?
  • How Natural Breast Enlargement Works
  • The Cheat Sheet to Making Your Breasts Look Bigger
  • The Groundwork
  • Your Personal Breast Enlargement Routine
  • Ensuring Your Results are Permanent
  • Enhancing Your Results With Food
  • Conclusion

Boost Your Bust points out that there are many factors that influence your breast size, including genetics, diet, and hormones. You can’t change genetics, but you can change your diet, and, to a certain extent, your hormones. You can also improve the appearance of your bust by choosing your wardrobe carefully and engaging in regular exercises that increase the size of the muscles under your breasts. By increasing the size of those muscles, your breasts will appear enhanced.

boost your bust cleavageThat’s actually how breast implants work, as most of them are implanted under the muscle, causing the breasts to protrude.

The methods outlined in Boost Your Bust take a multi-faceted approach to increasing your bust size:

  • Appearance – Chapter 3 offers some great tips on using makeup, wardrobe and posture to increase the apparent size of your breasts. Some of these simple tips can make quite a difference.
  • Hormone regulation – Jenny says that you can increase your bust size by regulating your body’s hormones
  • Exercises – These exercises will strengthen the underlying muscles that support your breast

Perhaps the most controversial aspects of Boost Your Bust will be the chapters on hormones. Jenny says that you can adjust your body’s hormone levels by using certain herbs, both in your diet and through applying them topically. Boost Your Bust offers a recipe for how you can make your own cream at home that will cause your body to produce more of the hormones that it needs to increase your bust size. The herbs used are easily purchased and the cream is something that isn’t overly hard to make. She offers a specific schedule for applying it to your breasts, along with a particular method to ensure that the cream is applied both correctly and thoroughly.

The exercises are easy to do, don’t require any special equipment and don’t require a lot of time.

boost your bust scamFinally, Boost Your Bust offers some diet recommendations for keeping your bust size once you achieve it. Jenny offers a list of foods that she recommends for maintaining your hormone levels, and additionally offers some recipes for some meals that she says will help you keep your figure. Boost Your Bust also offers some foods that you should not eat, but the dietary recommendations in the book are fairly standard ones. You want to drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods, rather than junk.

Will the methods outlined in Boost Your Bust work? The answer is…maybe. Certainly the suggestions for dressing to augment your figure will help, as these are tried-and-true methods that women have been using for years. The exercise suggestions may help, as building muscle under your breasts will definitely make them appear to be larger.

As for the hormone cream, I cannot say. On the other hand, Boost Your Bust is sold via Clickbank, and comes with a 60 day guarantee. Most people who have used the Boost Your Bust program with good results saw them sooner than that, so you’ll have little to risk by giving the book a try. It may work for some women and not for others. The book is well written, however, and most of the advice seems to be solid.

Pros and Cons of Boost Your Bust


  • Well written book
  • Good diet and exercise advice
  • Affordable


  • The DIY cream portion is unproven and likely won’t work

Boost Your Bust Summary

boost your bust - thumbs upIs Boost Your Bust a scam? Not really; it’s a well-written book that contains some good advice. I cannot say if you can actually increase your bust by two cup sizes, as the sales page suggests. The combination of exercise, diet and wardrobe may make a difference for you, however. I can’t speak for the herb-based hormone treatments, and I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide if that part of the book is worth pursuing.

Boost Your Bust is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Boost Your Bust Website.


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