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Favorite Food Diet

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Bodyweight Burn Review – 21 Minutes a Day to Weight Loss?

Bodyweight Burn Review

Price: $19
Rating: stars4b

bodyweight burn reviewSo you want to lose weight. Got it. That makes you pretty typical, as a lot of people would like to lose weight. That’s the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how you’re going to do it. You likely don’t want an overly restrictive diet. You almost certainly don’t want to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment. You may not even want to join a gym. So what are your choices

Adam Steer says his Bodyweight Burn system can get you losing weight almost immediately and that his 12 week program can help you lose weight in just 21 minutes a day without buying special equipment and without giving up carbs. That sounds promising. So what’s it all about? I decided to take a closer look at Adam’s system. Is Bodyweight Burn a scam?

Read on for the full Bodyweight Burn review.

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Bodyweight Burn Overview

Like many workout plans, Bodyweight Burn is offered as a hybrid product, consisting of a mixture of downloadable ebooks and videos that can be viewed (or downloaded) online. The books are in the PDF format, which means they can be downloaded at any time of day so you won’t have to wait for delivery by mail. They’re also readable on just about any device that can be called a computer, including smartphones and tablets.

The Bodyweight Burn plan isn’t a single book, but a collection of books:

  • BW3 Workout System
  • BW3 Exercise
  • Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide
  • BW3 Workout System Integration Guide
  • BW3 Supplement Guide
  • Bodyweight Burn Journal
  • Bodyweight Burn Wall Charts

bodyweight burn weight lossThe Quick Start guide is short, running about six pages, but it’s a good place to start, if only because it tells you the order in which you should read these books. The BW3 Workout System book is the one that explains the overall Bodyweight Burn system, the reasoning behind it, and the schedule of workouts that you’ll be doing.

The BW3 Exercise book is the book that explains each exercise in detail. This book also offers photos to show you how the exercises are done. You can also see demonstrations of the exercises in the videos which can be viewed or downloaded online.

The BW3 Supplement Guide is a short book that offers a list of recommended dietary supplements, such as protein powders and fish oil. The Supplement Guide also has links to a recommended site where you can buy these supplements. The Quick Start Guide recommends that you start with the Supplement book so that you can order the supplements ahead of time and have them ready when you start your workouts.

The Wall Charts give you a handy reference to the exercise schedule so that you’ll know which exercises you’ll be doing on any given day. The journal allows you to keep track of your progress.

The Integration Guide gives you tips on how to incorporate features of the Bodyweight Burn system into any other workout plan you may wish to use.

The primary Bodyweight Burn book is a 91 page PDF that outlines the system, explains why it works the way it does and offers a schedule for exercise and diet.

The book is divided into the following sections:

  • Welcome to Bodyweight Burn
  • The Death of Conventional Workouts
  • The Bodyweight Burn Solution
  • Bodyweight Burn Program Roadmap
  • Phase 1: Metabolic Phase (6 Weeks)
  • Phase 2: Metabolic Explosion (6 Weeks)
  • Tracking Progress
  • FAQ

bodyweight burn scamThe basic premise of the Bodyweight Burn system is that traditional cardio, where you run or bike or do some similar exercise for a prolonged period of time, every day, is no good for fat loss, as it increases the amount of cortisol in the body and causes you to build up, rather than reduce, fat.

Instead, Adam introduces a new system, that consists of a series of brief, but extremely intense, workout sessions that last only 21 minutes, but cause your body to continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after you workout. This workout plan makes use of bodyweight, and with the exception of recommended resistance bands, requires no additional equipment at all. Your body will provide all the resistance you need, so you won’t need a gym or even a set of dumbells. All you need is a place to workout on the floor and an optional floor mat.

The Bodyweight Burn system also comes with a recommended diet plan, which mostly consists of regulating your intake of carbs. As with all diet plans, you’ll be encouraged to eat lots of vegetables and to drink lots of water, while being encouraged to avoid sugars. Don’t worry; you won’t be asked to avoid carbs, as many diets do. The Bodyweight Burn program actually makes use of carbs, though what you eat and when you eat it will come on a bit of a schedule.

The Bodyweight Burn program is divided into two 6 week periods; the first one builds your muscles a bit to prepare them for the second period, which involves far more strenuous exercise.

All in all, the Bodyweight Burn program is well written and well explained. The online videos are professionally shot and in high definition and give a good explanation of how to do the exercises. This program, while intense, offers relatively short workouts that require no equipment, and a lot of people will likely lose weight using this system.

Pros and Cons of Bodyweight Burn


  • Well written books
  • Good quality videos
  • No additional equipment needed
  • Exercises are relatively brief
  • One day off per week


  • Too many books; the half-dozen books could have been reduced to one or two
  • Author pushes dietary supplements pretty hard

Bodyweight Burn Summary

bodyweight burn - thumbs upIs Bodyweight Burn a scam? No, it’s a solid, well-thought-out weight loss and exercise program that will likely help a lot of people. The short workouts will be appealing, and they are quite varied, as well, so you aren’t as likely to get bored. There’s no extra equipment involved, either, so you’ll save money by not having to join a gym or buy equipment yourself. All in all, Bodyweight Burn is a pretty good program.

Bodyweight Burn is recommended.

Rating: stars4b

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