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Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint Review – Lose 50 Pounds?

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint Review



Price: $17


blissfully diet free blueprint reviewLosing weight is hard to do.  Losing weight and keeping it off is even harder.  What’s more difficult than that?  Losing a lot of weight, such as 50 pounds or more.  Yet Katerina Inez says she was able to lose 130 pounds and keep it off using a program she developed called Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint.

That’s a lot of weight, and Katerina says that she went through the same “yo-yo” dieting problem of losing weight over and over, only to regain it.  Then she found herself in the hospital with life-threatening, weight-related problems and she realized that she had to rethink everything regarding her diet.

The result was the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint, which she says can help anyone lose a lot of weight without resorting to what you’d ordinarily regard as “dieting” and without an extreme amount of exercise.  These things are appealing, as no one likes going on a formal diet.  They’re restrictive, they’re boring, and once you abandon them, the weight comes back.

So I took a closer look at the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint to see what it’s about.  Is Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint a scam, of is it the real deal?

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Read on for the full Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint review.

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint Overview

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint is a book presented in PDF format.  This means that the book can be downloaded immediately after purchase.  PDF books can be read on tablets, smartphones or any kind of computer, making them particularly useful and portable.

When you purchase Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint, you’ll receive the following:

  • Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint book (200 pages)
  • Pantry Staples 5 pages
  • The Stress Solution 18 pages
  • How To Go Grocery Shopping 10 pages
  • The Truth About Supplements 17 pages
  • Interview with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby 45 minute MP3 (or 22 page PDF)
  • Interview with Dr. Mariza Snyder 26 minutes MP3  (or 17 page PDF)

The main Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint book is well written and thorough, at 200 pages.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Scars That Shape Us
  • Time to Shift Your Perception of You
  • How to “Unlearn” The You That Keeps You Stuck
  • Mental Ping Pong Between The Captain and The Monkey
  • How to Reclaim Your Willpower
  • Be the Sun Tzu of Change
  • Get Your Subconscious on Your Side
  • Desperately Seeking Serenity, Why You Must Beat Stress
  • Create Your Today Plan
  • Creating Physical Habits That Stick No Matter What
  • Just Say No to the White Stuff and Don’t Be Sad
  • Why You’re Inflamed and Don’t Even Know It!
  • The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Science Trick
  • Go to Sleep! Get Your Beauty Sleep Every Night
  • Ready for This? Get on the Scale or Whip Out a Measuring Tape
  • How to Have an Enjoyable Life and Eat Out
  • Why Exercise Won’t Make You Skinny
  • A Final Important Every Day Practice: Elevate Your Self-Image

Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint bonusesNot surprisingly, a large portion of the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint has to do with mental preparation and mindset.  After all, what gets anyone to the point where they are 50 or more pounds overweight is a variety of factors, and not just one thing.

The bulk of the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint book is about getting the reader to understand that you need to completely change your mental approach to how and what you eat, rather than simply eating meals from a provided list of foods, as most “diets” do.

On the other hand, the promise that the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint isn’t really a diet largely holds true.  Yes, you will have to make some changes to what you eat and how you eat.  You’ll also need to make some changes to when you choose to eat your meals.

What you won’t have to do, however, is make radical changes to the kinds of foods you eat.  That’s what most diets do, and they largely fail.  Why?  Because people like to eat what they like to eat, and any diet that tells you that you can’t eat (insert food here) anymore isn’t going to be a diet that lasts long term.

Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint scamInstead, the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint gives you a new approach to looking at what you eat and how you go about eating it.  While the author makes some recommendations about foods that you should probably avoid (you know what they are) you’re still free to eat pretty much any kind of food that you like, within reason, of course.

What about exercise?  Exercise is an important part of simply being healthy, but the author believes that overdoing exercise can often lead to actually eating more food than you otherwise might.  The exercise program included with the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint book is modest, and easy to do. The exercises don’t require any special equipment.

You do receive three videos that show you how to perform the exercises, and they’re easy to follow.  On the downside, the videos look like they were shot by an amateur with a cellphone and while the videos claim to be viewable online and downloadable for offline viewing, the download link wasn’t working when I tried it.

Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint exercisesThe bonus books that come with the purchase of Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint were a bit of a surprise in that they were all written by the author and aren’t just the same recycled public domain books that you see offered with every other “diet” book out there (such as “The Healing Power of Water.”)

All in all, the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint book was a refreshing look at weight loss that presents a plan that’s easy to follow and one that should work if you make the decision to try it and stick with it.

Pros and Cons of Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint


  • Well written, thorough book
  • Good plan that concentrates on how you eat, rather than what you eat
  • Exercises are easy to follow


  • Some formatting issues with the PDF book.
  • Download links for exercise videos not working.

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint Summary

blissfully diet free blueprint - thumbs upThere are lots of books that claim to be a weight loss program that is not a diet, but this one largely fits that description.  There’s no list of recipes and no meal plan.  You can, within reason, eat what you like, though you may not be able to eat as much of it as you’re accustomed to eating.  You’ll also have to make some changes to when you eat, but that’s a fairly simple adjustment.

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint is well written, easy to follow, and comes from an author who has walked the walk and used this very program to lose more than 130 pounds herself.  If you’re looking for a weight loss program that isn’t going to be overly restrictive and one that will give you a plan you can adopt for the rest of your life, you should give Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint a try.

Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint is recommended.

Click here to visit the Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint Website

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