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Beat Arthritis Strategy Review – Cure at Home in 21 Days?

Beat Arthritis Strategy Review


Price: $49
Rating: stars3a

beat arthritis strategy reviewIf you suffer from arthritis, you probably find it to be a rather frustrating experience. The disease is frustrating because the discomfort goes on pretty much around the clock, and treatment options from modern medicine are still rather limited. Depending on the particular variety of arthritis you have, you may have no treatment options at all.

Shelly Manning, the author of the Beat Arthritis Strategy, thinks otherwise. She says you can cure your arthritis at home in just 21 days using some methods that she discovered while on a trip to China. These methods are simple and can be done by just about anyone. That sounds pretty interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what this book is all about. Is Beat Arthritis Strategy a scam?

Read on for the full Beat Arthritis Strategy review.

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Beat Arthritis Strategy Overview

The Beat Arthritis Strategy book is sold as a downloadable PDF file, so you can read it on any computer device, including tablets or your smartphone. As the book is downloadable, you can have access to it immediately after purchase, so you won’t have to wait for delivery.

The Beat Arthritis Strategy seems to have multiple names. The Website is called “Beat Arthritis Strategy,” when you go to buy the book, the checkout page calls it “The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy.” When you read the book, the book itself says it’s called “Blue Heron Health Guide to Heal Arthritis.”

beat arthritis strategyOK. We’re going with Beat Arthritis Strategy, as that’s the name on the Web page, and it’s also the shortest of the three titles, which makes it the easiest one for me to type. Regardless of the title, if you’re searching for some sort of “do it yourself” treatment for arthritis, you’ll likely find it.

The book runs about 69 pages or so, and like the Website that sells it, the book is free of graphics. That’s fine; graphics don’t help much and frankly, graphics depicting arthritis are rather unpleasant to look at.

The Beat Arthritis Strategy book is divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: How I Beat the Most Common Disease In America Without Drugs
  • Chapter 2- A Little Word Called “Arthritis”: What It is, What It Does, and Why Nothing Has
  • Worked So Far
  • Chapter 3: How Inflammation Causes Arthritis
  • Chapter 4-What a moose taught scientists that the Chinese knew for centuries
  • Chapter 5 -Arthritis Cure In a Pill? Which Vitamins Are a Must
  • Chapter 6: Omega-3 Fats –Your New Best Friend and Arthritis’ Worst Enemy
  • Chapter 7 – Superfoods That Drop Inflammation and Destroy Arthritis
  • Chapter 8: Lose Weight to Lose Arthritis
  • Chapter 9- Exercising With Arthritis…It’s Possible!
  • Chapter 10: Yoga and Thai Chi for Arthritis
  • Chapter 11: Everything Under the Rising Sun -Ancient Asian Arthritis Cures That Work Today
  • Chapter 12 –Wrapping Up

The author, Shelly Manning, says she discovered the secret to do it yourself arthritis solutions when she visited China and was given a special tea. When she returned to the United States and resumed her normal diet, her arthritis returned, which suggested to her that a series of diet and lifestyle changes could make a difference.

beat arthritis strategy scamBeat Arthritis Strategy begins by defining what arthritis is, and what can typically be done about it. The author rightly points out that there are a number of different varieties of the disease and that it’s important that you first find out which kind you have. If you’ve discussed the matter with your doctor, chances are that you already know.

Then she discusses how arthritis and inflammation are linked and how, in her opinion, some dietary changes can help make a difference. Later chapters in Beat Arthritis Strategy suggest some dietary supplements and vitamins, along with some dietary suggestions for which foods will help you feel better and which ones will likely make your inflammation and your pain worse.

Of course, Beat Arthritis Strategy also recommends that you lose weight, and that’s likely good advice for anyone. If you’re overweight, your body works harder to do anything, but if you have arthritis, extra weight puts extra stress on your joints. Beat Arthritis Strategy offers some good advice for helping you lose weight.

Beat Arthritis Strategy also recommends exercise, and you’re likely thinking, “I can’t exercise! I have arthritis!” Yes, the author knows that, and she says that it’s quite possible to exercise even if you have arthritis. There’s an entire chapter devoted to helping you exercise with this condition. The exercises are easy to do and don’t require anything in the way of special equipment.

Finally, Beat Arthritis Strategy offers everything discussed in the book up to that point in a 21 day plan that’s easy to understand and easy to follow. It’s important that you read the book in its entirety before starting, but once you’ve done that, you can go right to the last part of the book, where the steps are laid out in detail.

Most of the advice in Beat Arthritis Strategy is good general health advice, so it may well help people suffering from many kinds of arthritis. I recommend that you discuss this with your doctor before trying anything in the Beat Arthritis Strategy book, just to be safe. That said, you may well see some good results if you try the methods in this book.

Pros and Cons of Beat Arthritis Strategy


  • Well-written book
  • Exercises are easy to do
  • Good dietary advice


  • May not work for everyone

Beat Arthritis Strategy Summary

Beat Arthritis Strategy- thumbs upIs Beat Arthritis Strategy a scam? No, it’s a solid, well-written book that offers good advice for diet and exercise that may very well help people who are suffering from arthritis. The 21 day plan is laid out well and is easy to follow, and the exercises are simple enough that anyone should be able to do them. If you’re suffering from arthritis of any kind and you’ve struggled to find relief, you might find it well worth your while to give Beat Arthritis Strategy a try. Be sure to talk to your doctor about it, but you knew that, right?

Beat Arthritis Strategy is recommended.

Rating: stars3a

Click here to visit the Beat Arthritis Strategy Website.

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