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Favorite Food Diet

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Anabolic Running Review – Fit in 16 Minutes Per Week?

Anabolic Running Review

Price: $15


anabolic running review A lot of people think running is a great way to get fit and lose weight. It is, but according to Jo Lo Galbo, the author of Anabolic Running, it’s how you go about running that can make all of the difference in the world. Most people take up running and notice a bit of a weight loss, and then the weight loss comes more slowly with time.

Eventually, you have to run a lot more to see any success. According to the author, the way that most people go about running actually makes things worse for them. They lose less weight, they hurt their sexual performance, and they find their testosterone levels dropping, which hurts development of muscle mass and their performance in bed.

He says that Anabolic Running offers a simple solution and it comes in the form of a workout that takes only 16 minutes. Sounds impressive, but is there anything to it? Is Anabolic Running a scam, or is it the real deal?

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Read on for the full Anabolic Running review.

Anabolic Running Overview

Anabolic Running is sold as an ebook in PDF format, which means that you can read it on nearly any computer device, including smartphones, tablets, or desktop PCs. The nice thing about downloadable ebooks is that you can grab them immediately after purchase without having to wait for delivery.

When you purchase Anabolic Running, you’ll receive the following:

  • Anabolic Running book (32 pages)
  • Anabolic Running Warmup Video library book (2 pages)
  • Indoor Anabolic Running book (10 pages)
  • Shock and Awe Strength Training Program book (29 pages)
  • Shock and Awe Strength Video Demos (4 pages)
  • Testosterone Hacker Handbook (41 pages)
  • 17 Foods That Boost Metabolism book (8 pages)

Given that the current price of the Anabolic Running course is less than $20, that’s a lot of material.

The video library book is short because it basically consists of links to short videos on the Anabolic Running Website that show you how to perform warmup exercises. Each video runs about 30 seconds, and as far as I can tell, they can only be viewed online and are not downloadable. The same applies to the Shock and Awe Video Demos book – they’re online videos that show you how to perform the exercises.

That said, the 14 warmup videos are well shot and while they’re brief, they are informative and do what they set out to do – show you how to perform the exercises properly.

anabolic running bonusesThe 17 Foods that Boost Metabolism book (called 17 Foods That Boost Libido on the Website) lists a few foods that the author says will help you attain your goal of getting fit, losing weight, and becoming a superstar in the bedroom. There are no real surprises there, but the foods are items that you should be able to find in your local supermarket.

The Testosterone Hacker Handbook offers a number of tips for things you can do to improve your testosterone levels. Many are simply healthy habits that everyone should develop, but as a bonus book, it’s well written and covers the material well.

The Indoor Anabolic Running book shows you how to perform the exercises from the main Anabolic Running book if you find yourself confined to the indoors, such as might happen in the wintertime or on days when the weather is poor. It’s short, but again, covers the material well. If you have access to a treadmill, stationary bicycle or gym, you’ll find it to be a big help.

As for the main Anabolic Running book, it covers the material succinctly in 32 pages. The author says that most people who want to lose weight and get fit through running are going about it wrong, and that long, leisurely runs are exactly the opposite of what you should be doing.

He says that this kind of running, which is what pretty much everyone does, actually hurts you in your desire to increase muscle mass and lose weight. Furthermore, he says that this kind of running can actually cause your testosterone levels to go down, which hurts your ability to add muscle and may cause you to have problems performing in bed.

The solution, he says, is more of a high intensity training regimen that has you doing more work in less time. In fact, you’ll be doing these workouts 2-4 times per week, and each workout will last a total of 16 minutes. Here’s the amazing part – most of that 16 minutes is spent resting!

That’s right – these are seriously high intensity workouts, but they’re very short in duration. Then you rest awhile, and do it again. This repeats for 16 minutes, and then you do it again up to 4 times per week. The nice thing about the Anabolic Running program is that you won’t need any equipment, either.

Of course, if you want to use equipment as part of Anabolic Running, the Shock and Awe Strength training book can help. This is an extension of the Anabolic Running program, though it does require access to a gym or a proper set of weights. These exercises are much like those in the Anabolic Running program in that you’ll be doing short bursts of exercise, followed by periods of rest.

The accompanying Shock and Awe Strength Videos book offers 27 videos that will give you demonstrations of each of the exercises so that you know you’re doing them correctly.

I was impressed with the Anabolic Running book, as it was relatively brief but didn’t include a lot of filler. It got to the point, told you what you were going to do, why you were going to do it that way, and how you were going to do it.

If you follow the exercise program as written, you’ll likely find that it’s quite effective. It certainly won’t take very long, and it will likely leave you burning a ton of calories.

Pros and Cons of Anabolic Running


  • Well written books
  • Videos are well shot and informative
  • Very affordable program


  • Videos are not downloadable
  • Videos use Vimeo, which won’t work with the Firefox browser
  • Some exercises will require a gym, a stationary bike, or a treadmill

Anabolic Running Summary

anabolic running- thumbs upIf you’re looking for an intense, effective workout program that you can perform in any kind of weather and which won’t take a lot of time to do, you should consider Anabolic Running. The program is well organized, well written and easy to follow. It’s also very affordable and one of the best exercise and fitness programs I’ve seen in its price range.

Anabolic Running is recommended.

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