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Aggressive Fat Loss Bible Review – Lose With No Cardio?

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible Review


Price: $29.95

Aggressive fat loss bible reviewIt’s hard losing weight.  You usually have to give up foods that you like, perhaps have to eat foods that you don’t like, and you often have to engage in a ridiculous amount of exercise.  Plus, it generally takes a long time to lose weight, as most diet plans tell you to lose it gradually by cutting back slowly on what you’re eating.

Matt Marshall, author of the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible, is a rule-breaker.  He thinks that’s a lousy way to go about losing weight, and instead, he proposes a rapid weight loss program that he says allowed him to lose weight and gain muscle in just a few short weeks.

Is Aggressive Fat Loss Bible worthwhile, or is it a scam?

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Read on for the full Aggressive Fat Loss Bible review.

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible Overview

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  PDF books can be read on most any computer device, including smartphones and tablets, and you can download the book immediately after purchase, regardless of the time of day.

Your purchase of Aggressive Fat Loss Bible includes:

  • The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible book (64 pages)
  • Lean for Life bonus report (8 pages)
  • The Prison Muscle bonus report (10 pages)

The Lean for Life bonus report is a short ebook about how to maintain your weight loss after completing the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible program.  The Prison Muscle bonus report offers additional weight training information.

The main Aggressive Fat Loss Bible is 64 pages long, written by personal trainer Matt Marshall.  He says that most of what you’ve read about weight loss and losing weight is wrong:

  • You must lose weight slowly
  • You must consume many meals per day
  • You must engage in regular cardio training

Matt says that’s not true, and he set out to prove it by testing his methods on himself.  In just four weeks’ time, he lost weight and gained muscle, and he did it using a method that is definitely unconventional.

aggressive fat loss bible scamIn the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible, Matt says that most people can’t stick with weight loss plans because they take too long.  You have to change your diet by eating foods you don’t like or avoiding foods that you do and you have to do it for a long period of time.  Most people can’t stay focused for months at a time, which is why Matt created a program that does it in just weeks.

Not only that, but the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible program allows you a lot of latitude in deciding what you’re going to eat and how much of it.

I can’t give too much of the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible plan away, of course, but what you’ll be doing is this:

  • You will eat one meal per day.
  • You will exercise three times per week.
  • You will fast for a short time each week.

Yes, you only get to eat one meal per day with the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible system, but that meal can be pretty substantial.  The secret is to figure out how many calories your body needs in a day when it’s at rest and then calculate a calorie total that is somewhat less than that (Aggressive Fat Loss Bible provides the exact numbers you need.)

You’ll come up with one set of numbers (calories, fat, protein, etc.) for days when you exercise and another for days when you do not.

What Matt did, for simplicity’s sake, is come up with two different meals – one for the days when he exercised, and one for the days when he did not.

This isn’t by any means a starvation diet.  Matt’s meals were huge, and a lot of people have told him they’re not even sure that they can eat that much food!  Matt’s response?  “If you can’t, then you’ll lose weight even faster.”

That’s pretty much it.  Using the numbers in the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible book, you’ll figure out how many calories your body ordinarily needs.   Then you’ll come up with a figure for a lower number than that, and design a workout day meal and a non-workout day meal.

You’ll also have to fast for two days per week, and Matt offers some tips for making it surprisingly easy to go 44 hours without eating.  Many people who thought they couldn’t do it have discovered that it’s easier than they thought.

As for the exercise, there’s no cardio.  It’s all resistance training, and you’ll do it three times a week in relatively short exercise sessions.  On the downside, you will need to have access to a weight bench and weights.

The exercises and the number of repetitions you’ll need to perform are outlined clearly in the book.

One of the things that I liked about Aggressive Fat Loss Bible is that the book is straightforward and to the point.  The diet isn’t going to be for everyone, at least not as Matt did it, as you might get bored by eating the same meals every day.

You don’t have to do it like that, but as you’re going to have to count calories, grams of fat and grams of protein, Matt thought it would be easier to do if you just came up with two meals.  You can do more if you like, but you’ll just have to spend more time calculating the numbers.  Or you can just eat the one meal on your workout day and the other one on your “off” days.

Pros and Cons of Aggressive Fat Loss Bible


  • Affordably priced
  • Well-written and to the point
  • Fast, aggressive weight loss technique


  • Some fasting required
  • You’ll need access to weights and a bench

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible Summary

aggressive fat loss bible- thumbs upIf you don’t like eating weird foods and you don’t like a diet that seemingly goes on forever, then Aggressive Fat Loss Bible may be a good choice for you.  It’s a fast, aggressive weight loss method that was designed for people who don’t have the patience for a long-term diet and want to lose weight now.

The tradeoff for that is that you’ll have to exercise, find a meal that meets the dietary requirements, and stick to it for a few weeks.   If you can do that, you’ll likely find that the methods described in the Aggressive Fat Loss Bible work quite well.

Aggressive Fat Loss Bible is recommended.


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